Can't get any juice to taste good

I have mixed every damn flavor I have over and over and over again, I cannot get anything to taste good at all, all taste like garbage… Everyone is giving me “shake and vape” mixes but nothing tastes right. I am so frustrated I can’t figure anything out… Please help

What flavors are you working with and which vendors? I would start with just a single flavoring and pg/vg (NO NIC) until that is where you want it, then you can mix the base flavors together. Could be your NIC as well. Most of the time the culprit of one tasting horrible to me is due to too much flavoring.

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I’m sure you’re about to get lots of help, but please tell us you didn’t throw/pour all the “garbage” out? Some shake n vapes really need a couple hours in hot tap water at a minimum and maybe even a 1-3 day steep. The best tasting custard (after 3+ weeks) tastes like you squeezed the sweat out of your gym clothes if you try and shake n’ vape (apologies to all the Mothers tonight).

If you still have those old attempts and it’s been a couple weeks…simply try them again. I’m working on a Blueberry mix with Inawera Blueberry …day one? tastes like Vicks VapoRub (Eucalyptus?) In a couple weeks? best blueberry ever! I’m slammed for time right now, but someone will surely send you the link to Steeping 101, and measuring with the most accuracy you can afford.

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I’m working with those flavors and have some coming in the mail tomorrow

What percent are you mixing kiwi double tfa?

I’m using like, I think around 2-5 % but I have tried so many percentages with all my flavors and they taste like garbage, I’m starting to think there is something wrong with my pg or vg, everyone tells me no. I see all these people with “shake and vape” flavors and I use their exact percentages and it all tastes like total crap

Kind of a weird assortment of starter flavors. Particularly for shake and vapes. I wouldn’t think many creams would work for shake and vapes. Usually they need at least a couple weeks to steep and mature and preferably a month. The Fruit Circles and Sweet Tarts flavors aren’t really ones I’d use as primary flavors without a lot of supporting flavors that you don’t have yet. The Strawberry and Kiwi you might be able to make something out of, but I think you’ll have better luck once your flavor assortment expands.

Do you mind me asking what Shake and Vape recipes that people posted you are trying to make? I’m struggling to think of one with what you have.

I did one that Somone said is their adv, think it was 8% strawberry ripe, 6% vanilla bean ice cream

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It was flavorless and was terrible, I’ve tried strawberry kiwi so many times cause it’s my wife’s favorite, can’t get a good flavor. Needs more ingredients I think, the kiwi sticks out like a sore thumb

You said you had more flavors coming. Mind if I ask which?

With what you have I might try Kiwi at 1-2% and the Strawberry around 7-8%. Do you have TPA Strawberry or TPA Strawberry Ripe? They are two very different flavors.

How are you measuring? Weight or volume? Do you use the ELR Calculator at all?

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I’ve had very few mixes that were great right off the bat.


You may just be a person that can handle stand alone. As for kiwi. This recipie is not a final recipie but this is what I have done so far.

2% kiwi FA
2% kiwi double tfa (my next mix will be 1.5%)
2% marshmallow FA
1% fresh cream.

The above i did mix without tpa and it was good but looking for more kiwi. Tpa added more kiwi but is was just a tad over the top green kiwi. The above is as close as I get to a single flavor fruit flavor.

From there the above can be adjusted in a million ways. Add Vienna cream FA. Add strawberry to your liking.

For shits and giggles and without looking up and researching your flavors try…

2% kiwi double tpa
3.5% strawberry ? Tpa
2% vbic FW. (Please read up on this one)

Try it two days after mixing. But it really needs one week to settle. The above isn’t perfect, but guide those percents based on averge mixing amounts based on the community feed back. Start low with the vbic…it’s meant to give a dance floor…not an ice cream party for the above…and ideally should be subtle and take a touch of the harshness of the fruits.

Also…shake the hell out of your concentrates prior to adding. Sometimes, especially when the bottle is full it’s really hard to get the concentrate throughly mixed. The worst culprit is strawberry FA.

I have strawberry(ripe) flavor, I’m not the biggest on strawberry stuff because the ejuice market is flooded with them and just sick of vaping strawberry stuff. Should I have just went with strawberry kiwi flavoring? I thought I was being smart getting both flavors so I can create my own strawberry kiwi flavor. The biggest problem is me believing that things will taste better by letting them steep. I know it does work and should be done, but with how bad the flavors taste now it’s hard to believe in a week or two that it will magically change into something amazing, it’s bugging the hell out of me, and to answer the flavor question I have ordered another strawberry flavoring, I think it’s sweet strawberry by tfa, I got lemon meringue, vanilla custard, raspberry, sweet cream, and 2 “flavor enhancers” smooth and one other one

As @Big_Benny_MI mentioned I too wonder how you are measuring…Also, your order states that the TFA is Strawberry…not Strawberry Ripe…and Big Benny inquired about that also…so getting correct flavor nomenclature is important, as various flavor names have various characteristics in mixing…

That said…here’s what I would do with that current list…Mix that TFA Strawberry at 15% and steep it minimum 10 days to 2 weeks… And while you are mixing , I would get another bottle for another batch to make… Mix that TFA Strawberry at 15% AND blend in that FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at 8% with the Strawberry for a total flavor percentage of 23%…Let that mix sit and steep for 3 1/2 weeks minimum…Mix these at 50/50 PG/VG along with your desired Nicotine…Visit them daily and shake them up a bit…squeeze the air out of the top of the bottle a couple of times during the process and .put them back into a dark cool place, (cap on) and wait with patience…Now you have 2 realistic bottles of juice which should give you some nice flavor…even though we are shooting in the dark a little bit… :slight_smile:

Another factor in the flavor of your vapes is the equipment you are vaping on…Care to share your devices?..This will help determine some mixing ratios and flavor percentages and hone in on how to proceed for future mixing…At this time, we are dealing with a lot of unknowns, and I would like to see you get some good results as soon as you can…So are you ready to play a little Mad Scientist?.. :slight_smile:

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This is the other flavors I am getting tomorrow in the mail, and i mix 10 ml testers, with syringes I usually Try to keep it around 70/30 pg vg, but I have mixed a couple ones 50/50

I use a crown a tfv4 rebuildable atty, a mutation v4 (what I have been testing on) dual 6 wrap 24 gauge at .25 ohms

70/30 yeah, and that is what I started out at…If your are shake-n-vaping that 70/30, I can see how there may be a harshness…the 50/50 will give you a bit more of a smooth vape…and not sacrifice too much in the flavor department… Try those recipes above just for shits and grins…Once you start achieving some flavor, you will be able to fine tune your percentages…The flavors you have on both orders are typical to require a bit higher flavor %, as they are not the most concentrated flavors …but are tasty nonetheless…

It’s been EXTREMELY frustrating for the past couple days…I will be trying those mixes tomorrow morning and have to report back in 2 weeks… I really thought some of them would be vapeable right off the bat… I was VERY wrong… And then I start questioning, are my taste buds retarded? Do I have bad ingredients? Can I f***king make juice at all? It really really sucks. I’ve hit an all time vaping low/depression lol. [quote=“Teifelds, post:1, topic:64775, full:true”]
I have mixed every damn flavor I have over and over and over again, I cannot get anything to taste good at all, all taste like garbage… Everyone is giving me “shake and vape” mixes but nothing tastes right. I am so frustrated I can’t figure anything out… Please help