Cant get it 'tasty'

I’ve mixed heaps of recipes and clones, but the flavour never came even close of what i’m looking for…
A soft vanilla-strawberry melted ice cream / milkshake…
In my mixes the strawberry was barely noticeable…
Naked 100 Unicorn comes close for the taste i’m looking for… it just needs a bit more sweet/candy strawberry…

Any advice?


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CAP sweet strawberry or INW Shisha strawberry may help bring the strawberry up. Start low and work up.


It could possibly be due to how much flavoring is used, your base ratios etc. It might help if we could see the recipe(s) you’re working on.


Welcome to the forum @facecrawlx, you’ll get loads of great advice from these pros!


Welcome to the forum. You’ve gotten some good advice. I’ll add…cloning a commercial juice is really tough. I tried to clone my favorite menthol tobacco with many recipes and could never get it exact. But, with perseverance I was able to get darned close…in fact my ADV I like better than my former favorite menthol tobacco. Experiment in small batches (10ml) and you may find one of your “experiments” to tickle your tasted buds.


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Cut out the middleman, and start here, and tweak if needed …

Just ask @fidalgo_vapes.


Ya …The flavor by itself is satisfying. Add some subtle accents and Wow. RFSC SBMS is on of the best single flaves , perfext base for SB Cream


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I’m tapping in on this post. Ever since i got covid the flavors are so week and the sweetest is too strong. And even after i settle for something after a few puffs i can’t taste it at all except the sweetness. I only like a mild sweetness, very mild. can’t enjoy vaping as i use to.


Thanx for your reply…
Got plenty of strawberry aromas…

These are some examples of my mixes

Mix 1

  • Marshmallow - 2%
  • New York Cheesecake - 1,5%
  • Shisha Strawberry - 2,5%
  • Shisha Vanilla - 2%
  • Sweet Strawberry - 3%
  • Sweet Cream - 3%

Mix 2

  • Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA) - 2%
  • Strawberry, Ripe (TPA) - 4%
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) - 2%
  • Vienna Cream (FA) - 1%
  • Dairy Milk - 1%

I have Strawberry Milkshake of Mom&Pop, FW and Vampire Vape…


I imagine your creams are stepping all over the SBs…Mix 1 you have 7.5pct of SB and 6.5pct creams . The Pct of creams is too high to allow any SB to pop . Mix 2 is the same thing .

As much as some hate to admit (including myself) Sweetener in SB mixes really help the SB pop .

Try lowering your cream base pcts and allow your SB a few days to to develope and you might notice a difference


You’re right @fidalgo_vapes that is a shit ton of creams to fight through.


But more is better!!! A mistake many of us make first starting out.


You are so right. “More is better” is a mistake I’ve made in more than one area of my life. Which is why I’m a person in long-term recovery from a number of substances. Kinda sucks when you are diagnosed with cirrhosis at 26. That actually stopped my drinking…for about a week (though I did crash and burn about 4 months later and got into recovery. Life sucked on the nickel, “skid row” in Los Angeles.)


Well @G-Daddy I personally LOVE the creams, but, HOW you mix with them, CAN dramatically change depending on what you’re doing. Obviously, if you just wanted a balls on fire Custard, you could just go STUPID with them, probably no harm, no foul, BUT, as soon as you try to mix them with fruits, and even bakeries, WHAT you do with them, can change quite a bit.

Those choices look really good for a creamery mix, and although I assume this was CAP Marshmallow, and I don’t use it that much, many times, MM’s can soften, and round out, until the point of no return sometimes.


Playing my song mate…

But, I agree regarding the creams overpowering the SB. Also, on the 2nd recipe I would think the Strawberry Ripe would fade and be a bit weak at only 4%, at least for my tastes. I prefer 3 strawberries in a mix as I have problems with my taste.

Perhaps a different combo of creams, maybe more dairy oriented, and a better ratio of strawberries would help. I have used VTA Milkshake Base in a couple of experiments and it works well for my taste, I am sure there are also others out there.

Marshmallow I think would be better lower, like half of what you have. I find CAP MM seems to mute a little at higher percentages for my taste and coupled with the other creams it may be a problem. The Shisha Vanilla I normally don’t use above 1.5% in a recipe as I find it too dominant above that.

Strawberries… Perhaps TPA Strawberry, TPA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry as a base with a touch of INW Shisha Strawberry as an accent to brighten it? Alternately, a splash of Strawberry Milk (SC) (WF) might boost both the dairy and strawberry aspects, but not too much as it can overpower a bit.

Have you tried mixing just the strawberries to test? You may have a taste issue like me with them…


Dont be scared to double this pct…Paired with the other SB :+1:. Keep the Cheescake at kt pct and lower the other by half inckuding the Vanilla


Ya , Written as is it looks tasty and Im sure it is for a Cream with a soft SB on the back end


Agree with Fiddy @fidalgo_vapes , first thing I thought, some of us needs stronger tastes, the problem will be to find the balance before it mutes the recipe, high but not too high, don’t be scare to push the SB up to 5-6.
Second thing I thought, why not use a milkshake base like MOB or VTA (bit malty though) and cut down the experiments, KISS is “my” golden rule.
Third thing, where’s the Super Sweet? (Not Sucralose or Stevia or things like that) CAP’s SS has got citric acid inside as well and that helps fruits a lot, that’s why SS
Keep them creams low, but everybody told you that, basically and to make it simple, creams and dairies have got heavy and big molecules, fruits mainly light with lots of volatiles (SBs are the worst…or best,) you’re blending them together, if you think at it like that, you understand why they told you that and soon you’ll find a balance, did I say keep’em MM, VBICs, Creams NYCs low?
Watch out for the muters , Ethyl Maltol, Malted flavours e.g. Vienna cream, milkshake bases and so on. SB has already got Maltol or EM as part of the basic compounds inside, if you add another malty thingy, you might mute the recipe without even knowing why, especially if it hasn’t got a strong head note. There are other lots of things to take care of, but start from this and enjoy making your own liquid.
My welcome to ELR… @facecrawlx