Cantaloupe Idea (not mixed)

Okay, I don’t like cantaloupe, so let me say that off the bat. With that being said, that’s exactly what I get from wild melon - Flavorah. Want fresh cantaloupe flavor LOL mix up 3% Watermelon Flv 4% Double Apple Cap with 1% Wild Melon (sorry for the mix up) and tell me it doesn’t taste like cantaloupe…I dare you.


Melon Mix? that is a new one…

You must be talking about Wild Melon Flavorah…

from the Wiki
Wild melon is a common name used for several species of plants in the melon family (Cucurbitaceae) which grow outside of cultivation


A lot of folks get this one wrong but hey… what ever…

I use it just like inw cactus… to add wet or depth to other melons and I do keep this one low… from .12% up to .4% but if you like… there are some out there using this flavor at a big 6%… whatever floats your boat with it… just keep in mind… use more buy more … in the end, it really does not matter.

Solo taste testing does pay off… but what the hell do I know? :slight_smile:


My first time using Wild Melon was at 2%. It was awful and it didn’t taste like a melon. I next used it at .25% with some other fruits and it worked much better. As Smoky noted, it’s not a main star in a juice, just a bit player.


honestly wasn’t a hit against Flavorah, just what I taste in wild melon and yes I said melon mix it’s been a long day and a lot of bad news so I get a break LOL


Wild melon is actually more of a wild melon called African horned melon.
It taste good with the lighter fruits mixed with… like:

and so on. It’s good for mixed drinks, tropical and if you think on it… the wetness just makes everything in say a pina colada or a sangria just taste right… but you will never know unless you work your flavors. Tossing them around all silly nilly and then cocking attitudes because someone says to do your solos and put your own work in… just sounds like work…

When working with ultras, you really do not need much at all… not picking on anyone but if it fits…


I didn’t take it as such. My point was that as Smoky likes to remind us, I’ve found that most FLV needs to be in small amounts. I most certainly am not partial to any flavor company, only to specific flavors.


Well there’s taste being all subjective again… I’ve been enjoying Wild Melon all summer as a single flavour at 3% (just with half a % EM) - just gorgeous.


There you go, you just never know. :grinning:


Even was low… the recipe I caught, used 6%… the max usage …

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 1.8% (Median: 1.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 20%

Single flavor recommendations: 43
Average quantity: 2.9% (Median: 3.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 0.5%
Maximum used quantity: 5.0%

My point was… running solos… taste testing them from low to high, of course you wont ever know what the benefits are. Without doing some simple research, again!! You won’t know. Take the time to research unfamiliar flavors will indeed help you to become a better mixer… and if you are going to teach someone… teach them how to do their own work so they too… can teach others and we all can gain knowledge for mixing tasty juices… instead of pushing off to the next person and sounding wacked for not doing your work.

It’s not hard to put in 2 minuets of what the heck is the flavor into a search engine… its not hard to look up the lows and highs… but when you read certain things like… this is a fruit that works well with… it will help you out. Spend time with your flavors and love what you mix… I dont give a damn which manufacture, and not everyone will know what your tongue will know… but its the best tool you have to work with. :slight_smile: not mine or anyone elses.

I don’t care of you use one drop or that 20% of flv… enjoy it… or if you do not., move on… :wink:


The max usage also includes a stone/flavour shot so it really isn’t the case that someone used it at that level in a mix (the 5% on an sft is another matter)


Stone may be true… I really have not hunted for anyone using Wild melon at 20%…
I do remember Steve- O using rich cinnamon at 21%… and how that turned out.

I think more my point is when getting a new flavor, regardless of manufacture <yes I said that. Before you just toss it in a recipe even if you know all of the other flavors… you are still flavor wasting! You should take a new flavor as a solo, start low… especially if you know it is a concentrate from a company that uses lower percentages… start at .2% and see what you think… in fact, use “runners” or more than a few bottles with more than a few amounts of the solo flavor. Make sure to give it time!!! more than 2 days sitting… to see what it does… Not what you assume it to be or become.

Flavor overload or flavor wasting is real. Flavorah is not cheap by any means and hate to say it, but we all mix differently with the same goal… to make us happy. The OP apparently did not have a good experience, as she even stated she hates cantaloupe. Hard to mix something you really do not like, especially when you start out flavor abusing.

Who knows, maybe she will listen or maybe she wont… I really at this point do not care… Do as one wishes… but it makes those that know better, see thru anything else said.

Rough words I know @woftam… but I would rather teach someone how to mix the right way, even if it is work… It takes patience and practice and if you do not have this… go buy shop bought before the gov takes it away. I can not say it enough, but I can not preach to a wall either.

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To be fair that was for a dare :rofl: and it was funny a/f


I know… :stuck_out_tongue: I couldn’t believe he did it either… bout died laughing especially when what happened to the tank he was using :stuck_out_tongue:

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