Cap french vanilla tastes like wintergreen?

I made a recipe with

CAP Vanilla Custard v1 - 6.5%
CAP French Vanilla - 5.5%
TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 3%
EM - 1%

I know it’s gotta steep for a while but I tried it on day 2 and it has a taste of winter green to it, like grizzly winter green chewing tobacco kinda it’s unpleasant especially from a vanilla?!

I know it’s not the VBIC or the E M because I use them both very frequently but the other two I’m starting off with.

Anyone have any feedback or know why this is? And will it balance out after steepi ng?

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I remember someone saying something eerily similar a few weeks back. It was a bad bottle in the end. Lemme see if I can find it.


Thank you! Although I believe I vaguely remember having a similar problem a while ago possibly, it could b my palette i hope not but we will see, that’ll suck because I made 180ml of it and I don’t waste juice…EVER LOL

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French Vanilla from CAP tastes to me like a more dense version of VBIC, much stronger in the vanilla and cream areas. Nothing floral or wintergreen to it.
I’ve used it in varying % in recipes but I never go much above the median use for single flavors with anything. 5.5% is really on the high end of what I’d use, especially because it’s such a dominating flavor to me.

As a single flavor, between 4 and 5% should be more than enough and in your mix, I’d start testing from 2% upwards.

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Thank you I appreciate the info, do you think that recipe is screwed? I made 180ml of it and don’t wanna waste it

First of all, I’m not saying your mix is bad. Taste is subjective and quantities can differ greatly depending on the vape gear you have. The whole idea is that you like the final product and what other people say or think doesn’t matter.

Second, I honestly think something’s wrong with your flavor. The amount that you’ve used is only slightly over the median use (meaning that there are other people using more) and I haven’t heard many people complain about wintergreen, soapy or floral aromas. I would definitely do some SFT (single flavor test) to see what you’ve got. Start around 2% and build up.
It’s easy to start with a small 10ml bottle. You may want to put it in a lukewarm bath (or zap it in the microwave for a few seconds) to keep the VG fluid, and just add drops, shake, drip & vape. Add, shake, drip and vape. Take notes on how the experience is at several different %'s.
With that knowledge, you should be able to take an educated guess how much FV should actually be in your e-liquid or even if it’s a flavor that doesn’t agree with you. If it doesn’t agree with you, you probably should get a 2nd opinion because it’s hard to say whether it’s your taste buds or a bad flavor.

I can’t help you much with trying to fix an e-liquid though. I usually make 10-15ml testers and if they turn out bad, I just start over again and it’ll be a minimal loss. If you want to fix a juice where you’ve used too much flavoring, you kinda have to increase all the other liquids except the one you’ve overused.
Ask @CosmicTruth, he has a great spreadsheet to make those calculations for you.

Still, I advise you to experiment first with different ratios in small quantities. Once you get it right, you can try to fix your bigger batch. I would assume it’s possible but like I said, I have no experience with that. And even if you want to try and fix your 180ml, I’d divide it up in smaller bottles. If you mess up again, at least you won’t have to deal with a complete loss.

Always try to start small, the smallest amount that you’re comfortable working with, whether this is 10ml, 15ml or even 30ml. The stronger the concentrates are, the bigger your test batches will become (e.g. if you’re working with juices that require 1 drop of flavor per 30ml)… If you’re working with a few % per flavor, 10ml should be fine.

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Thank you! I usually do use 30ml tests for recipes and the only reason why I was so confident with this one is because it’s a recipe from Wayne Walkers arsenal (minus the VBIC and a 1.5% increase for more flavor i thought) so i figure it’s gotta b good right?? Lol maybe it still will be after a month of aging because i only tried it on day 2 of 180ml (size matters right?) bottle and I’ve had a mix taste like vitamins on a couple days in and then 2 weeks later it tastes good so I guess we will see what happens in a month. Either way I’m Vaping it because I never waste juice! I’m not Rollin in dough so if I make something and it tastes like terds…I better be prepared lol

You can always split the bottles and add other stuff to it, that might turn out better for you. Or add more sweetener/Bavarian cream to mute the hell out of that mix and vape it after, if you don’t want to throw it away lol.

One thing I am going to say tho, no matter what name stands on the label/title or if it’s highly rated, does not make a juice good or bad. Taste is subjective but sometimes you might not share the same interests in a mix/profile than others do. Always need to keep that in mind and start with a small amount of 10ml.

Cap VC I does however have a weird taste, so does French vanilla in the first weeks, in my experience. Also stacking different vanilla from different brands, especially cap since none of them is actual vanilla (in my opinion) can be tricky, but I don’t know if it’s winter green taste.


lol, or give it away to your friends that like minty flavors !


Check out my Cosmic E Juice Calculator?

But I would also do some other experiments to isolate what is causing the problem, try just the PG then VG individually, then start adding nicotine and single flavors until you can isolate the problem.
I would also suggest securing all your mixing supplies and ingredients to be sure no one can tamper with your ingredients and containers.

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@eStorm thanks a lot i really appreciate the feedback and suggestions that’s prolly what I’ll do if it’s the same after 45 days, but honestly I think it will turn out good…I’m hoping anyways lol but yes you’re right I know I should have had more common sense than that, I just figured that if its DoD then it’s gotta be good in a sense but I think that funky taste that everyone gets (as well as yourself) in the weeks before it’s ready, is what I’m getting and I’m just perceiving it as that winter green esque taste. Thank you again!

@CosmicTruth thank you for the suggestion and the link! That calc is so awesome i commend you for your hard work to create that spread

@everyone im gonna try it at each 7 week interval and see where it ends up and keep y’all posted.


in my view, there’s so much vanilla in this mix, and it can get really “spicy” - each person will perceive that spiciness differently. honestly i wouldn’t vape this mix, definitely not with my current gear, which already maximize flavor.
you can do a quick “over-flavor” test even before you wait for the steep. (BTW, my experience with custard steeping is that it actually gets stronger) - so take 1 part of this mix, and add it to 2 parts of your usual VG/PG base, shake and vape it - you can do this with 5ml (+10 base) so you won’t lose much.
if that works, then you can use the mix you created as a nice (extra vanilla) custard base to build on with other creams and fruits that you like once you know how much it needs to be diluted. good luck.


Update! So the taste that I’ve been talking about is almost gone out of the mix so we will see how it is in a month


Wait 6 weeks :slight_smile:

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So next update, I ended up diluting it with a 60ml 4mg vg/pg base and if I’m correct my percentages are now this

CAP Vanilla Custard v1 - 4.9%
CAP French Vanilla - 4.1%
TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 2.25%
EM - .75%

I think this will help a bit with the overpowering aspects