Cap off steeping - help needed

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It seems like I’ve got some ideas about steeping wrong! Please correct my methods.

I’ve got the idea that after mixing my juice I need to let it breathe. So I’ve been letting my juice steep with cap off overnight and have noticed a serious flavor loss.

At first, I haven’t noticed any problem, as long as I pretty new to DIY and don’t have much experience …

But when I’ve made a big batch of my favorite juices lately, I’ve noticed that they hardly have taste at all - great smell but low taste.

Here’s what has happened.

I’ve ordered USC not long ago. Mixed my juice, froth and put it in 4x30 cycles in USC 30 - 45 degrees. Did that in the evening and had left my juice cap off overnight. I thought that everything’s fine and in the morning put the caps back and placed my juice in the closet. After 1.5 weeks, opened my juice froth again and tasted - Ohhh MY !!! where’s the taste? the batch is more than 2 liters and taste is lost :((((

  1. leaving cap off over night was a bad idea? why people write about breathing then? where’s my mistake?
  2. if I’ll add flavor to my juice it will solve this case? or if it has a taste loss I can throw it away now?


Some people with breath their liquids if the carrier liquid is mostly alcohol. Personally i just look for a different flavoring of the same type based on a PG/VG carrier or let it sit on the shelf until it is no longer noticeable.

Leaving the lid off with allow the alcohol to dissipate quickly but the problem is that the wanted flavor notes will too. Also VG is a wonderful desiccant, meaning it will absorb moisture from the air further diluting your flavor.


Many of my tobacco flavorings have an alcohol base; yes, I let mine air cure and/or go through an alcohol evap in a 50ml beaker for roughly 24 hrs., but no more than that. :wink:


Didn’t you just ask this same thing yesterday in a post, and got a very similar answer… ? I remember talking to Ken about it in IRC even…
Your post from yesterday

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if I’ll add flavor to my juice it will solve this case? or if it has a taste loss I can throw it away now?

If I froth the liquid after steeping, this can also cause flavor loss?

I don’t leave the cap completely off, I leave the cap on but loose and not tightened. No matter what you do, over time you have to burp it anyway, even if you shake it and seal it and throw it in a drawer, eventually the gasses from the chemicals and alcohol have to get out. The alcohol only does one negative thing - it makes a harsher throat hit. But the alcohol too - like the nicotine is antibacterial. The whole sanitary issue to me is important. It’s part of the reason (no matter what) I will always have a little bit of nicotine, even at .5MG. I have to leave something in my mixes that kills bacteria.

Thanks for your previous answer mikelej!!! Thanks for your help bro!

I’ve asked on this thread some more questions…