Capella (NEW) Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer

Grape Candy (CAP) 4% (1-25-23) – Sorry for the slight delay while writing up the SteamCrave Meson RTA. My experience with vape grapes has always lead to one of three categories. Natural, Candied, Soda’d. Now IMO, there is, or can be a FINE line when trying to make a candy grape vs. a soda grape, but CAP did it. This one WAS indeed, a candied grape. Although this one leaned artificial, I was surprised to get some good, natural tasting notes. The grape was a nice dark concord-ish grape, and was a few ticks above mid-level sweet. Smelling it in the bottle I kept wondering if I was getting a Grape Nehi from it, but vaping it, proved to be candied, for more than a soda. At 4% it was very full, AND purple, just the way I like my grapes. I can’t think of many grape recipes this wouldn’t work in, except for the rare few, where a less sweetened, completely natural flavor is/was required. Simply put, this was a very accurate, candied grape (aka. Grape Candy), with no off notes, and above mid level sweetness. You COULD easily smash this into a soda, and/or with pair other grapes if needed, to bolster/drive the purple. As a solo, while not overly complex, held my interest through two tanks. In closing, this one hard an almost “tarty” finish to it, and that helped it finish with a “zing”, and that helped to keep it interesting. With little to no takeoffs, it was hard to go below 9.0/10 on this one.


I remember getting Passionate Pineapple from Chef’s. The knuckle test was a mouthwatering goodness experience, so I mixed it up at the recommended %'s with pg/vg and nic. It turned out to be a disappointment.


Do you live in the UK? I was going to recommend some essential oil treatments. I sympathize with your pain. I was a downhill skiier that traveled all over the continent to ski and swore I’d rather die if I ever had to give up skiing. I was almost a black belt in kenpo karate, loved intramural volleyball. I know God has a different plan for me so I just have to trust there is a reason to not be able to ski or snowboard anymore :rofl:. I’d love to peek at your artwork.


One from a recent custom miniature where the impression of different fabrics mattered:

I’d have to go through my drives for oil and acrylic works.


That is impressive, the detail with particular attention to colors!


That is cool as shit. Good work.
Now you need some Bonsai Trees with those


I’m actually finishing off my designs for having a Sakura scene on a dreadnought.


Nice review of the Grape Candy. I just ordered some and looking forward to trying it out Thanks!:+1:


You’re welcome, and thank you @trcallahan.

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