Capella (NEW) Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer

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Indo Strawberry 2 (CAP) 4% (1-29-23) – FRESH off the heels of Capella’s Indo Strawberry 1, we’re going to dive into this one. There WERE some similarities to the Indo 1, BUT, some nice differences. This one was still somewhat relaxed at 4%, just like the Indo 1, but in no way weak. It was fully present @ 4%, just not in an overwhelming, or IN your face way. This one def.was FAR more focused DIRECTLY on the “berry” part of the Strawberry. It also tasted FULLY in the red part of the berry with no white, or green aspects. Juicy, suculent, and a full, red strawberry. So much so, that you could ALMOST get the little seeds in it. It was just below mid-level sweet, and was very natural tasting, with no off notes, or identifiable artificial notes. No jams, candies, or creams here, just a great juicy red strawberry. Because I use, and have tested soo many SB’s it can be hard to recall ALL of them, but this one didn’t remind me of any other, out of the gate. Fresh, Red, and Juicy were the three things that were the strongest 3 aspects I got from start to finish, and ON the finish, there was a nice subtle tartness. Sumurizing this one as a juicy red strawberry, with a slightly tart finish, and it felt very good @ 9.4/10.



Juicy Watermelon (CAP) 4% (1-29-23) – This one remained somewhat of a mystery till the very end, with not everything completely figured out. Firstly, it WAS a watermelon, BUT, it tasted like it was almost tempered with another melon, maybe a honeydew-ish type. It never fully took on the red juicy center of a watermelon, despite having that IN here, dancing around. The watermelon notes were sweet, somewhat juicy, but they just seemed to be paired with something else. The funny thing was that both the watermelon and “other” melon were nicely paired, and seemed to work well together. Let’s just call it 65% watermelon and 35% “other melon” for the sake of the argument. It felt like 50/50 natural/artificial, and had no off notes, and was fairly full at 4%. Sweetness was at about mid level, and it never felt fully pushed into a “candy”. Your tastes will have to decide for YOU, if the watermelon/melon here is a plus or minus. I don’t feel like the other melon-ish elements detracted from the watermelon, but just diluted it down from a true, full watermelon. On the second tester, I was trying to focus on whether or not I was getting any rhind from it, and I think it was in there, but lightly. So, as a “pure” watermelon, I would say no, but as a watermelon/melon I’d say yes. With no off notes, no take offs in that regard, but simply for the melon dilution of the primary watermelon would leave it happily at about an 8.5/10.


KK Bar (Chocolate Wafer Bar ?) (CAP) 4% (1-30-23) – OK, you’re PROBABLY wondering, what up with the name here, hehe. CWB ?? KKB ?? OK, sometimes when you get the newest of new flavors, things can change up a bit. When Allan from Capella and I were talking, it was listed as CWB, BUT, it would appear that KK Bar IS the name. OK, with that said, I LUV me some Kit Kat Bars, and I was thinking, “No way Capella got THIS one right”. Well. I was WRONG. This one may just be the BEST crisp water flavor I have tried. The chocolate is lighter in the mix, bordering on TOO light, but NOT quite, so no overpowering the wafer in this one. I don’t think any recipe or flavor has ever gotten the crispy wafer right. The vanillin notes mated flawlessly WITH the wafer, and made it all the more authentic, and enjoyable. Now, it is not a PURE crisp water, due to the slight lighter chocolate undertones, BUT, you COULD probably use this pretty damn effectively AS a wafer. If you wanted to boost the choco just a hair (or a lot), you could easily do that. I actually EXTENDED this test into 3 tankfuls JUST to decide if the light chocolate undertones were NOT enough, or JUST right. I just don’t think it was a negative here, as choco’s can easily run ripshod over entire mixes, so I think Capella’s going lighter on the choco WAS the right decision. Like the crispy vanillin wafers in Kit Kat’s with some light chocolate undertones, you need to GET this flavor. If you even just wanted a really good crispy wafer, you should STILL pick it up. I gotta STOP testing this one, and get on with the rest of the series LOL. Tasted great @ 4%, a little below mid level sweet, whcih was a bonus so it wasn’t sickeningly sweet, even FOR a chocolate candy bar at that. Nothing off-putting, and just a great vanillin laced crispy wafter, ever so lightly kissed by a good light chocolate. This one had to be a 9.8/10.


Sounds like it would work well with a Coffee.
Thanks for the review


Yeah, I wish BCF carried a few of these newest CAP flavors. KK Bar sounds so delicious!
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Oh HELL YEAH it would @Pastorfuzz, and thank you.

I tell you what @KC111 let me ask Allan from Capella and see what the plans are with these.

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Lemon Drop (CAP) 4% (2-1-23) – Most lemons I’ve tested fall into 3 categories. Natural, Lemon Candy, and Lemonades. This one as expected landed into the “candy” category, but unlike FE’s it was NOT a Lemonhead candy. It had some slight natural undertones, but the majority were almost a mixture of a lemon candy with some lemonade thrown in. I think this helped pull it from a more Lemonhead into a drop (candy). The natural / artificial ratio would be roughly 20% natural, 80% artificial, and the natural/candy/lemonade ratio would be close to 10% natural, 60% candy, 30% lemonade JUST to give you a better idea of what was I getting from it. With soo many lemony notes floating around, it actually took me QUITE a while to figure up those ratios for you guys, hehe. It was full but still just a smidge relaxed at 4%, and a few ticks above mid-level sweet. You could POSSIBLY go up a percent more without hitting the ceiling as a single flavor. There were some tart/sour notes, and although not reaching full on natural lemon levels they were enough to give it a crisp, clean finish. Because it had all three elements (natural, candy, lemonade) it could actually be used beyond the obvious “candy” uses, possibly even on LMP’s and more. One meat aspect that I seemed to keep getting on the finish also, was an almost powdered confectioners sugar that some candies have on the outside. An interesting mix or medley, and it’s straddling across the 3 big types, would help increase it’s uses. Nothing off-putting, and it was an accurate Lemon Drop, without turning into a Lemonhead. Not the tartest lemon out there, but I don’t think it needed to be. Even keeled, sweet, tart, with a dash of sour, slightly relaxed, and a good medley of lemon types is what you get with this one. It felt Solid @ 9.0/10.


Nice, I used to like lemon drops before I worked out the lemon gives me reflux…

Out of curiosity, what do you class the remaining 10% as? :man_shrugging: :smile:


@Ianc13 was that the real candy, or flavors ?

Bleh LOL …

and the natural/candy/lemonade ratio would be close to 10% natural, 60% candy, 30% lemonade

Thanks mate.


I love how as I read your reviews I get recipe ideas, this Lemon Drop is no exception. Down for delivery today, but I doubt before I go to work.


Both. I knew about the real problem for ages but only discovered the issue with lemon based flavours when mixing LMT/LMP recipes. Pretty much anything citrus based gives me reflux so I just avoid them all. I love the taste of citrus, but not worth the reaction my body has.


Sounds like me and a lot of tobacco recipes @Ianc13.


Lemon Meringue Pie v.3 (CAP) 4% (2-2-23) – Capella’s Lemon Meringue Pie (v.1) was one of the FIRST flavors I ever purchased, and remains one of my most used, to this day. I briefly tried the v.2 when the anti DIK/DAAP movement was afoot, but it became obvious that too MY tastes, v.1 rained supreme. Now on to v.3, I was indeed curious to see what was what. Despite having a love affair with LMP v.1, both the v.1 and v.2 needed some help to really make them shine. This one, felt about the same. The familiar bakery/graham crust was there, along with a very good meringue, along with the Lemon. The lemon (as in the other 2 versions) would, and does require a little bit of help to really make it POP. The lemon was present, but fairly low in the overall mix, hence the need for a boost. The graham/bakery crust was almost the star of this flavor, and is/was completely different from Capella’s Graham Cracker, and I actually wish Capella, would release JUST the bakery/crust from this flavor, as a STAND ALONE. I’d buy it. With that said, assuming dik/daap free, it was not as buttery rich as the v.1, but still accurately conveyed a great bakery/crust. The meringue took second seat to the crust, and was present enough, to hold it’s own throughout my tests. It was very hard to tell if there was indeed any “curd” in this or not because of the way the crust and meringue were blended, and the light lemon, made it hard to tell. I’ve seen testing done at over twice this rate @ 10%, but I decided to keep this lower, and even at 4% it was a good flavor, and very similar to the v.1, and v.2 that most of us have used over the years. Just below mid level sweet, and as with the previous versions, no off-putting notes, or anything out of place. By boosting the meringue just a smidge, and heating up the lemon a bit, maybe even a touch of sweetener, would really push this one to the next level. At it stood, at 4%, it was a great LMP, that could EASILY be spiked to the next level. Great flavor, just needed a little boost. It felt solidly placed @ 8.5/10.


It doesn’t seem to me there would be any reason to switch from 1 to 3. Those of us who use it regularly know to boost the lemon and the crust as well. Good review.


@natbone I do personally prefer the v.1.


Nectariine (CAP) 4.0%/6.0% (2-4-23) – I had to spend some EXTRA time on this one, as it was a curiosity to me. Now as strange as it sounds, I got an initial impression, that 3 testers later I was unable to shake. This one although good, did not present as a full on Nectarine, but more like a nectarine mixed with RFSC Yumberry, or something close to that. Crazy right ? Smelling it, the Nectarine was far more present than when tasting it. Now with that said, it was a great flavor, but not as pure or clear of a nectarine. The yumberry-ish blend/ing was unshakeable, and stayed present throughout the entire test. The ironic thing here is, this flavor is GREAT, but not as a pure Nectarine. The nectarine that was present was somewhat sweet, and juicy. The room note on this one, had a very recognizable smell that reminded me of commercial fruit mixes. Just to make sure I hadn’t underpowered this one I upp’d and re-tested it @ 6%, and it was a little stronger, but the same. After 3 testers, I still hadn’t grown tired of this one, and as stated, it was actually a really good flavor, and despite not super nailing the nectarine, if you like fruity flavors, I would actually highly recommend it, as it was that good. No ceiling smashing at either percentages, and it was just below mid-level sweet. I struggled to better describe this one, but could not, so I’ll leave this one as a good Nectarine, BUT, paired up with an almost candy-ish Yumberry. As a pure/specific Nectarine, I would have to drop it somewhat to a 6.5/10, BUT, as a Nectarine paired with a delicious Yumberry I would have to rate it MUCH higher @ 9.5/10. You may want to pick this one up, and enjoy it anyway, … I am.