Capella (NEW) Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer

Peach (W/O Stevia) (CAP) 4% (2-5-23) – Because I’m finishing up this series, I didn’t want to slow the roll, and break into side tests, but after this series is completed, I WILL directly compare CAP’s Peach WITH and WITHOUT Stevia to see how much of a difference the Stevia makes. Right out of the gate, without Stevia, this one did not disappoint. It presented as a nice juicy, yellow peach without hesitation. No pits or skin, but the juicy yellow fleshy body. @ 4% it was nicely full, and did not taste underpowered. Sweetness was just below mid level, and at that level it felt/tasted natural without any “candy”-ness. To better define the sweetness, it was also not soo sweet that it fell into canned peaches in sytrup. Natural tasting, with no off-notes, and it had plenty of lower/mid notes as well as some sparkling high notes, which kept it interesting, and non one dimensional. As far as peaches went, it was right in the middle of the road, and that would allow for even more uses, from candied, fruit pairings, and bakeries and pies. Overall it did have an interesting tartness, which not only gave it a little kick, but added authenticity, and ripe-ness to it. All in, an impressive NON-Stevia’d version of a yellow peach, that was JUST sweet enough, and just tart enough to really keep it interesting. Hard to knock something down, when it does what it claims to do, and does it well. Easily a 9.5/10.


Smoooooth Custard on deck !!!


Smooth Custard (CAP) 4% (2-5-23) – Ohhh Yeahhh !!! I just had to get THAT out of the way. YES, this is one of the ones I wanted to hit FIRST, but, I had to let the process run. OK, what DO we have here with the NEW Cap Smooth Custard. EXACTLY that. Vanilla Custard paired perfectly with creams/creameries. Review over, right ?? Hehe, ok, a little more details on this one. I did get a good dose of what I call “Capella Classic Vanilla Custard” in here, BUT it was tempered by a super smooth (and creamy) creamery. Now, I’ve already been asked more than once if this was CAP VC1 with the NEW Creamy Vanilla. I can neither confirm nor deny that, BUT, it could be. I honestly think it’s more than that simple pairing. The eggy CAP VC is back, BUT, because of how it is/was tempered by the creamery elements, it was not quite as IN your face. It was still plenty thick, and rich at 4% with utterly NO NEED to crank it up, as it was full flavored at this weight. Now I continue to mention VC v.1 but, in this new dik/daap free-ish world we live in, I’m sure this one is free of those as well, and although there were no overt buttery notes, it was still QUITE the tasty one. I felt that it was thicker than just a simple VC and Cream mix, and at times I almost got a bakery-ish element in there, that also worked to thicken it up, and make it even more enjoyable. Because the VC elements were still fairly present, it made completely identifying the cream/creameries in here, pretty damned hard, BUT they ARE in there, and worked to really increase the richness of this one, without a thinning effect. Beautifully blended, and ratio-d. What’s neat about this one is it will probably appeal to both diehard CAP VC fans, AND people not necessarily looking for a heavy eggy-ness. It’s there, but tempered by the creamy elements. Creamy Custard perfectly names this one, as I did not get any Pudding in here at all. No off notes, and rather HARD to put down. If you like Cap’s VC, and Creameries, you should sign up for this one !!! For a rich, creamy mashup of Cap’s VC and and delicious creams/creameries, this one won’t let you down. Creamy and rich RIGHT up until the end of the testers. I cannot go below 9.9/10 on this one guys.


I would like to thank the ELR Overlords, as I have STILL not reached the character cap on the top OP. On another forum I did, and it broke some of the continuity of the “Master Post”. Thanks for that.


Bloody hell @SessionDrummer I don’t need ANOTHER custard but now I will have to keep my eye on this one next time I am ordering! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::rofl:


Likewise, sounds very good.


@Ianc13 I was kind of HOPING your’d say that, as I am curious to hear what your thoughts were on it.


Won’t be for a while mate due to my order from Juice Factory… That will keep me busy for a while, :smile:


Not sure what this means but if you’re happy then we be happy too!


TZ, I think what SD is saying is that he’s going to use the ELR reply function to pen his new “Flavor Testing” novel… I’d read it. :books: :smile:


One I will definitely check out: I try to avoid any artificial sweeteners in all things - I prefer to remain bitter and twisted.


As the embers gave out their last crackle in the smoker, @SessionDrummer sat and smiled at the concentrates before him. He reached for one just within reach and thought “Maybe you’ll change everything”.


What ratio did you pair the Nectarine (Cap) with the RFSC Yumberry that made this marriage out of this world? That marriage sounds like a match made in heaven!

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@KC111 I didn’t pair those two, that’s how it presented to me, out of the bottle. It was a very interesting flavor.


Hehe @TorturedZen you know my format by now, BIG running post up top, and single posts below. I ran OUT of room on another forum, which made things, … COMPLICATED to keep it sorted. I hit the maximum character limit per post. Here, I’m STILL GOOD !!!


Sour Blue Raspberry (CAP) 4% (2-7-23) – Wow, the room note on this one, was full on BLUE !!! Nearing the end of this big ass series, I finally got to spend some time with this one, and I was glad I did. It presented as a fairly artificial Blue Raspberry, which in and of itself is hard to explain, as they don’t occur in nature. Some people think the BRB is a pairing of Raspberries and Blueberries, which MIGHT be true, but it’s hard to 100% nail that down. Regardless, it WAS true to the traditional profile, with a nice sour tartness, with JUST enough sweetener to round it out. @ 4% it felt like it might be able to go a little higher, maybe even 5.0-5.5% as a solo flavor, but even at my testing weight, there were no off-notes. Like a previous flavor above, this one had a recognizable “commercial” taste/ room note that is used widely, and you’ll know what I mean when you taste it. No cooling, which was a bonus for me, as I can’t use them, BUT, you could chill it down if needed. Regardless of how ICEE came up WITH the blue raspberry, this flavor did really capture it well. Non fatiguing, and still mysterious as to what exactly WAS in it, this one stayed interesting, and fresh throughout. If you DO like the Blue (hehe, it’s actually a clear flavor), you’ll love this one. While I still may not be able to 100% fully identify the “berry” compounds in this one, it had no real faults, and did what it was supposed to do. Solidly placing this one @ 9.0/10.


Strawberry Kiwi Fusion (CAP) 4% (2-9-23) – I had a LOT of fun with this, the second to last flavor in this big series of the NEW Capella flavors. Cards on the table, this was a great flavor. I was only somewhat hesitant, as I have tasted some Kiwis that were very (sorry) “cat pissy”, hehe. This one had NONE of that. The SB presented as a really juice, ripe, red Strawberry, and with the Kiwi, it had a sparkly, bright finish. The pairing of the two was very smartly done, as it let the red juicy-ness of the SB shine in the beginning and middle, and the Kiwi sparked it up on the finish. Depending on your tastes/needs, you could be WELL on your way to making a Kanzi with minimal tweaking. At 4% it was fairly strong, but felt like you might be able to push it a little higher, possibly 1%. At the testing weight, there were no off notes, and it was about mid-level sweet. No jams, candies, or overripes here, just a great (repeating) juicy red SB, paired (or Fuzed) with a nice, bright Kiwi. Smartly done, and the sparkling of bright notes on the finish really did (trust me, 3 testers so far), kept you coming back for more. Nothing to mark down on this one, and the only thing of note would be a possible increase in percentage. Freshly placing this one at a nice high of 9.5/10.


Any luck getting Allen (sp??) to get the new Cap to BCF that were not part of the sampler pack? The Strawberry Kiwi and the KK Bar looks heavenly.

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Ahhh shit, let me get on that.

@KC111 while I wait for Allen’s response, for specific resellers like BCF, probably @wllmc would be better able to answer that, as BCF decides what flavors to purchase. MAYBE, hehe, if there were some “requests” made, that might spur things.

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