CASAA Call To Action

Continuing the discussion from Stop Donald Trump from signing the federal flavor ban:

Over 106,000 people signed an online petition to the White House. Less than 10,000 have done the quick and easy Call to Action to the federal lawmakers who actually make the laws and control the FDA. If you want to truly make a difference, take a few moments to fill out this email to your representatives in Congress! (And then SHARE the link!)

And by sending this email, you’ll be automatically added as one of the 255,000 CASAA members. The more registered members we have, the stronger our voice!

Call to Action:


From a Brit to an Aussie: I’ve been wondering if people outside the USA can join CASAA? and if there’s really much point in in joining such a US-centric organisation, even if we can? (no criticism intended, but their website is clearly addressing an exclusively American readership)

Would like to show solidarity of course, But how?


Yes, you can join CASAA but yes also it is very US-centric as you noted. I am trying to circulate links for everyone but mainly for our US members. You will need a US address to fill the application form out - (I used the address of my us freight forwarder lol and put my real address in the message body).

There really is no reason what so ever for every single member who resides in the USA not to join CASAA. It is FREE and there is strength in numbers.


I misread that as “every single person who resides in the USA” and that gave me a wicked idea. I wonder if anybody’s tried to sign up Donald Trump? :smiling_imp:


Done! Thanks for the link. The voices on ELR may seem trivial, but as said before there is strength in numbers! We can all stand up to keep our vaping and our health!


Well said, and I couldn’t agree more!

I know I was more than a bit surprised (and disappointed) when I completed my submission and learned the very next day (through another CASAA update that I was only ONE of less than 10,000 that filled things out on SUCH a critical matter (to us as vapers).


I was already a member so I responded through the email they sent.
Thank you @woftam, as a non-American, for showing this kind of initiative!