CBD does nothing to me. Zero


I tried CBD from 2 different brands. The first was a 50mg mixture. It hadn’t any effect. Later I bought a Booster, by Liquideo, 10ml 500mg CBD. Quite expensive. I diluted it down to 100mg/ml (no nicotine). No effect. I tried 200mg/ml. Zero. Absolute nothing. 200mg isn’t enjoyable anyway. It’s kinda harsh in the throat. Not the same way as nicotine is but, harsh.

I don’t do any drugs.I don’t even drink alcohol. I wanted to try CBD for Anxiety / sleep help.

I vaped it on a subohm tank. Some Ideas? I don’t think that the product is bad. The owner of the vape shop where I bought is pretty skilled. However, the CBD has ZERO effect to me. It couldn’t be less.

I guess some people are immune for CBD?


The best way is sublingual from what I gather vaping it is just a waste


I find thc (indica) is required for sleep, I have a bad anxiety/paranoia disorder and found that Balanced strains worked the best for me, I later found myself used to the effects and only dose cbd during the day. It’s most effective for sleep if you take cbd throughout the day and follow it with some thc at night time, indicas are what you’re after… Give in to the dark side and turn into a weed addict, but be warned, it’s a gateway drug.


Everybody is different… I also approved what Joel said. Vaping CBD is a waste.

Recently i bought from verifiedcbd, I didnt try personnaly, but it really help my girlfriend. They have CBD Sleep Spray with 55% Discount available in the moment so it worth to try…

What was the brand you were vaping?


Yeah. A gateway to the munchies! =P


Definitely a waste to vape it. If you go for the indica, I would do edibles, unless you like your mind to be hazy. So I hear tell. Not that I would do such a thing… :smirk:


Just like @anon44012888 mentioned. Lingual drops would be the way to go. Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 weeks until the benefits of it can be felt.



I didn’t buy forum that shop. But it’s this product. Mine was 500mg/ml. Brand is Liquideo I guess. A French product.


CBD affects everyone differently. You may need a full spectrum oil. Here is some good info…

A great site to get your CBD oil. Brady is a friend of mine and he can lead you to a product that would work best for you.


I know this is a year later. But my doctor said that they’re finding another CBD factor that may work even better for my Fibromyalgia. It’s easy to remember CBD B. He said for me to keep my eye out for anything about it.


Welcome to ELR.
The thing remains though… are you vaping CBD to be with the cool kids or do you want to consume CBD to try it in the most efficient way to resolve whatever issues you have. Wherever you buy it, whatever your budget is, taking it orally is preferable to vaping it from any point of view.


You mean me? Or the original post? I started with oral application and it was ok. It got me off of ibuprofen and the chance of getting another hernia. But I had knee surgery and I didn’t order my CBD. My vape shop sells CBD and I got desperate. I hate oxycodone and my niece said vaping it works faster than the oral application. That way the oral application has time to work. FYI she hurt her back and ran into the painkiller dependency trap. CBD was how she got off the opioids. Dang if the girl (40 really) wasn’t right. So with my primary doctor, surgeon, and Fibro doctor I vape and use gummies. They are all behind me and my CBD use. They know I hate regular painkillers and I take too much ibuprofen. On a whole I found that vaping works best for me. I think it all depends on the individual. I’ve also found that the oils just don’t work well on me. I found that I use over double the potency in the oils than just using the e-juice. But the next person might not have the same results.

Added bonus I have had a big improvement with my asthma. My pulmonary function tests show as a low normal now and I don’t have to see anyone for that now. I found that the hard dried up phlegm softens up and comes out easier. I’m going to change it up a bit and and increase the PG and see if that helps with the softening. Because it was something I saw in a recent paper published by the NEJM, or JAMA. :thinking: Anyway I figured it can’t hurt to try. I have isolate and I do so many crafts that I have VG and PG in bulk.
Though we also have a research doctor in town and he has been hinting at positive results. So now all my curious doctors are like we can watch you and find out more :grin::grin::grin:!


I’ve been vaping my CBD isolate in PG/VG for about a year now, easiest and fastest way I’ve found to take it. When I’ve tried oils the effect has been minimal but a quick hit via my vape and I can ease my migraines, anxiety or stress.

I have noticed that to vape it, I have to keep the wattage pretty low between 10-30 and that you need a coil above 1.0 ohms. Anything higher than 40W and apparently you burn it off. If you’re vaping too hot you might not feel any effect cause you’ve burn off the CBD prior to inhalation.

I currently use a Smok Nord but am looking to change to the RPM80 because I want to try distillate and see what kind of relief that gives me. I’m wary to buy CBD ejuice because 100mg/30ml bottle is only 3mg of CBD per ml. I make up to 34mg per ml now and feel until I can find a place that sells 1000mg/30ml bottle affordably I’ll keep DIYing.

For recipes, I pick something I like from the forums here and tweak to accept CBD instead of Nic. Hopefully as more people start to use it and see the benefits the market will drop its pricing to become reasonable. (One can dream!)


Try Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum tincture. I have managed a head shop for a year and a half as well being somewhat of a weed nerd and I can say with confidence that this is the best CBD I have ever tried for the quality and price. They also have a wide range of products from balms to capsules to massage oils. Everything is grown in Oregon and is certifiably organic free of pesticIdes and heavy metals. They also offer a 40% discount for veterans.

A tip I used to give to customers who were looking to try CBD was to not look for the effects. It works in such a subtle way that if you are looking for an immediate sense of relaxation or pain relief, you will not find it. Cannabinoids tend to make it easier to deal with pain/anxiety as they treat the source of the problem rather than the symptoms.

An example would be if you have knee inflammation and you take CBD, your knee might still feel bad, but an hour or so after taking the CBD, you’ll notice that you’ve been walking around just fine and your range of motion is increased.

As for vaping CBD, isolate is the only proper way to vaporize CBD and is the easiest to mix into e-liquid (IME). That being said, isolate is generally less effective for most people than full spectrum hemp extract.


I’ll agree that Lazuras Naturals has excellent products. Customer service is first class. Their assistance program is great for veterans, disabled and low income. They have increased the veterans discount to 60%… not sure about the discount for disabled or low income. They don’t have any vape products but have tinctures, capsules, isolate, oil and some topicals.


Everyone is different. What works for one never works for another


I received my order from https://cbdhemp.direct/ a couple of days ago after finding some real cheap (1oz of 21% CBD flower for 15.00) to experiment with. I made a batch of tincture using MCT (DO NOT VAPE) and started taking sublingually last night. We’ll see how it goes after a week or two. I did try it in my dry herb atomizer and I have to say the effects were pretty obvious and fast. I don’t want to keep doing it that way because I don’t want that smokers cough to redevelop, but it did have an effect with it having < 0.3% THC.

EDIT: I should clarify that I smoked the dry flower in the atomizer, NOT the tincture.


I have been considering that but like you I don’t want to “smoke” it. Vaping it might be ok if it were as good as the THC carts but from what I hear it isn’t.


I haven’t tried the CBD vape cartridges mainly because I’ve heard the same thing and don’t want to spend the money. They ain’t cheap. I’ll try making the juice sometime and see how that works. Smoking it does work, but the “head” effects only last about 20 minutes. Don’t know if the body benefits last longer but again, I really don’t want to smoke it.


The answer is Terpenes but I’m not sure what the problem is. CBD by itself is just a chemical compound that, in order to work naturally, is associated with tastes and smells that compliment it and enhance it through an entourage effect. I doubt even many professional CBD product line companies understands or appreciates what that means, if the CBD manufacturers are anywhere near as quality as the Ejuice vendors…

Anyways, quite a few of TPAs flavoring include terpenes in the ingredients, and are listed either on their site or on river supply. Chances are if it’s a citrus flavor it includes some kind of terpenes. That’s what i’m experimenting combining my CBD/PG mixture with.