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CBD does nothing to me. Zero


I tried CBD from 2 different brands. The first was a 50mg mixture. It hadn’t any effect. Later I bought a Booster, by Liquideo, 10ml 500mg CBD. Quite expensive. I diluted it down to 100mg/ml (no nicotine). No effect. I tried 200mg/ml. Zero. Absolute nothing. 200mg isn’t enjoyable anyway. It’s kinda harsh in the throat. Not the same way as nicotine is but, harsh.

I don’t do any drugs.I don’t even drink alcohol. I wanted to try CBD for Anxiety / sleep help.

I vaped it on a subohm tank. Some Ideas? I don’t think that the product is bad. The owner of the vape shop where I bought is pretty skilled. However, the CBD has ZERO effect to me. It couldn’t be less.

I guess some people are immune for CBD?


The best way is sublingual from what I gather vaping it is just a waste


I find thc (indica) is required for sleep, I have a bad anxiety/paranoia disorder and found that Balanced strains worked the best for me, I later found myself used to the effects and only dose cbd during the day. It’s most effective for sleep if you take cbd throughout the day and follow it with some thc at night time, indicas are what you’re after… Give in to the dark side and turn into a weed addict, but be warned, it’s a gateway drug.


Everybody is different… I also approved what Joel said. Vaping CBD is a waste.

Recently i bought from verifiedcbd, I didnt try personnaly, but it really help my girlfriend. They have CBD Sleep Spray with 55% Discount available in the moment so it worth to try…

What was the brand you were vaping?


Yeah. A gateway to the munchies! =P


Definitely a waste to vape it. If you go for the indica, I would do edibles, unless you like your mind to be hazy. So I hear tell. Not that I would do such a thing… :smirk:


Just like @Joel mentioned. Lingual drops would be the way to go. Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 weeks until the benefits of it can be felt.



I didn’t buy forum that shop. But it’s this product. Mine was 500mg/ml. Brand is Liquideo I guess. A French product.

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CBD affects everyone differently. You may need a full spectrum oil. Here is some good info…

A great site to get your CBD oil. Brady is a friend of mine and he can lead you to a product that would work best for you.

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