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CBD e-liquid making - the newest thread

Hello community!

I tried to find here some info about CBD e-liquid and failed to discover any information…
It’s pretty expensive to buy a commercial CBD e-liquid and I need it because it helps my wife with anxiety and sleep disorders.

Lately, my favorite nicotine vendor nude nicotine started to sell at the stuff that related to the CBD topic and I see many different products on their website and feel a bit confused…

Maybe we have here anyone that digged this topic? Please help :slight_smile:

CBD Isolates & Distillates

Stock solutions

Here are my questions:

I want to create 250 mg - 300 mg e-liquid

  1. whats the difference between - CBD Isolate Stock Solution and CBD Distillate Stock Solution ?

  2. i see that there are 2 types of solvents - i know what’s PG but i don’t know what’s MCT. can you explain please?

  3. whats the actuall process of the e-liquid making? how many % of the solution do I need to put per ml to get a 250mg - 300 mg e-liquid?



@robin would have the better explanation.


MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides) is an oil. Would NOT recommend for making vape juice! Stick with the PG.


Hello @WhiteRaven. Ive been using CBD for awhile now. I sometimes make my own CBD ejuice from isolate which has a higher ( 90-99%) CBD content than ( 70-90%) distillate. If you want to make a 300 mg/ 30/ml bottle, Buy a gram of isolate which is 1000 mg. of CBD. Dissolve it in a 30 ml bottle of 100% PG .Then measure your dose from there.It would probably be easier for you to buy premade CBD isolate in a PG solution and/or a MCT oil solution from @riversupply. They sell excellent CBD solutions at great prices. I buy their 3000 mg bottle of PG and MCT oil and dose as i need to. MCT oil is not suitable for vaping. I use MCT oil in my oral tinctures.If you happen to get raw isolate and have any more question about mixing it. Please let me know…
Premade CBD juice is expensive and you actually dont really know how much CBD is REALLY in there. Make your own its cheasper and more effective.


Very informative and helpful post.
Thank you for sharing!


so i got river supply cbd isolate 3000mg-100mg/ml solution. i need to mix that with pg at what ratio to make a 30 ml bottle of e-juice at 300mg/ml.


3 mls of CBD solution


Are you certain?

With the above (and not being familiar with what RivSup actually sells, it reads to me like it could go either way.

Either swilly bought 3000mg of isolate.
Or he bought 100mg/ml solution.

That left me confused. chuckles

With 3000mg, he/she could make a wide range of strengths (I would imagine).

With 100mg/ml, the max swilly could ever make is 100mg… Right? o0
(And that would be straight from the bottle, no flavors or other components)


thank you very very much @robin !!!

another question - i see that many of the CBD e-liquids that are sold have a high pg ratio, do you know why is that?

is it fine to make a 40 pg or 30 pg CBD e-liquid?



another questions @robin

Now a question about an e-liquid making. For example, I want to make 10 ml of CBD infused e-liquid:

  1. how many % should I use if I choose - CBD Distillate 250mg/mL THC-Free Stock Solution?

  2. how many % should I use if I choose - Full Spectrum CBD Distillate 100mg/ml?

  3. Which product should I use to make a tincture? I can choose actually any of those but choose an MCT as a solvent?


I see that the 3000mg is saying that’s how many mgs are in the bottle at a 100mg/ml ratio.

I was thinking that if I put 1:10 ratio it would be 10 mg/ml solution? (So 1 ml for every 10 ml pg/vg.)
At this ratio it would be super expensive since a 30 ml bottle is $20.

But if I make a 30 ml bottle and add 3 ml it should make a 300mg/ml bottle? That just doesnt sound right.


The only pg i use is in the actual CBD solution. Other than that my mixes are usually 90% VG. i really dont know why commercial CBD ejuice has such a high PG content. Maybe its because certain tanks made for CBD liquid work better with a higher PG ratio. I really dont know. You can make your pg/vg ratio how ever you like. I find that liquids made with a higher VG content work better in my tanks. If i could figure out a way to dissolve CBD isolate in VG, i would never use any PG. Unfortunately ive wasted way too much isolate to even attempt that again.


You can make a oral tincture with raw isolate/distillate or CBD in a mct oil dilution. Ive never used CBD distillate so i really dont know what ratio you would use. I suppose it depends on what mg your trying to achieve. A calculator will help. I make my tinctures in a 30ml or 60 ml bottle.with mct oil only . Other than that i use isolate in my herbal salves .My measurements always depend on the size of my bottle or salve tin and the strength of my solution.


I’ve used isolate and distillate as well as pre-blended CBD and added flavouring (both full spectrum and “regular”)

Isolate doesn’t dissolve well in VG at all, like @robin, I’ve burned a lot of CBD trying. I have a theory that commercial CBD has a high PG because they think it’s hard to sell cloudy e-juice or juice you have to shake up prior to vaping. I don’t mind shaking or heating my mix if I’ve left it sit too long (which happens when I make too many flavours).

CBD Distillate and Full spectrum are thick so you need a tank that will handle that. I usually cut mine with a flavour/ejuice because without, I find the PG hovers at 70% to 80% which is a touch strong for my taste. When I’m cooking, I like to stick around 50/50 or 40/60 PG/VG. I have some public recipes on the forums here if you want to check them out. I use the e-juice calculator but factor for isolate instead of nicotine.

I use a Smok Fetch Pro and Nord 2 these days because I like the flexibility of wattage control, CBD usually like to be between 12 to 25 depending on your tank and coil. I avoid mesh coils, I burn through them too fast LOL. With a 1.0 ohm or higher coil, I can get almost 1 month out of it and that’s refilling the tank regularly.

Hope that helps some! :slight_smile:


For example, I want to make an e-liquid - 10 ml with 300mg of CBD :

  1. how many % of cbd should I use if I choose - CBD Distillate 250mg/mL Solution?

  2. how many % of cbd should I use if I choose - CBD Distillate 100mg/ml?


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