CBD oil added to mix?

Anyone use any cannabinoid oils added to flavored eliquids for the health benefits? Just to clarify, I’m talking about fully legal hemp oil.


I haven’t used any but there is a YouTube video on how to extract THC for use in a vaporizer.

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If you are planning on using a CBD concentrate then realistically you can’t use any VG in the mix otherwise seperation occurs of any residual lipids or waxes.

Usually the process is as follows.

Make your CBD/THC concentrate.

Winterize to remove the lipids and waxes.

Dissolve into PG or PEG400 or EJMIX

Around 1:1 ratio concentrate to base.

So for 1g of concentrate you can use 1ml of base.

Heat on a coffee warmer plate etc until dissolved.

But then there’s also the mod required to vape with this mix.

IMO you need to be vaping your mix above 4v for it to decarb during vape.

If you’re running 3.7v gear then you’ll need to decarb your oil first before mixing with your chosen base.


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I actually wanted to try this but oils are not very good for normal ejuices. Instead I tried some artificial flavours for 2 reasons: no wastefull cooking/extracting and no messy coils.

  • TPA’s Mary Jane didn’t really meet my taste at all, too strong and Pinetree-like. I tried around and found nothing I liked.
  • Sweet Leaf (Tasty Puff) misses the nutty component and has more of a candy flavor. If you like the green lolipops they sell in some growshops (like I do) you might wanna give it a try.
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My kid was just out in Denver and tried some commercial stuff she said worked like a dream on her inflammation.


I’m glad this thread got pulled up again. The CBD oil that’s legal and available in my area doesn’t actually contain lipids and is sold at some vape shops. As I understand, the “gold” cbd “oil” has had the lipids and other things like chlorophyll filtered out, and it’s safe to vape (doesn’t contribute to lipid pneumonia). That’s about all I know though and I’d love to know more, especially about if it’s possible to add it to a typical (vg/pg/nic/flavor) e liquid recipe. Anyone know more or have experience with vaping CBD?


What I’m seeing is the companies are selling a lot of it but people are kind of afraid to talk about it maybe?

My two kids are traveling in and out of states where weed is legal so they don’t seem to have any stigma talking about it. The story I see with a lot of people who do talk about it is that it tastes pretty bad. The only thing I can do is a tank test and then a mix test and see what happens lol…


IIRC , @Alisa has mentioned using the legal “Gold” CBD oil and gave it positive reviews. I am glad this thread has surfaced again . I have thought about giving it a try to see if if would help with my anxiety issues.I don’t know if they show up as positives on a drug screen though?


I have seen people say yes and no on drug screens. I’m self employed so I don’t care but others may…

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Maybe. Which is silly (imo) considering it’s 100% legal.
Come out of hiding people, let’s talk about this!! :wink:


A typical marijuana drug screen tests for thc metabolites, so since there isn’t thc in cbd oil, it should be fine. But I do believe there is another kind of marijuana screen that works a different way, I can’t really speak to that one. Possibly the yes and no answers are because of different types of screens? I don’t really know.

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This is something that i have been playing with in recent weeks. I purchased some pure CBD isolate from Phytodabs. They provide batch lab reports from a reputable lab.

The mix i made was was with one of my recipes, Simple Custard. Creating a high VG product is next to impossible as the CBD will recrystallize so my blend was a 200mg/30ml bottle in a 60VG/40PG solution. Here is what i did.

I mixed, from base, my flavoring and PG. I then added 200mg CBD crystal and let it sit for about 30 minutes to make sure the CBD dissolved. Next i added the VG and shook the hell out of it and let it sit overnight. I have seen products in the 1000mg/30ml bottle range but i believe the key to this is the PEG400, which i dont have and the 200mg product i made works well for me.

This worked out well but it is a little light on CBD/mg. I dont use it by itself, for me this is used when i need a little bit of a boost as in i need a bit more pain relief. I also use the Hemp Classic like from Bluebird Botanicals @ 10mg-20mg/day. It is a full spectrum product meaning that it contains other helpful cannabinoids and a bit of THC as well, in the .03 - .04% range.

Ive been using CBD for quite awhile now, what we are seeing in the CBD community parallels what we saw in the ejuice world in the beginning. A few good vendors are starting to float to the top in a sea of bad. Both Bluebird and Phyto are excellent products.

Id be happy to answer any questions that i can.


Thanks! So with the crystals, is there a taste?
And what is PEG400?

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Ive noticed little to no change in taste. One thing i like about vaping it over sublingual is that the effects are quick but they dont last as long. Also vaping it doesnt provide the same level of anxiety relief, which is why i do both.

Polyethylene glycol 400 is another solvent that has a low toxicity. Im not entirely sure why it isnt used in ejuice, or rarely, but at one time i did know.


Is 200mg/30ml as high as you’ve gone with it?

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Yes, but even using PG/VG one could go higher tho i am not sure where the cutoff would be. I drip mine in one of my Troll V2’s so 1ml is pretty easy and quick to do. I also use it in my AIO, it is my carry around.


As for drug testing, to my understanding, no one can say it’s 100% free of thc. It could pop up on a drug test. It shouldn’t oncq standard 5 panel test but it still may. It really depends on usage, body type, and quality of the urine test. For me personally I would love to try it out, but don’t want to loose my job.


It would depend on the product. A full spectrum product will have a very very low amount of THC, so low that it is legal. I have taken a dollar store drug test, i know its the dollar store, and passed.

A product made from CBD isolate should contain no THC at all, this is what is used to create vaping products. This is where the lab reports come in handy.

But of course better safe than sorry.

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Lol. Dollar store drug test. Sad story I had someone do a take home test, sent it to a lab and passed. Then a week later failed my companies drug test. So many factors I would not trust a lable at this time.

Even more sad is all of it is legal here in Oregon and Washington but cannot touch the stuff. But Alass we won’t talk about that since elr is all about the pg/vg/nic/flavoring forum. I do consider cbd stuck in the middle


I hear ya, it is a bit ridiculous that companies are still testing for these substances where it is legal. The CBD world is where we were a few years ago.

As for the forum, we are an ejuice forum and i consider CBD liquids to be ejuice. Now whether @daath thins the same way i do not know but i would certainly abide by any decision he makes.