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I got this tank today and it’s all I thought it would be. An awesome all around tank and a bonus dripper with the upgrade kit.

This is what you get with the tank and upgrade kit…



Airflow Control
Copper Positive Pin (extends beyond 510 to prevent shorting with Hybrid Mods)
Top-Fill and Bottom Fill Design
Pyrex Tank
Spacer to prevent heat transfer to mod
Prebuilt Vertical Coils
Capacity of 5ml

#Included in package:

One CCI Triforce SubOhm Tank

One Delrin Wide Bore Top Cap

One Ni200 Coil

One .2ohm Kanthal Coil (up to 100 watts)

Spare Parts

#The Upgrade Kit includes:

One Dual Layer SS Top Cap with AFC and Heat Sink

One RTA Deck

One RDA Conversion Kit

One Chuff Dripper Cap

Spare Parts

Photo of the Tank and RDA Conversion Kit:

Two Huge Airflow Slots and SS Top Cap with AFC with Heat Sink.

Size Comparison:

Coil Size Comparison:

Left: Crown Coil, Center: Triforce Coil, Right: TFV4 Coil

RDA Deck:

Note the size of the bottom air flow holes and four large juice channels.


  1. You should be able to figure that out.


  1. The build deck is small. Slightly larger than the Billow v2 deck. But with a .5mm Ti build it’s producing flavor equivalent to the TFV4 dual deck with a 22g dual Ti build… if not better.

  2. There are no Ti stock coils currently available. So I will not be reviewing those.

This is best flavor and vapor tank I own. This setup edges out the TFV4 and everybody know how I feel about the TFV4.

The dripper conversion kit really push this tank/rda over the top for me.

It’s basically a 3-in-1 setup… Stock Coil Tank, RTA and RDA. I don’t know of any other tank that offer these options and produce like this tank does.

I mentioned a few days ago that vaping is evolving in leaps and bounds. What was good yesterday is just okay today.

I paid $58.00 shipping included. IMO it’s worth every penny for what you get… including top level performance. I’m fairly certain the price will eventually come down. I just didn’t want to wait.

Again I’ll say, “You will hear good things about this tank in the future”.


Very interesting tank! I will be keeping my eye on that!


Nice, since you like it so much i’ll gladly take the smok off your hands lol. Just herd about this tank last night and I’m in the market for a new tank. The smok has my attention because I can vape my super high vg juice in it. Vg flavoring + vg = me having to drip until now.

Oh yea the .1 coil is it exactly .1 or .15 so that my Sigelei 150 could fire it?


wow…better than the TFV4??? wow…coming from you, thats huge! guess i know what my next purchase will be!
thanks for the tip/review!

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This tank comes with a Kanthal and Ni200 coil that I don’t intend to use. Since these coils are so large, I took a shot at rebuilding one with Ti. I was able to successfully rebuild the stock coil and It’s vaping better than the RBA deck.

This is some of the best flavor ever… true, true flavor. I can taste every note. It’s almost too much. I’m actually enjoying this more than dripping. IMO this is better than dripping.

I don’t no why most people still vape Kanthal and Nickel. Kanthal and Ni just don’t compare to these wires.

Rebuilt stock coil, 22g Ti, ID around 5mm, 6 wraps at .22 ohms…

Now I know it can be done, I’m going to try a parallel 22g Ti rebuild.

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so lemme get this straight…you took apart the stock coil and rebuilt it???
wanna give me/us a play by play? i am totally intrigued…

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I’ll do a picture tutorial when I try the parallel.

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I have it, I am having issues with wicking on the rta deck… please help

You need a 2.5mm ID coil. Make sure to center your coil on the deck.

This is my wicking method…

So you fully drop your wicks down ok the triforce, will give that a try after the movie

Your wick need to rest on top of the juice channels, covering the entire channel, but not packing in the channels.

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And spaced coils, slightly loose wicks?

Not loose, fairly snug but not overly tight. You need to fluff your tails to look like these.

Then wet them, tuck and trim to rest on top of the juice channels…

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Got it, thanks, the smok on the side threw me off

It works a lot better, not as good of production as the prebuilts, but still pretty freaking amazing

What type of wire, gauge and resistance did you build?

24 g kanthal 6 wrap .26

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Need to get some Ti to try

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I wanted to suggest that but I didn’t want to sound repetitive. It will make a huge difference. This is a large high power, low ohm tank and unless you build it that way, you probably won’t be impressed with it.

Ok, only Guage I can get right now is 26, is that good enough

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