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Change is coming to RealFlavors!


Continuing the discussion from Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II):

The rise and rise and rise of PG

There will be a post on the main Facebook page here soon but figured I would post here first. Due to some rule changes and business choices, we will no longer be selling “Real Flavors” to the retail market. It will be only available via wholesale (Re-sellers can and will still carry the flavors, but we will not longer allow orders on our website.)

With that said, a new retail site will launch called Real Spices. This company will carry PG based flavors, oil based blends, as well as dry spices.

This change over will happen in November.

Change is coming to RealFlavors!
Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)

So we will be able to get them at BCF and Nic River?

And the PG Based will or will not be SCs?


Yes, they will, in one way or another. (could have to make some changes but I am waiting on more instructions from the feds)


PS… Yes this has to do with regulations…


BURN IN HELL FDA!!! Foot-broke


When this new site launches, will we still be able to buy the exact same SC flavors that we were getting from the Real Flavors parent site? I’ve been getting 30 mls of many of my favorites from Bull City but they don’t carry all the ones I need. Should I stock up on a few of the sample sized before you make this switch?


Real Spices will only be PG based. Same flavors but PG only. SC and extracts are too strong to be sold retail or shipped to none commercial customers.


According to some FDA nonsense? Nanny state nincompoops? I’ve been using SC for three years and have never injured or poisoned myself. We can still get the proper SC from the rebottlers though right? Full strength?


A lot of PG sensitive people will be very disappointed. Regulations suck.
Maybe you could bring some business to Europe and continue to sell those goodies… there’s definitely a market for it and people interested in working with you.


Resellers that only sell to vape customers still can sell SC. VG can ONLY be used in vape now too. Honestly you never wanted to use VG based in food but we were not clear about it.


Just keep your options open… who knows how crazy those FDA guys are becoming :wink:

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Thanks for clearing this up Walt. We miss you around here. Hopefully you’re doing well. :smiley:
Now we have to start pestering @BullCityFlavors to carry more flavors! :smiling_imp:


I no longer run the lab or day to day operations… Mostly sit at my desk and think up new projects haha.

Thank you!


I know BC does not specify whether your SC products is PG or VG based. The RF web site store gives a purchase option of: PG,VG, and SC.
Will the same options be available from your vendors? I’m confused.


Pg based flavors were prior to this sold by their “sister company” one drop.

These weren’t offered on the regular rf page.

SC as well as VG were offered via rf page. Due to regulations allegedly, the SC flavors can only be purchased via RF page, if you have a wholesale/business license, starting November 2018.

If you are not a business you will only be able to purchase the SC/VG flavors via other vendors (bull city, diy vapor supply, ecx, chefs etc) if these vendors don’t offer the flavors you’re out of luck.

However the “new” pg flavors are available on the upcoming new homepage real spices. Not sure if these can be purchased in smaller quantities so, they might stick with their current “new” system that were offered as 30+ ml.

Sounded like you won’t need a license for these so.

Hope I got that right, and it helps the confusion :wink:


Change is change. Glad to hear from you good sir. All I hope for is that I may still be able to get ahold of the strawberry milkshake rf sc.

My taste buds over all didn’t take well to many of the flavors I tried but do very much love that concentrate.


Nice job @eStorm. You nailed it.

Real Spices will only be sold in 1.66 oz bottles (could change to 2oz, but we are testing new bottles out to decide)

Retail bottles must include all nutritional facts, certain safety statements and now fall under the new FDA “modernization” act (replaces / updates the older GMP rules). Pretty much if a flavoring company is selling to the food industry, they will need to update to this. Wholesale only sizes and flavors do not fall under this new rule. ANY flavoring company will need to follow these rules, I just happened to have the feds show up 2 days ago. (They were super nice about it and it was very educational, I also understand the food safety part as well)


Hey @Walt_RealFlavors it was nice to see you posting here. I hope this new venture goes well. And I really hope you are doing well :raised_hand:


Is there a strict designation of what wholesale size is?