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Change is coming to RealFlavors!


Welcome back @Walt_RealFlavors, hope all is going well regarding the past situation, and also hope you’re getting a well deserved break. I appreciate you coming here and filling us in, and trying to help de-mystify some of the coming changes.



No not really. It is up to the manufacturer to decide that. If the company says something is wholesale only, they do no need to follow as many rules.



Great to see you, Mr. Walt! Thanks for the update and insight.

Wondering how other manufacturers of highly concentrated flavors are going to handle these new regs. MF, FLV and a few others may have some changes coming, too! Better stock up while we can!



We’ll need to ask vendors to cary flavors we want if they don’t currently stock them. They’ll need to hear from us so they know there is demand.



This bites. Going to need some black labell french toast soon . Now I’m sad



Word @tartarusspawn the Black Label was great !!!

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Black label are currently MIA from the RF site I spoke to Chelsey about it mid November

We are working on making the Black Label flavors more cost effective for you, the customer. They will be back on our website in the near future!

Please let me know if you have further questions.
Chelsey V.

After I asked if they had an ETA

The plan is to have the black label flavors back on the website by Dec 1, 2018!

Please let me know if you have further questions.
Chelsey V.



I looked up their new website recently, and didn’t see ANYTHING “black label”… if you find some, let us all know !

They used to have (supposedly) an Amazon store, but I couldn’t find that either.

My question is “Is there a single location where we can buy any/all of their SC flavors in quantities UNDER 16oz ?”
There are many shops that sell some of their flavors, but none that sell all of their flavors. I like and use a lot of their SC Brownie, but can’t find any other reseller that carries that flavor.

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See above Dave



Thanks, but I’m looking for “reasonable” quantities of “Brownie”
Black Label is for you all.

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There are a few places that stock under 16 oz whether they have brownie or not I don’t really know - you could try RF customer service and they may be able to point you to a supplier. It may be a bit of a journey to find it.



Made my day @woftam.

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I am patiently waiting for their return obviously the plan changed a little :crazy_face:



It’s funny @woftam as I had just considered mixing up the LAST little bit of my BL FT and wondered if it would ever come back …

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I would mix it and savour it - if the plan changes again there is not much we can do :disappointed_relieved:



@DaveDave are this the ones? Sry, I don’t use rf but thought I check and see if I can find you a source, if it’s the wrong one ignore me lol




Not much left



RainbowVapes in the UK carries almost the full range of RFSC. They never had the Black Lablel versions though. Did any of the retailers ?

I don’t understand what the FDA has against VG-based flavours? Can somebody explain that to me? nor do i understand why the non-PG-based superconcentrates are suddenly not kosher anymore ? It all seems to add up to “if it doesn’t have PG in it, then it’s no good for you” but that, of course, would blow the entire organic industry out if the water, because you can’t call PG organic not by any stretch.

Like @Plunderdrum said, the PG-allergic amongst us are gonna be very, very disapponted to put it mildly.

Do we still have permission to breathe?





I just visited the RF site, very surprised to see the changes in effect…BUT I was able to order 16oz bottles of SC flavors. Good thing I like single flavor vapes I guess. $38 for a 16 oz bottle of caramel cappuccino. That should last a while I suppose. Stupid FDA…