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Change is coming to RealFlavors!


DIYVS has a lot of the RF line in SC and VG but they don’t have all of them yet The last I heard they were working on getting the full line.

One place I found that seems to have the full line is in Canada and they take Paypal.

DIY-Ejuice They list the RF SC as raw extract which there was some confusion as to whether the raw extract was the same as SC but this site has all the pictures of the SC straight from the RF site.

I’d love it if Bullcity carried more but I guess they’re working on it too. Only time will tell. :slight_smile:



Interesting. I had a look at the “One Drop Flavors” there
“One Drop Flavors are a new type of flavorings from our parent company Real Flavors that are designed to be added directly to your next eliquid recipe.”
I think these are the RF PG-based flavors? (the site didn’t say)
Note: they don’t ship outside canada/US

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Yes the are pg and a pass

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Behold the power of the search engine!



I don’t like the fda either but some decisions vendors make, do have nothing to do with regulations, as of current. It’s a great excuse not to piss off their customer if shifting blame to someone else.

Example: hardware vendors send you hundreds of emails claiming the fda banned or is going to ban said hardware by day x… Result ppl start impulse buys and freak out. Vendor makes triple the money! Win…for the vendor.

Flavor x will be banned in 35 days and only we’re the ones stocking it… PPL go and buy it, win again for the vendor.

Fda says vg is banned so we need to make everything pg. PPL go grab all vg flavors available.

Fda say no 10ml bottles anymore, so we decided to sell 16oz only.

My point is, people don’t question what the vendor tells you. Again I don’t like the fda at all, but if there’s no official statement then why we blaming them? Ask the vendor why they are now selling only 16oz+ bottles and why they only selling to businesses etc.

This is my opinion in general not a specific vendor, and I also know people won’t like my opinion but don’t take everything said to be the truth, just because a vendor makes these statements. Trusted or not, money is the goal for every business and to get there even trusted vendors can and will screw their customer over.



So funny, it is so true… I did stock up on 2 years worth of nic. :blush:

I agree… need more 411. (info) on this new weirdness. Maybe some newer ppl into vaping are just uneducated & they are vaping flavors without diluting them. That’s one warning I see a lot on vendors sites and bottles.

Edit: Also re-bottling seems like a place where some bad business ppl, might be temped to. say add extra PG to stretch their supply out for more profit margin. So sad. I hope mfg.s put in some periodic spot checking to make sure resellers are doing/re-bottling it correctly.



Some Healthy Cynicism and Skepticism is …uh healthy. From a Business point of view, however realize they have to look out ahead of impending regulations and they don’t get to be skeptical …they’re managing Risk. Sucks for us …and them. We’ll see in 2019 how this all works out. The VG “ban” is nonsensical~!

Ms. not sure why you could possibly be cynical/skeptical about Governments “getting-a-clue” LoLoLoL [sigh] Its like your Grampa telling you he’s gonna unsubscribe from AOL because he got some email from a Nigerian Prince that scared him …he’s pretty sure it was a scam.



things might be looking up… crossing my fingers and saying my prayers !