Cheapest, but yet okay wick

Hi all,

Just a short introduction and then why Im so happy…

Im a Dutch guy living in Belgium and a newbee vaper (in 3 days it is one month tops)
Bought myself a Aegis from Geekvape wth a Smok baby thingy.
Enjoyed it for like 2 days and then the taste become like …undescibable dirty…I putted in the spare coil and in 1 day its taste is also poison

So I buy my self an rdta? Geekvape ammit thingy
Enjoyed the first few hits with a coil and wick installed by the shop where I buy all.

After (now smth like 3 weeks) after reading/watching A LOT of vids/reviews/posts/etc, I did try something that was really sounding awkward, but after allmost 50 ml juice and still enjoying I can say it was a good tip!..

Since this day (first day/not a skilled vaper) I can tell you that kitchen-paper (dont know the word in english, but the BIG toilet paper roll) is working SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
I can even pump up the power from my mod withoud the hit tasting like burned molten metal in one hit…

Im sorry if this post is not really news, but for a newbe like me it was!
For ppl who dont believe me, I dont mind making a vid/pics from material and end product, but at this very moment I think I will not buy wicks anymore!!!

Long story short.

Pleasy try a wick you make with kitchen paper/roll…

It is ceapest ever, but the taste is not bad at all (I dont know many tastes yet, but with the ones I know it is okay!!)

Happy cheapass vaper greetings


Kitchen paper, paper towel, kitchen roll, … we know what you mean :wink:
I believe you that it wicks well, but I’m not convinced by your post that it is a very healthy alternative either. Some rolls have colored paper and I don’t know what chemicals they use to make it and if any of that remains in it.
I’ll happily await further research and test results before I give this a go.

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I do believe you, and I would love to see some pics of how you are doing this.

Wouldn’t consider it the cheapest way unless you are getting the off brand paper towels that are super thin and not very absorbent. A bag of 400 cotton balls from Walmart are $2.09


Oh, and welcome to ELR of course :slight_smile:
There’s a special thread for introductions.


thx for the hint to the introduction section Suomynona, but since Im so new I just wait a bit to see how this forum works :smiley: maybe when I figure out how all works I will :japanese_goblin:
And another thx for clearing out some words in english :+1:

Talking about health, you got me on this one, I have no idea how to test this… I enjoy for like … dunnow…4 hours this, and still feeling healthy.
I took just a bit from the paper that I used to clean my mod and muffled it into the coil… enjoyed (still) and get more enthousiastic by the minut :wink:

Thx for your reply too,
I dont know prices in other countrys, but here a roll of kitchen paper is like … 13 euros for 24 ROLLS…wich is like GOOGLE rewicks (google as a number and not as advertisment for searchengine), so hopefully you understand that here it is like nothing…
If you want, I will show you everything from start till (the wick) dies, but it will be a LONG movie :smiley:
Ill make something as soon as I know some of the features here (share pics/movies/follow/etc)

To all, how can I get notifications (mail/whatever) if someone reply to this threat?

You should see a notice up in the upper right hand corner of your screen If you’re on a regular computer, anyways. If you’re on a mobile device, I’ve no idea.

As to your wicking material, I’d be interested in seeing pictures of this as well. I bought a bag of Labo Puffs cotton pads from Amazon about 2 years ago, and still have about 1/3 of it left. I paid $8 USD and have wicked more coils than I can count with it, so all in all, a very inexpensive purchase!

Welcome to ELR and to the wonderful world of rebuildable atomizers-Cheers!


Hi paingawd,
I tried to make 2 vids since my start post, but since Im not so good on cam and especially my bad english, I will give it a new try tommorrow!
I will rehearse a little bit so no one have to wait while Im thinking how to say the next sentance :smiley:

For now Im happy I have a few people thjat want to believe me…
Dont know if the taste from paper thing is the same as expecive wicking cotton, but for newbe me…it is…


The general paper towel contains peroxide/bleach and a lot of other nasties, that I wouldn’t suggest inhaling. I’m sure it works great, as a wick, but not as a vape wick.

It’s definitely absorbent, but I would buy cotton balls before using a towel. Just my 2 cents and by no means forcing my opinion on you, carry on :wink:


Ohw… thx for your reaction too DarthVapor!

I wasn’t aware of the bleach/peroxide thingy, Im glad you pointed out/a some cons!

When I try to watch the link you provide, I only see a blue screen but withoud content?

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Probably only available in the US, you can try either a VPN or just use google to find other sources.

You know, there are some pretty good guides available on this site that will help you with the recipes part, the forums and some general know-how about vaping and mixing your liquids, as well as some resources where you can buy your stuff, even with discount codes.
Check out
to start with. In the beginners section, there are some very useful posts pinned at the top that I definitely recommend going through.

Your English is more than good enough to explain yourself and the more you hang out here, the better you’ll get. Should things get too difficult, I speak Dutch, @Duchesst speaks Dutch, @Josephine_van_Rijn speaks Dutch and probably a couple other people too. If English gets too difficult, you can always just send a PM and ask away but I’m sure you’re gonna do just fine.

A lot of people here started with DIY to save costs. Buying everything premade in a store can become an expensive hobby… but really, don’t start to try saving money on wicks. It’s one of the cheapest parts about vaping and it can make or break your whole vaping experience.
Japanese organic cotton (Puffs, Muji, Koh Gen Do, …) is dirt cheap and will last you a long time. Rayon/Viscose is dirt cheap. Hemp is dirt cheap. There are people who prefer any of these 3 above all the cotton bacon, kendo, native wicks and other more expensive brand names and they’re known for excellent flavor and being safe materials to wick.
I know not all these things are the easiest to find, but if you can’t find something, just ask and this great community will help you out.


Hmm… factory made coil heads. I know a lot of people use them …& enjoy using them without issue, but personally, I dont like them. I cant criticize Smok coils specifically because I’ve never used them, but in general I believe you are at the mercy of the factory that made them- numerous times, before I started building my own, I’ve bought a pack of 5 replacement coil heads & 2 maybe 3 have been no good - once I bought 3 packs & 12 of the 15 were bad! I have also experienced strong metalic taste using these things. I was told “kanthol (the type of metal generally used in these coil heads) can do that” - taste metalic sometimes.
Perhaps this is the “poison” you are/were tasting? I cant verify this because I’ve never built a coil using Kanthol - I went straight to SS and titanium because they’re both inert & wont flavor your juice (but, read up about titanium before you use it - theres stuff you need to know!!). SS is my favorite these days because its easier to maintain & the flavor is always excellent. Also, if or when you start building your own coils, be sure to clean the wire, what ever sort it is, before you wrap it- wire factories are filthy places (probably just like paper towel factories! lol!). I use vodka - I pull the length of wire I’m about to wrap through a vodka soaked tissue several times - does the trick for me, but others might have a better idea.
@anon28032772 has given you some good tips on wicking material. Be aware though, that some cottons (not sure about rayon or hemp) have what is called a ‘break-in period’, meaning the flavor of your juice might taste a bit ‘off’ or ‘funky’ for the first few pulls. This is totally normal & will quickly pass. I only say this so that when you take your first pull, having spent the the last how-ever long dreaming of, & rightfully expecting beautiful, clean, wonderful flavor, & instead you get ‘the funk’. Dont worry, its not that bad… Your beautiful, clean, wonderful flavor will be along in about 6 pulls. Its different for everyone, but I’ve had the best experience using Koh Gen Do - no break-in funk for me using that. However, I’m presently using Kendo Gold - definitely a break-in on that.
Good luck @vinTage, I’m certain happy vapes are on their way to you! …& welcome!!


@vintage, The Puffs are on sale for the next few hours for $7.42 (normally $9 something) for a big bag of 200 pieces – this single bag will last hard core users over 2 years – and it has free shipping (to the US), I don’t know if they will ship free to your country.

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The cheapest and most clean and absorbent wick in my opinion is 100./. Rayon! I do like cotton as well but it does put of a weird taste imo at times. Even the high quality vape cotton! This should last you the rest of your life lol jk!


Organic cotton:

Just look around a bit and I’m sure you’ll find plenty sources for organic cotton. You can usually find these in the hygienic or make-up sections of department stores as well.

Rayon/Viscose is a bit trickier to find because it’s usually known under different names


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@anon28032772, thanks for pointing out some usefull pages on this website, I did see these already, I was going trough them before I dare to post on the forum :smiley:
The guides are mostly about the liquids, but my post isn’t so thats why I posted it.

@vonTrueso, thanks for your reply too.
I can’t say that the factory coils are bad since I don’t have a lot of experience.
Since I bought the RTA I also have to put minimum one new wicks every day, beqause the coil is dirty from burnt liquid and the cotton is completely gone IN the coil.
I bought also a vaper (eleaf pico 25) for my wife the same day as I bought mine, and she’s only on her 2nd coil, but she dont smoke as much as I do. She’s busy with het 40th ml since one month while I am in 300 allready…
Also thanks for the tips about coiling, I don’t coil myself yet, but I prolly will do!

DaveDave, GalacticResidue and Suomynona, thanks for the links and tips about (other) wicking material.
I do know cotton isn’t that expensive, although I payed 6.75 euro for Wicker Beast Cotton by Vapeology.
The box is not even half empty yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I must tell you people that I am a really adicted smoker the last 35 years.
I bought this vaper since one month and my bad habit dropped from almost one package “Zware van Nelle” a day to one package in 3 to 4 days, so that maybe explains the more than 300 ml in one month…
I am still in discovery fase about vaping, but in the the DIY part I was interested in one second :stuck_out_tongue:
I did buy some aromas and base and nicotine and Im almost out of my shizzle I brewed.
Everything I made was not so good from taste, but it was not really disquisting.
You all know about steeping time etc, but since Im so new, I didn’t have time to steep.
So basicly I do shakeNvape and this is where the cheap kitchen paper is become in handy also… you can test your shakenNvape thingy without wicking with (expensive) cotton and it is also more easy with paper.
Okay, I will not go in argument about the materials what you may or not may inhale with paper, I dont know whats inside.

I will stick to cotton beqause it is probably cleaner, but I must say that the paper also is working really well :smiley:

Now Im gonna re-wick my coil and hopefully I get my payment today so I can go buy a sh*tload aromas to make some of the recepies from this website :wink:

Happy vaping and a nice weekend to yall!!!



I see now my glass tube has a little crack… that wasn’t there before afaik…

Maybe beqause of the cheap wick material??

The two things I don’t like about rayon is that it out gasses arsenic and formaldehyde.

You have any references to these claims?


It’s used to be my job. You can look up out gassing of rayon. It’s why you have to wear a respirator while working with it and why you sometimes find that when running a dryer full of clothes with high rayon content you can have trouble breathing. The formaldehyde content depends on how the wood pulp was processed. Rayon is a polymer and all polymers out gas some pretty nasty stuff.


Save me the trouble of looking it up and link me bro.

And I mean the final product that hits the shelves at Sally’s.