Chefs obscure flavours

A recent prompt from @Dardy had me revisit chefs site again and I can feel another (un)necessary order coming on.
In the name of science you understand.

I appreciate this is a question that people who don’t live in Australia probably can’t offer opinions on but can anybody suggest any concentrate flavours that are unavailable to purchase within Australia that can be bought from chefs please?
I also note that tastes are subjective but just a general consensus on decent flavours worth trying would be appreciated very much.

Within Australia we have the more popular manufacturers such as FA,Cap,FW with a few of the others and of course VTA but some are only available in 30ml bottles to try.
I do want to buy some OOO as I don’t think they’re available here. Particularly their strawberry jam.
I’ve started compiling a hit list but have already reached 40 and I’m not even half way through looking yet.

Probably a silly question to ask and I nearly didn’t but I thought what the hell just put it out there!
We’re all friends on this forum.


I cant speak for Austaralia …These guys I would never doubt @woftam @marsh8 @lukeloop


Sorry took the lazy way not crossed out = not anywhere I know of in Au


I would say the smart way, Of course nothing for me add!


Absinthe (DV), Sherbert Lemon (DV), Tobacco Bastard No.33 (Flavourmonks) and then grab a stack of the new Chef’s to try.


Here are some:

FE – Lemon, Sweet Rice
SSA – Nectarine, Cola, Baked Orange, but i could mention 10 more worth to buy. Very cheap.
OOO – SB Jam, Marshmallow Vanilla, Pie Crust, Vanilla Custard Cheesecake, Cream Milky Undertone
M&P – Calipitter Chow
Chef’s Choice – Devon Cream
Chemnovatic – Lemon Cream Wafer, Lemon,
Wrecka – Sexy Mango

If i were you (assuming you’re not buying frequently at Chefs and not in hurry) i would wait for 10-14 more days at least to get first reviews of Chefs SC new line. have no doubt some will be great (and really good price for ultras). Also if making a big order and not in hurry, i would probably wait for another larger discount, 25% or something; should come in a month or so.


Thanks very much for your reply @Mikser as that’s extremely helpful and just the sort of information I was hoping for.
I’ve never bought from chefs before and am not in any hurry so I’m happy to hold out for a discount code.
I’ll do some more research in the meantime and see what reviews I can find.

Again I very much appreciate the reply.


I agree with @Mikser here generally, wait for sales and wait for the chefs super concentrate reviews if you fancy trying something new. I tend to avoid their one shots, which seem to play loose with the concept of DAAP freedom (I care, you may not) and many of which contain sugars from their effects on my coils.

Would add Wreka (Reka) Japanese aloe to the list of reccomended flavours.

Flavour Creative is the best way to get FA for cheaper or in bulk if you need to.

When you said Chef’s obscure flavours, I could not help thinking about my last order before Brexit, containing some well unusual stuff.
Haven’t tried them yet, and they are VTA, so probably available in Oz


:point_up_2: this! Good reminder @SuperFrog Also no idea what DAAP policy FA has Down Under, but add Custard Premium and Milk to your list in case you can’t find them there.

Also, this should be mentioned - shipping costs are very reasonable at Chefs, so you don’t have to make one-time collect-them-all orders, but you can easily make couple of small orders periodically during their promotions. Shipping prices are the same as for the EU (meaning they start at 3-4 pounds and slowly rising for un-tracked packages).

And ofc, if you can’t wait for occasional promotion period, there’s always TheKitchen code available for 10% discount.


I’ve been randomly looking at some flavours and a classic example has raised its head.
Mom & Pops Calipitter Chow to be precise.

I completely ignored that flavour after seeing the picture and thinking it was some sort of mint. The name intrigued me after @Mikser mentioned it so I looked for reviews.
They all seem extremely complimentary and the flavour profile is completely different to what I deduced.

A leaf shouldn’t mean mint and I guessed it didn’t taste of caterpillar but I wouldn’t have bothered with that one for whatever reason.

I’m glad I asked now.


Right u r!


:point_up_2: Well worth to buy. Some say it’s great as a one-shot too; for me is just ok-ish solo, but i find it pretty useful as an additive. Also, i forgot to add Butter Pecan OOO to that list; that’s my favorite and most used OOO. Highly versatile, i don’t make any ice cream without it (or anything nutty or chocolate-ly, especially white or…). I can’t compare it directly to FW since it’s been a while i had that one and i never SFT’ed it (i liked that one too), but i wouldn’t go back. Just take it. :wink:


FA (Flavour Creative) Custard Premium, Milk, Corn, Butter and Whipped Cream are EU exclusives.


I’m compiling my first chefs order and am extremely tempted to try chefs choice lemon sherbet.
However I noticed that there’s warnings about it containing oil so I’m reluctant.
Normally I don’t take too much notice in all the concerns and satisfy myself by the fact that I’m not smoking and inhaling only in much smaller amounts. Perhaps I’m wrong in that but that’s my opinion.
Oils though I’m much more hesitant about.

I’m hoping not to instigate a shit fight over the wrongs of my decision and sincerely hope I don’t. In fact without wishing to sound rude or ungrateful I would ask that thoughts on diketones etc are not entered into please.

Can I ask if anyone has this flavour or indeed if opinions within this community are I should indeed steer clear of this one?



Other stuff, who cares… Oils however, I myself err on the side of caution given that it has been shown to be somewhat more detrimental.

However, I recently asked about a flavour that had “oil” in the description (elsewhere) but was shown it was not actually oil… so I have no idea mate.


Sorry I only just noticed I didn’t reply to your post.

As you would expect Vapetrain concentrates are easily available to Australians but only direct from Vapetrain to my knowledge.
Unfortunately Vapetrain made “the business” decision relatively recently in making their concentrates available in 30ml as the smallest possible.
Fine if I know I like a concentrate but not so if I’m only just trying it.
Plus incredibly I’ve noticed whilst looking over chefs site that it’s cheaper to buy from chefs anyway.

Couple these facts with another one being that their postage rates from one side of the country to the other are an absolute rip-off leads me to try a few new vapetrain concentrates after buying them from chefs.


What is the flavour (link)?


Probably a stupid thought but given Chefs are in the UK where vaping is encouraged they don’t have to try and conceal the fact that concentrates are being bought by vapers.

I appreciate they’re a business and want to make money but would have thought that if it was that bad they wouldn’t stock it.
You buy everything at your own risk I know but am I naive in thinking they wouldn’t want their vaping customers to buy something that could harm them or worse?

I have no idea how the legal system would work in the UK but if it was truly that bad aren’t they leaving themselves open to unnecessary repercussions?

Or am I being a complete numpty and just thinking about it to hard?!


Sorry I’m a computer idiot and don’t know how to link anything!

It’s Chefs Choice Lemon Sherbet, which I believe is Cupcake World rebranded.


Ahhhh, but what you need to remember is that some of these companies do not just supply to the vaping community. It may be a food flavour that they sell for baking or cooking. Warnings are usually there for a reason which is why I would be very careful in this instance.

Just looked it up and it say’s not water soluble. That makes it a no in my opinion.