Chemnovatic Flavor Notes

Im sure many of you have orderd these flavors …I just got mine today . Is anyone interested in a particular flavor ?? I have a limited number of bottles to test with right now so if anyone wants me to test certain flaves first I will do that until i get new bottles…Let me know

Flavor List

Donut @3pct tested on Rebirth and Wasp
Definetely a donut , the only thing confusing me is the spice note its not cinnamon ( at least thats not what Im tasting ) there is some kind of spice note though , its not a bad note and can be covered up . Most important thing is at this pct im not tasting any Play Doh off notes . There is a also a subtle fried note one would expect in a donut concentrate . Over all this should be useful for most mixers . I will end up using this flavor . Do you need to run out and buy it ? I dont think so …The only reason i would suggest you buy this is if you dont like any of the other Donut concentrates …

Strawberry Soft Candy @3pct tested on wasp and rebirth.
Strawberry Soft Candy smells great in the bottle . Mixed at 3pct the word Soft identifies this flavor perfect , There is a strawberry note and light mouthfeel , fairly sweet flavor …This may be a bit unfair since i rarely get that chewy feel that others identify in Starburst type recipes unless its mixed with a marshmallow , Vanilla Swirl or something that enhances that feel…I wouldnt buy this again for any reason…With all of the great Strwberry flaves we have this one would only take up space

Grape tested @3pct with a wasp rda…
Surprisingly a promising flavor . This is no doubt a purple grape candy like flavor . The flavor reminds me of a Grape one would use in a Purple Kool Aid , Purple Laffy Taffy , Grape Bubble gum …I think for anyone wanting any of the above grape Vapes this flavor would work well it has that purple candy on top and that sweet and sour tart you get from grape candies like laffy taffy througout the vape …A mixer would have to obviously build the candy profile but at the right pct in a mix this Grape would work …


Passion fruit

Pitaya ( dragon fruit)

Lemon Cream Wafer @3pct tested on wasp rda…
This flavor has very subtle notes like a real Cream Wafer …The lemon is soft but noticable , cream is there and gives this flavor a descent mouthfeel , there is a bakery note not like biscuit or cookie but a very light AP taste not in a bad way though…This flavor is true to its name , like the Real Wafer deserts all aspects of the flavor are light . I do wonder if 3pct is too low so ill bump this to 5pct . Very sweet imo there is also a buttery note at the right pct this may be a more complex flavor than I am experiencing

Watermelon @3pct tested on rebirth rda …
No rind …That may be the best thing about this flavor , i may have the percentage wrong but even if I do I can’t imagine taking it up is going to improve it much and if it does is using an ok flavor at 5pct worth 2.99$ for 10ml ??? My answer is NO …Overall this is mediocre attempt at a Watermelon Candy maybe a Diet Jolly Rancher ???


Vanilla Pudding mixed @3pct tested with a wasp rda…
For me Custards , Creams , Puddings etc are always hard to SFT they usually dont have that one distinct note like a strawberry or rootbeer … Usually with Creams , Puddings etc we look for Mouthfeel , Vanilla , Butter notes things like these …So for a Vanilla Pudding im looking for a thick smooth mouth feel which this concentrate has , and a Vanilla note which this also has …Puddings are no doubt different than Custards or Sweet Creams they have a very different taste thats hard for me to explain …This Vanilla Pudding reminds me of the Pudding you get in the snack packs that we all might have found tucked away in our lunch bags …Its checks all the marks that one would try to find in a Vanilla Pudding concentrate . The big Question is do we need more than 1 ??? It might be time to do a side by side FLV vs Chemnovatic ???



donut, cookie and vanilla pudding please


All of them? :crazy_face: What % are you using to test? Just got mine in today so a helpful starting point would be, well… helpful


Yes sir NP …i just found some 15ml glass viles I found out dollar store the other week so ill be testing all of them …Ill make sure those ones are tasted first

4 for a 1$ …they are glass so i could use for testing the cap is cheap but they dont leak …desparate times lol


Im thinking 3pct for the first round …I usually like to do a 1 , 3 and 5 pct test on most flaves unless they are known to be Super Concentrates or Extracts…With the limited bottles i have right now im just gonna go with a 3pct across the board and when my order gets here from River Supply ( 15ml bottles ) ill do some more testing based on what thw 3pct tells me


It has to be the Lemon Cream Wafer. The lemon too. Thanks.


Thanks, I’m also thinking of testing at different % as well. I’m excited to try them all out


What I would be interested to learn is the similarities, if any, with another Polish flavor company…INW. Or, for example, how does Chemnovatic’s Cookie flavor compare to INW Biscuit?

I would also be interested in your opinion as to any similarities between Chemnovatic’s flavors advertising and those of…
IW_Flavours_Banner copy

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Hehe @fidalgo_vapes, I’m going with @Gsnap on this one.



They have all been mixed @3pct …i will test tmrw and will make adjustments to pct based on where they stand at 3pct


Hi how did you get these chemnivatic flavours when i tried they ask if i was a business as im not they told me that they couldn’t help me


@Englishguy, I think @fidalgo_vapes pulled some strings over at Bull City Flavors !!!


You really should. So many flavors behave differently at different percentage levels.

But like the rest of DIY, it all depends on your goals. :wink:


He answered that in the thread that led to the creation of this one. :wink:

(spelling corrections by myself)


Thanks for testing. I hope there will be a sale over the holiday weekend at bcf. I got my list ready.


Then i hope for u guys, the SB-800 soon will come in stock, so u have a possibility for trying this out.

I like it a lot :+1:t2:


I promised not to release this kind of info …lol JK they were released to the public , BCF has them and Probbaly chefs will as well there are only 11


Definitely the strawberries, but all reviews are welcome! Was wondering about these flavors so thank you for taking the time to do them. :yum:


I was wondering that also. I don’t always read (or sometimes miss) a particular thread. And this one had origins in a different sub-category.


I see there are already different listings on the recipe side for these flavors …I entered the Name ( Chemnovatic) but see two or three other listings :angry::angry: