Chemovatic and Molinberry do Propanediol (PDO) Nicotine Bases but for Business Customers only

Why Molinberry won’t sell it to regular customers no idea, perhaps we can’t be trusted with it?

Chemovatic manufacture it in several strengths from 0-100mg and 100ml to 5 litres quantities

Molinberry sell the finished manufacturers product in the same strengths and quantites but it appears to their business customers only. Hopefully this may change as they are easy to order from from Europe


I wonder if DuPont-Tate&Lyle include a heavy-handed retail exclusion in the sales contracts?


Good find!
I have a friend who is very allergic to PG (she gets an irritation/swelling under her tongue).
She is currently using 100% VG but gets self-conscious of the massive clouds & would like a more discreet set-up.
was considering importing the liquid labs stuff for her, but that would work out very pricey.

would like to see more reports from people who are PG allergic as to wether this is less allergenic,

or completely symptom-free.

Anyone seen any U.K. suppliers yet?

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According to DuPont-T&L, it’s much less allergenic:

From what I’ve found, PDO is prohibitively expensive in small quantities, eg.

Before jumping, I’d recommend skimming through the unhelpfully-long Liquid Labs thread to spot @MysticRose’s mixing reports, in particular:

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The Chemovatic registration confirmation email includes:

“Please be aware that we only trade with business customers - you will not be able to see your prices or order anything until your account is verified and accepted by our B2B trade department.”

Last year several US mixers on Reddit successfully deceived DuPont into sending them free 1ltr samples of PDO. At least one who didn’t fool them received the following rejection email:

“Dear Valued Customer:
Subject: 1,3 propanediol not allowed into e-cigarettes or vapor applications
DuPont Tate & Lyle does not allow the sale of 1,3-propanediol into the e-cigarettes or vapor application markets. For each new application where 1,3-propanediol may be used, DuPont Tate & Lyle conducts a product stewardship review to evaluate safety and risk factors. Due to a lack of studies on the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes and/or vapor applications, as well as the uncertain regulatory status, sampling or commercial sale for these applications is not permitted.
Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.
Thank you for your understanding”

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Interesting that Chemovatic appears to circumvent Dupont’s stipulation,
I wonder If Dupont has softened it’s stance on this market.
Or the fact it is a step or two removed from them gives them a degree of plausible deniability?

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Or maybe they’ve been able to negotiate a partial relaxation of DuPont’s conditions as long as they don’t supply end-users?

I’m not sure how the EU would view Du Pont’s blanket ban either…

I think that nic is used in pesticides too.

That’s rich…coming from DuPont. :rage: PDO might be the safest product they produce and mass market. But, who knows the human and environmental impact of this product? DuPonts not going to tell you, that’s for sure.

Interesting (and sad) read:


Thanks for the share @Kinnikinnick , very sad to see how far a company will go for a profit.The worst part IMO is the only reason they got caught is because the company sent in the damaging evidence themselves by accident.


Yes that would explain it.

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Has anyone looked into the Valeo BioNic product from a German company?