Cherry Troubles

Several mentions of combining a seemingly unrelated flavors to Cherries (or other fruits) to enhance them. Can you offer more specifics about this? IE, what actual brand/flavor and at what percentage is the enhancer added?

Is there a rule of thumb for a starting point when trying to enhance a flavor like Cherry? Like, a main flavor / enhancer ratio, for example?
@Walt_RealFlavors adds Blueberry to their Wild Cherry.
@fidalgo_vapes adds Dragonfruit to Strawberry (if I have the abbrev.s right)
@TheFlavorSeeker adds Coconut to Cherry.
@mixologist13 adds EM to Maraschino (TPA) at a 1:1 ratio, but I suspect that the ratio would be quite different if we were using a cherry at say, 4%, instead of 0.5%.
@therabidweasel adds to ‘difficult fruits’ some Quince (TPA), Cactus (INW), or Cherimoya YC (INW)(whatever That is… haha).
Think I read in another thread that 0.9% Saline Solution (wound wash) serves this purpose as well, at about 1 drop/10ml (I think).

Also, @Amy2 mentioned the importance of steep time with Rainier Cherry (FLV). Is this a general concern with Cherries in y’alls experience; that they need ample steep time? And what would you consider as a minimum.



Cherries by Inawera at 3% tasted to me like Hostess cherry pie filling. Not a true fruity flavor but definitely a cherry flavor and pleasant. TPA Black Cherry is still one of my son’s favorites @ 5%. I think it’s like Jello, kind of artificial but not too bad. I like it @4% with a little koolada but again, this is candy-ish and artificial.

I just got Cherry extract from RF last week and tried a little at 1.5% the other day. I’ve had melons and strawberries with this coil so it might be tainted but so far I can attest that it is a really nice flavor. Not medicinal, chemical or artificial; it’s definitely bright, sweet and fruity but in a blind taste test I’m not sure I would guess it’s cherry. I’m gonna let it steep and try it on a new coil before I could advise if it does or doesn’t taste like a true fresh cherry.

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Myself personally it is just a few drops. This is what takes DIY to that new level. You see a lot of times on packages, WONF, which means with other natural flavors.

My advice, go to the store and find a cherry juice you like to drink, then read the label. 9/10 you will see other fruit juices from Apple, grape, blueberry or hell once I saw cucumber o.O

Then use that as a guide and make your own :slight_smile:


your abbv are right , DF tpa is the one i use at a low percent .5 to 1 pct for me i use it at .5 pct along with a combo of SB my fave SB being Red touch FA i like to combine this with caps sweet strawberry and strawberry MF

Red Touch SB FA 3.5 pct
sweet straw cap 3pct
strawberry mf 2 pct
Dragon fruit tpa .5

obviously this is for a stronger strawberry vape i like to mix these with @Alisa custard stone at 3pct or so along with FA MM its pretty yummy i play with the pcts of all kinds of strawberries the addition of dragon fruit gives it a more authentic SB taste IMO strawberry is the most popular fruit in vape , dont be scared to use The MF SB at higher pcts its actually not as strong as i thought it would be considering the MF line is potent


A common sense approach! Who knows how long I would have crawled around in these weeds before thinking of it myself. hahaha


If 14 years of going… hum I wonder what would happen if I did this… has led to anything, it is many small tricks.

One I have not mastered is typing on my cellphone with fat fingers at 218am! Sorry for any poor typing.


Yeah, we love the strawberry around here, too, at least in our limited experience. On our third bottle of Strawberry Fog.
Thanks for your insights :]

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Oh, the knowledge that you and so many others have here, and the ease at which you are able to share it, far outweighs any typographical slights.


I suggested 0.5% EM as a potential mask or toner for the redheaded stepchild that is TFA marachino cherry lol. This is an untested theory but if i were to actually build a recipe a maraschino recipe i would include other cherry flavors as well. The EM would stay 0.5% or less in order to prevent flavor from muting entirely. I recently got my hands on NV maraschino cherry and testing at 2% it shows promise. Test results will be on the NicVape thread i started soon

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i use coconut as a flavor enhancer between 0.5% and 2% depending on how strong the base mix that needs to be “fixed” is - example, if it’s a tropical mix (that has Passion Fruit, Peach, Pineapple, strong Honeydew…etc i would go up) - for creamy mixes and weaker fruits (Strawberry…i would use 0.5 or 2 drops per 10ml)
i found this by trial and error, then reading dome flavor notes and reddit posts, i found others do this too

i have coconut from HiLIQ - it is a strong flavor - but i think you can use other brands same way

recently is started using Lemon the same way - but Lemon sort of “transforms” the flavor in a different way (think of how when you’re eating something of a strong taste and you add lemon to it to mellow it) - i have Lemon II from TPA

hope this helps,


Lemon in a Cherry thread! The two hardest flavors in the world? You’re sick, lol. Hehe, so lemon II tpa. . .does that also taste like lemon pledge sprayed on a glass of country tyme lemonade?

You know, some flavors are better eaten than vaped. I just started to think that whatever they use in the candy “cherryheads” would make a good vape, but on second thought, I think it would be just as bad as all the other cherries. So far Cherries INW is the best I have found and that aint saying much.

You may also check out Medicine Flower cherry. . .I hate to even suggest using them because I think they are lying sacks of dog crap, were proved as such beyond all manner of doubt, and gave us all the middle finger in response. My response is that they can go straight to hell and sell to whomever doesn’t care/know they’re getting boofed. . .and a big thanks to @bluenose63 for letting us all know of their BS. So use them at your own risk, go ahead and bend over if you do, and buy from ECX because at least you will get the amount stated.


i never tasted pledge. wife uses a different brand that i adore :joy:

What MF story? seems i missed something big here… link?

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I am curious about this, from a scientific or mechanical perspective. Can anyone suggest a good read on the topic?

For a finished e-liquid:
the aroma in the bottle -does not equal-
the flavor of a drop on the tongue -does not equal-
the aroma of the un-inhaled vapor from the coil -does not equal-
the flavor of the vapor on inhale -does not equal-
the flavor of the vapor on exhale -does not equal-
the aroma of the exhaled vapor cloud.


ive tried to explain that to people who suggest what i should make then they give me their thoughts after never mixing lol ooops sorry im talking about your statement " some rhings are better eaten than vaped " that statement is as accurate as taste is subjective


I think that is a great topic of conversation or line of thought. However my statement was not meant to apply to any one but me, I always screw such things up when I bang out a comment. That’s my opinion (hopefully obviously). But this is a great reply nevertheless.

If you look up cupping coffee or are already familiar with it, I think a similar sort of process could be developed for e-liquid. That said (as a roaster of coffee for ten years) I think cupping is lame and inaccurate. But for vape, I think you have a lot more control and consistency in the ingredients and how they are processed. . .one of the reviewers of juice should consider developing such a method to address your questions IMO. Great reply. . . .although atty, build, and quality of the mod also affect flavor IME.


I think most ppl are using an additional note in them bc most cherries are not very pleasant on their own as a stand alone. It really is up to you and what your tastes are. If you like oranges ( just an example) then try adding some oranges in at a lower % and blend from there add a another fruit for multi dimensional effect.

I liked someone said they liked to use Quince w/ their cherry mix. This is a great example Quince is kinda a disguising flavor when it’s paired with Apples is takes on more of an Apple then when it’s paired Pears it takes on more of a pear taste and on it’s own it’s gives the generic fruitiness however quince are known to taste like an apple/pear. Take away point from this ramble is this is a great background flavor in so many juices. I like it w/ Brown sugar and cinnamon.

Try making some smaller batches w/ 3-4 flavors 1 of the flavors being cherry and see which one you like best. This way you can build onto the recipe I wouldn’t go too high as far as %s go just try to get a feel for what flavors you like best w/ cherries.

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IMHO Cherry Crush was right up there with the Maraschino cherry for nastiness. I just couldn’t make it work at all


Totally fine, I am betting when I venture further into cherry I will find something that makes Cherry Crush taste like a joke.

Still need to try INW Cherries and MF Black, Morello, and White cherry.

I have MF White Cherry, but have yet to mix it into anything.

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I think I have some Flavorah Rainier cherry coming from somebody that had a sample and didn’t use it or didn’t care for it.

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