Chocolate Note Worthy Recipe

I came across this recipe and found it to be the cure for the perfect chocolate I’ve been needing for my recipes. I’m made a Swiss Bliss base and it’s just what I’ve been needing. Take a look and let me know what you think.

HIC’s Swiss Bliss


I made that one a while ago and it is fantastic!

I’m a huge FlavourArt fan so I’ve made most of HIC’s recipes and don’t think I have found one of them that I don’t like.

His Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookies is also another great chocolate mix. I compared the real cookie side by side with the juice and it tastes exactly like the thin mints


Thanks @Shaner… I have the stuff to make it… I’ll give it a shot.

It’s on ELR: :smile:

Along with a lot of others :smile:


Why haven’t I seen this before!? lol Thank you for posting. I have to get some FA Chocolate
so I can go to town on this one!

Remember to rate the recipes you try ;D hehe

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Love the FA cocoa and chocolate! Awesome stuff!

I’m hoping the Sovereign flavoring for the brownie batter is winner; did a small 2ml taste batch last night and was suitably impressed.

*Stuck the word Chocolate on the front end of this thread to attract all the chocolate lovers! ; )


I just got cocoa FA I wanted a better bitter chocolate. I really haven’t mixed a lot with it yet. How’s their chocolate ( FA ) in comparison ?

Oh I just read up on it. Sounds like it could be a nice start to a creme de cocoa the two of them with maybe a small shot of FA brandy ?

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It’s very smooth and tasty. Goes great with fruit, tobacco and coffee! It’s not a real stand out chocolate, but more a pleasant back note kinda thing. The punchy stuff is the cocoa. Yep…love that as well; not super bitter chocolate, but very deep.

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Thank you. I am going to work a little more with the cocoa. But I probably will get the chocolate FA eventually.

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Most of my recipes have tobacco in the mix, but those recipes are public, so anybody can see the usage of the two flavors. Usually around 1 to 2 % is the max.

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Hmm I think you and I have talked about this one not too long ago. Maybe I’ll pick up this one too. I don’t want a sweet chocolate that’s for sure. Glad it’s semi but 5% seems like a lot I suppose that’s for stand alone I’d be probably mixing it with almonds or cherries or something of those sorts. Maybe an orange cream.

I think collectively ( from different vendors ) I have around 6 different types of chocolates so to have a solid proper one would be nice. They either have a brownie or a fudge hazelnut or another type of chocolate paired with them. Oh and now I have the cocoa. I think I like chocolate.

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I’ve been mixing this @ 1-2% as a background flavor and I know it’s there in my mixes. I’m really surprised to hear 5% standalone is high… TPA, FW and Cap are in the teens on a lot of flavors.

I expected the flavor range to be on the lines of FA I suppose. 5% for a strong concentrated chocolate would be high. Yes TFA/CAP that wouldn’t cut it I agree.

But then again 2 months ago when I was vaping 18-20% flavor I wouldn’t of believed 5% standalone either. Whenever I became sensitive to pg over the past month I can’t tolerate a high % and thankfully I can taste my mixes even at 6% VG Max on a tank. So guess it really depends on the person more over than anything.


I see your point. Most INW I own is lower. So it is high for INW. I have a couple of their tobaccos that is 7-8% standalone. It would be nice if every flavor in a vendors line would be close to the same. It would take away the guess work.

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Shisha strawberry is good at 7-8% but shisha punch heck no ! I wish it were that way as well.

I love chocolaty vapes so when I saw this thread I had to read it. I have many chocolate flavors from CAP and TFA so when I read how low the amount of flavoring in HIC’s Swiss Bliss I want to try it. Sounds like I can more money using FA.

My question is about the FA Cocoa, is it an atty killer at 2% or 3% as some have said?

It does gunk your coils, and you can’t vape it as hot as other liquids - too high wattage, and it tastes weird. Other than that, use small amounts - it’s good :smile:

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Thanks for a quick answer. To be clear your saying it will gunk up my coils at 2%? I tend to vape at lower watts so the bad taste might not be an issue for me. I’m more concerned about having to replace coils too often negating the cost benefit of using less flavoring.

Dunno about 2%, I just meant that it tends to gunk your coils in general - it isn’t that bad :smile: It is tasty!

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