Christmas 2019 - Decorations

As diverse as the ELR community is, I’m sure there are those out there who go all out decorating their home for Christmas. Personally I don’t engage in it but my lovely bride always goes over the top. I sat in our living room today and marveled at how much time, love and even skill she puts into it. The fireplace is where she spent most of her focus this year, but really, just like every year, our whole house makes you think she’s the genuine Mrs Claus. Here’s what she came up with. How about you…care to share?


My neighbors did not like the decoration I had at my old house …

so now I just…


Indoors I have a tree …(Burp)


…that my pets take care of

Christmas dog

:smile: :smile: :smile:


Give me one more day lolol :stuck_out_tongue:
@Kanamit… You are my kind of neighbor!!! haha I love it!!

We are just going for a small tree, as all my kids are now over 18+… so as far as decos… the minimum… but get together and food is yet another matter. I have tried to teach mine that it isn’t what is under the tree, but who is there that matters. We all are just happy to spend time yapping away or stuffing faces… :slight_smile:


LMAO - just shot coffee out of both nostrils! That’s awesome.

So true! And that message hits home with serious impact when there are ones you wish were there who can’t be for whatever reason. Cherish the time we have with them all. This year we’re going even more minimal with the gift buying. Got more for the grandchildren than we did our kids or each other. Besides, watching the young ones on Christmas morn is the best part. Well, and maybe eating Mrs Claus’s turkey and ham!!


Very very true… :wink: Since a lot of mine are out of state, my house now looks like the packaging dept, behind closed doors lmao… About to do yet another tape run and where did the name tags go?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am expecting my brother and sil to come up, then my other brother and my other sil and then up the mountain we have maybe 25 that get together for food fun festive and of course the gifts for the kids… too much in the next 2 weeks to get done, but the fun is the best :smiley: oh and watch out for Pop’s shine… it will make you hit the floor if you sip too much :wink:


I never do anything with Christmas, I leave that to my daughter and have dinner with her :grinning:
This year I did a little something and decided to make a little theme, sort of in line with current affairs of the last year(s)

Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 17.17.19


What could be better?

JVR - I miss you! So nice to see you!!


Boy there’s more old geezers on this forum than I thought there were. :grinning: I thought I was the old man at 70. Kids, spouses and five grands coming over. Big tree, outside lights, stuff all over the house. Have a thankful, grateful and blessed Christmas!


Hey brother!!! Good to see you pop in , welcome back you have been missed , hapoy holidays


I’m a Halloween guy as far as decorations go. I don’t do a third for Christmas decorating as I do for Halloween. Just the tree, a few projectors, some lights, the requisite other sorts of Christmasey things like that. But Halloween, yeah that’s a way higher level of going all out for me.

I don’t want to scare Santa away.


Didn’t do much outside this year, but my wife loves to decorate the insides!


She must spend an awful lot of time dusting.
That’s the main reason I’m not into knickknacks :grinning:
It certainly looks pretty :+1:


Oh yeah, and it changes with every Holiday / Season, I had to build a shed with a loft just store the bins of “stuff”, guess who’s gotta lug it all in then back out again?
Big Smiles😎


I have a small tree those years the Christmas decorations have an “European” theme


Our wives are related. Maybe even twinsies. Granted, we don’t have a very big attic space, but there’s enough room for about 8 of the large plastic bins and several wine boxes, all of which are dedicated to Christmas stuff. And it recycles itself too! Every year after Christmas when the leftover decorations, lights and wrapping paper can be had super cheap, she buys that stuff by the metric ton. Then we’ll take older decorations to Goodwill or some other charity thrift store to give away. Contrast that to my dear mother who had the same decorations my entire childhood. Spoiled I tell you, wifey is spoiled rotten.


Two things.

  1. That’s effin’ awesome!!!
  2. Either your animals are VERY well trained, or you don’t have any (or you wouldn’t even have considered attempting such! LMAO)!!

I hear ya there! LOL, wifey wanted me to clear off my Vape Bar so she could decorate that too! Glad I won that battle!


Here’s all I got …


I have to admit, I take decorating the tree VERY seriously every year, me…and only me is allowed near it whilst I make my…admittedly…over dramatic creation, this year went a little like this…
“Daddy can I just put this…”
“But daddy I made it especially for…”
“What if I put it around the back so that no one…”
“NOOOO!! doesn’t go with the theme :neutral_face:

It’s tough love…but entirely necessary…only Daddy does the tree, although at times, you would be forgiven for thinking I was the mummy :pensive:


That’s me and Halloween, right there.