Cigar Concentrates and Mixes

Curious how many cigar type vapers we have out there??? Mild Black, Tuscan or Cuban for starters. I’m a big fan of FA Tuscan Reserve Ultimate…very nice smooth cigar. I’m still looking for a cuban that’s good out of the bottle without having to doctor it too much. Any suggestions?

I’m in the process of doing a bunch of extraction experiments. 2 to 1 liquid to solid ratios. Some mix of vg/pg/pga/ and some Kraken rum! So far the best was an acid blondie cigar with 50/50 pg/vg that sat in a jar with no heat for a month. Mixed it at 10% and it’s awesome!

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I haven’t gotten into doing extractions quite yet, but it sounds very promising. I hear from others that do the NET process, the flavor is superior to any store bought tobacco flavoring. The first one I want to try is some Navy Flake. I might just do that this week; been talking about it, might as well get to it!

Don’t know if you follow this group? I find it very interesting and informative.


Yes! That is my absolute favorite FB group. They are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. The NET process is really quite simple. The hard part is leaving the cold extractions alone.


Someone just requested a Cuban cigar vape, what brand should I buy, I usually make my purchases from Bull City Vapor and they carry a Cuban Supreme (FA), Cubano Type (TFA), and Tobacco Absolute Cuban Cigar (WG-INW) First hand experience help would be greatly appreciated!

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I’ve tried the TPA cubano, it’s a little harsh, but unmistakeable as a cigar flavor, no more than 3% to start. Tried the FA cigar passion, meh, used it as an addition, but definitely does not say cigar. The FA Tuscan reserve is top notch; use it a bunch as a mellow European cigar back note. I’ve been wanting to try the Inawera cigar flavors, but no one carries what I want!

Keep asking around and search other forums for reviews. Wish I had more good news.

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I’m resurrecting this thread…Bro-in-law vapes a cherry cigar he really likes and I wanted to see if I could replicate it. @Jimk or anyone else ever find a cigar flavor you really liked? I saw Bull City has a flavor called “Cherry Cigar” by Super Concentrates I might try. Anyone know if that is their own brand or a repacked version of something else?

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Being as I’m not a cherry anything vape kinda guy (too close to cough syrup for me), I can tell you the Tino d’Milano flavor line is touted as a “Flavour Arts” kind of quality flavoring. I think it’s rather cheesy for one manufacturer to “description tag” along on the coat tails of another manufacturer, however, I do have a few of their flavors and I find them very good.

Now, on the cigar topic. I have not found a really good stand alone cigar flavor as of yet. FA cigar passion and Cuban supreme are a disappointment! TPA Cubano is super strong and a bit ashy; I use it with extreme caution. I liked a good cigar now and then, but I’m not buying every stinking cigar concentrate to find the one I can stand. I found FA Tuscan reserve to be a very nice cigar flavor. I use it in one of my ADV. You might need to dig in a few forums to get some other cigar flavoring reviews. It’s probably gonna be a long hard road to find the acceptable flavoring.

Forget it then. He can keep buying premade if he really wants it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow! I get the feeling your Bro-in-law hasn’t done you any favors lately!

Haha, no I love him, he’s awesome. But he’s got a great job and is the only one who actually would use it. I’m not saying never, per say, but it’s not high on my to-do list. :wink:

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Possibly found your cherry cigar!

If this is anything like Dark or Gold for pipe, which I have and absolutely love, it could be the flavoring you’d need for your Bro-in-law. These are new flavors from Inawera. They are really more like roll your own tobacco flavors; very yummy.

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I put it on my wish list! Thanks! I trust Inawera to have pretty good flavors for the most part. I haven’t heard many bad things about them so far. All I have of theirs is tiramisu (cuz ECX was out of FA) and I like it a lot. Next flavor order is going to have more Inawera in it. :smiley: I have a secret love for pipe smoke. I really need to get some more tobacco flavors just for fun. I haven’t done anything with the 7 Leaves yet, but I need to. It sounds lovely. Oh so much to do and so little time. I think maybe I’m mixing bipolar. LOL

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This is a 7 Leaves mix I haven’t made public yet; need to make notes and put them in the comment box first. Nice hazelnut based mix. I can’t make this fast enough for my son! This is the fifth iteration and quite tasty.


Looks tasty. I’m not a huge fan of hazelnut in coffee, but I’ve found I really enjoy it in a vape. It adds a nice nuttiness without being too overpowering. I’ve started using it in a lot of stuff. I’ll have to pick up some pralines and some Maxx Blend and give this a shot. :smile:

Meh, skip the pralines and max blend; just stick another sweet flavor you might like in there like brown sugar and stick with the 7 leaves alone. The max blend just adds a bit of ryo ashy flavor to the mix. You don’t even have to use hazelnut; butterscotch would be great!

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I saved it. I’m gonna mix some up tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it turns out. :wink: How long do you recommend letting it steep with no heat/frothing/etc. involved?

Oh, I’d say, give it 2 weeks minimum. It’ll be hard to wait any longer than that with a new flavor! I usually try to ignore that mix for about 4 weeks; the wait is worth it.


Figured I could move this convo here @Rob62, since it’s about to head into the tobacco area. :grinning:

Oh, I love the cigar mixes! Most of the ones I mix and vape are mostly tobacco with more tobacco on top. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not that I was a huge cigar smoker in my earlier days, but, I have gotten mixing ideas from lots of cigar review sites. The Tatiana cigar line has some very interesting combinations that sound quite tasty!

Cherry - Smooth and mild with aroma of sweet ripe cherries.

Chocolate - Milk chocolate flavor with mild tobacco. Great with a cup of coffee!

Cinnamon - Infused with cinnamon and sweetness, a holiday favorite.
Fusion Frenzy - A fusion of sweet, natural aromatic fruit flavors. Very enjoyable!!

Groovy Blue - Berries soaked in vanilla, with acacia honey and cognac.

Honey - Combination of sweet natural honey and fine tobacco. Pleasantly aromatic.

Night Cap - Vanilla over Marcona almonds, Cafe Arabica and cocoa.

Rum - Sweet rum flavor with hints of molasses and spice, a delicious mild cigar.

Sweet Euphoria - Infusion of aromatic dried fruit with a pinch of pixie dust!

Vanilla - Blend of sweet natural vanilla and premium tobacco, the best selling flavor!!

Waking Dream - Vanilla cream, Piedmont hazelnuts and single malt whiskey.

Yummy! The Waking Dream is my next venture! :sunglasses:

Totally forgot about this thread from last year… I’ll see about slinging all of my cigar recipes here soon. :wink: