Cigreen Gear RDA - 20ga Ti Gr1

I picked up a ridiculous Gear RDA off ebay. Side adjust bottom airflow. The orings are single and very small, but it’s basically a Ginny tank made of metal. So far it hits SUPER hard. 10.5 wraps of 20ga Ti on 3.5mm with hemp wick on my supermodel Efusion duo. 133W seems sufficient. It’s a hardcore RDA, best flavor I have gotten from anything and the wick isnt even broken in. The edges are super sharp and you need a better screwdriver than it comes with, but otherwise I’m quite pleased. Here’s some pics. Vaping 3mg on this hits harder than 6mg on any other dripper I’ve tried. It’s a 25mm beast.


How deep is the juice well? I picked up a troll v2 the other day and i couldn’t believe the juice well…something like 8mm…


Love the looks on the outside and the deck inside . I would like to see a detailed pic of the deck and airflow next time you rebuild if you get a chance.It reminds me of the Bo’Sun that I enjoy greatly.


Rough guess is like 10mm…you do not count drops on this, your pour for so many seconds. It consumes an astounding quantity.

Boyhowdy, I’msorry about that, there are picCSon ebay and one youtube review. In a hurry or would link. This is a hogout of 25mm 304SS roundstock, it is heavy. Anyway, the chimneys the feed the coils are thin wall machined directly into the deck. I don’ see how it sells for <$40 shipped. I mean yeah, they should definitely media blast and polish to get rid of the very sharp edges, but iit’sreally impressive.

it looks from my pics that iI’mone wrap ooff oncoils maybe. In any event, it really seperate the flavors in even 4 month old juice. @Ken_O_Where’s strawnana custard…it brings the vanilla way forward and seperate and intensifies the banana.

it’s too early for me to endorse this, but so far I really like how it vapes, I do not like how hard the nic hits, the edges, or the destruction it wreaks on an 18650, but it’s a pretty different vape than anything I’ve tried. 11.5 wraps of 18ga on 3.5mm doesn’t fit either, lol. I tried hard, but this stuff is like winding a coathanger and I use soft Ti. The unkamen stuff may not be doable at 20ga. I have no experience, but Iget the feeling my stuff is much softer.


Oh, Ihave a troll v2 on the way, supposed to be 2 day shipping, think they meant weeks. I’lllet you know, maybe do a side by side.

Oh, the gear will get an Efusion quite warm. They are big hunk of aluminum. One thing it could use is the bottom insulator off the alliance. It seems to throw the mod thermal controll ,off by 30 degrees or so.


Oh, finally, this ohms out cold an a DNA at 0.09. Sorry to leave that out. Can’t edit twice on a phone for some reason.


Lol, this reminded me to check Saturdays mail. Yes, it’s about 2mm deeper than the troll and obviously larger in diameter. The air ports do eat up a significant amount of that volume though, so prolly about the same capacity.

it’s definitely a lot nicer than the troll. This thing is CNCd like crazy. It was much easier to disassemble, but I really wonder about the single tiny orings and the sharp edges. But, the orings don’tseal anything but the air path . I gave up on the troll drip tip adapter. One other nice thing about it, is it ddoesn’tand cannot spit out the air holes. IIt’s he cleanest atty in terms of use that I’ve used.


10mm on the Troll V2 according to the site. Freaking love that RDA and it sucks because i just started getting into tanks as they have come so far AND my most powerful mod is 75w for like 3 pulls. I want a couple more Troll V2 but i need to figure out a way to do some upgrading on the cheap before i do so.

The Troll V2 made me fall in love with RDAs again… This was actually the RDA that i was trying to show TRW in chat, I used the bot to search Google for the TV2 and the result it returned was a link to a review for this one. Damn fine looking RDA, if i can get something a little more powerful im going to grab one too.

Bigger wire holes in 2.7mm for bigger coil
Deeper deck in 10mm for hold more juice
Two different AFC options for better flavor or better cloud
AFC adjustable in chuff cap set
Just much more better
Hehe, i love reading these Chinese websites…


Links to where to buy would be good brother! :wink:

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Grab one of these Troll V2s to. Fantabulous side airflow RDA. With a dual 24g 316L 3.5mm build and the horizontal airflow im getting some great flavor. And they are inexpensive.

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I have tried the Troll. It was good, but my Alliance is still the King. And yet to be skewered, poisoned, or made to commit suicide.

Oh, @therabidweasel - Did you mean to put this in the hardware review forum?

Yeah, sorry about thew wrong forum. It would appear that they are labeled incorrectly on the phone interface. Just like when I go into my profile, the buttons are all off by one place. Every single post I have made has been in the wrong dang section. This is a rare post from a computer. Luckily, I now have the super powers to change the topic!

OK, more words on this thing. First, it’s extremely open and you can cough through the thing WFO. However, when you put the coils 2mm off the airvents. it gets much tighter. Like a regular big RDA like the Alliance. I vaped it on the way to work and killed two used 18650s in 45 minutes. The flavor is really nuts. I monitored it in escribe and basically I can pull all 200W out of a LiPo Efusion for about 5 seconds. . .but its like a lung bazooka. (fire for 5s and inhale for about 3 more, this thing don’t stop quick). That’s 200W pulling TC. Average lung hits are 100W, so that is why the nick is hitting so hard. I’m hitting nearly 3x as much vapor. That said, this mod is my oldest DNA and the connector is preventing me from monitoring the temperature of the thing. Ive tried three cables and the connector is just shut. Good thing that not how you charge it, wait, doh! I’m gonna need a new connector soon. The build resistance changes as expected. . .let me see if I can log that.

So I love this RDA, it is insane and vapes mean. Really mean. But I HATE it. The design is near genius. But it must have been a moron that decided on the screws. Like a grade a, dumber-than-stump, not even the sharpest spoon in the drawer, moron. First and worst, they are coarse thread. I literally have to retighten every two or three pulls. I will drill and tap them large asap. I should ask for a refund, but I like the stupid thing. Second, they are Phillips head, so not only do you get to destroy a screwdriver, you get to do it often. I tried sticking in some 30ga just to fill the post chasms and it is working on some, so I might be able to repeat, but I would not buy this again just because of the idiot screws.

Flavor though. . .until now, Alliance if you include ease of use, Mutation xs if you don’t. . .this thing has about 3x the flavor of those two RDAs, which are roughly equivalent to me on flavor.

LV, this wasn’t meant to be a review and I did not want to recommend a seller in case these came up as crap. The screws are crap. If YOU don’t mind drilling and retapping, don’t hesitate, I bought on eBay,

One thing I have not mentioned is that this is labeled as a sample, so its the very first run. The seller is presumably legit, prolly just a dude importing directly. And they are rough like a sample with sharp edges, etc. . .so maybe they will match their enormous post holes with some decent screws by the time it comes out “for real?”

Here’s the only review that I saw when I looked originally, it was pretty good. No time for the others up.

YMMV all, enjoy


OK, well, I tried to monitor live ohms. . .it worked, doubled up to 0.18 on a big 200W pull, ill look tat up in steam engine for this build later, I am up way too late. But this is funny and crazy. In doing this one of the coils popped out of the legs and I got a spike of heat. . .kinda burned my lips. I look down and that huge driptip looks like a zippo lighter. I literally blew out the fire. Man, I think I am ready for my own retarded youtube channel. Nothing was damaged in the slightest, didn’t even burn my wick actually.

Bottom line, the screws on this atomizer are just plain unsafe. Do not buy it until you know it is fixed or can fix yourself, and then do buy it. . .if you are just a little crazy and don’t mind the occasional RDA fire. DO I even need to say by now that I do not recommend using anything but hemp or rayon maybe on this? Don’t wick it with crap, it sucks juice. This build is just wacky.

This is not super interesting and I believe the build was probably headed south pretty quickly during this pull, but I can assure you I now know what 200W of vapor tastes like. Its too much for me, but regulated down to <100W it’s actually very nice.


I’m all for you doing a YT channel. I’d subscribe to it. I’m always on the lookout for good cheap entertainment. Even if it is “hold my beer and watch this”. :smiley:


Really enjoyed that @Bearkat. Ive done more than one of those things.

ok, so I’ve discovered the crappy screws have a thread OD 1.5thou too small. Got some McMaster screws that measured slightly larger and they work great. Get M3x0.5mm 3 or 4mm long SHSS. Click link to page below:

The allen keys help clamp that big wire. I’m confident i can do 18mm. I turned mine too length because I didn’t have any shorter.

I decided with a buddy to take 0.040" out of each wall by the notch. These were clearance for longer screws.

with better electrical connection it is vaping much more tamely. I think it’s still about double the alliance dripper, which is the best I’ve tried. Switching from an Efusion Duo with 25rs to a regular Efusion you notice the LiPos hit noticeably harder. Edit: Idid not notice this with an alliance with 22ga. This thing was kind of a bitch to fix. But iI’llbe damned if it wasn’t worth it. It’s goofy with this build in it, good fun. Very intense flavor.

With better electrical connections and a little more time on my hands I have been able to log a run with TC. The REAL ohms for this build are 0.054 as measured cold in the DNA. I have the punch max at 100W for 1s and I definitely think it could take a little more. You can see how hard this build is on the battery, pulling nearly 30A after the punch. I have not retightened the screw once and I am still vaping the wick and build that had the fire :smile:

So like I said, I really like this thing, but it needs a 200W mod with this build. the VT133s and the 133 Efusion just weren’t doing it. I haven’t tried it on my Reuleaux. What I don’t like is that it was unacceptable with the screws continually backing out. The flavor is gonzo, I am still saying double the Alliance, which is still a great RDA. This thing is more of a specialty sort of thing because it hits so hard and if you don’t have access to a machine shop. . .verify that they have fixed the screw issue before buying. Soon I will take a picture of the innards side-by-side with the Troll.

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Ok, some more pics and info for @Whiterose0818, @ SthrnMixer and @LordVapor . I shorted the RDA with copper wire and found it to be 0.008 Ohms. I added this in Escribe -> mod -> electrical.

This thing has not had a single drip or leak in over a week of hard daily use. It seems to have about the same capacity as a 22mm Avacado. The vape is very different for some juices like my The Snail Trail. Notes in the recipe for those interested.

Here are pics of the modified screws and top piece. Man is this atty by far the easiest I have used.

Note the top is keyed to the bottom, so it’svery easy to tighten and remove from the mod:

Aside from putting in longer, slightly larger 2thou on the thread OD screws, I machined slots in the top to aaccommodate them. Also, I’ve found it to work better on my 200W DNAs. The 133 works well, but the 200W LiPo and Reuleaux hit a little better. YMMV. I hope this is useful.


Very cool. I will have to order me one and try it out. Anything with better flavor than the Alliance is a must have for sure. Wondering though… why didn’t you just grind those set screws down so they didn’t hang out so much?

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Yeah, good question. I turned 6 on the lathe without checking the top first. Then when it interfered I just hogged out the top rather than cut all the screws down further. SHSS is the way to go though, the phillips head screws it comes with are just goofy.

Side by side with the Alliance, it’s just different. It’s probably the build making the difference. But I can’t tear it apart, it just works too well already.

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