Cleaning vape condensation off windows

(I was going to post this on What Has Made You Smile Today but that seemed like gatecrashing.)

Anyway I’m smiling right now 'cos I’ve manage to get all the windows and mirrors in our living squeaky clean for the first time in two years and with hardly any effort. I posted my method on a Brit site but have lost the link so here it is in full Technicolor:

I’ve tried several methods and window cleaning products to clean vape condensation off glass.
Nothing really worked easily or well enough or fast enough.
Today I used this method* which worked spectacularly well, especially on mirrors:

Put 3 drops of washing up liquid in a very fine spray mister (Wilkos do a good one for about a quid but anything with a fine mist will do.)
Dissolve about a teaspoon of dishwasher powder in roughly 20ml of hot water. Add to mister.
Top up with warm water - about 300ml solution in all.
Mist over window - cover evenly without runs if possible.
Leave for 30 secs. at least.
Go over glass with scrubby side of Scotchbrite sponge, especially the sides of the window to get the thick gunge.
Mop off roughly with spongy side.
Dry with cheapest, hardest kitchen towel you can find.
Come back in 10 mins and remove any “difficult” smears that have reappeared with a totally dry microfibre cloth and hard rubbing.

*Pat. Pending The L. Boge-Reese Corp.
No animals or children were hurt very much during the testing of this product.


what is washing up liquid?

Does it matter which brand?


Best DIY Glass cleaner I have found. Used it a lot doing stained glass, and other glass art work.

1 cup ammonia
1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
1/8 teaspoon Dawn dishwashing detergent, (or some people swear by Palmolive Green…it probably doesn’t matter-any grease cutting detergent will do.) I actually only use a couple of drops-don’t measure it out or anything.

Put the above in a gallon jug and fill the remainder with distilled water. Then you can fill an old spray bottle and use for cleaning glass


I only use 20 Mule Team Borax :ghost:


Here’s what I do, since I don’t want to use lots of stuff and I learned that from my grandma lol, but it works.

Get yourself one of these towels that have microfiber on one side and leather on the other. They look something like these

You can buy them mostly here in the US in the auto section, in Europe you’ll find them in the regular window cleaning aisle :wink:

Fill a bucket with hot water and add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar and wipe your windows/mirrors with the microfiber side. When your done, use the leather side to dry.

After it’s fully dry, grab some shaving gel/foam it’s called? You know the stuff you find in the men shaving aisle… believe it or not it’s important, I did try it with the brands for women and it won’t work! I don’t recommend any brand in particular, but you might not want to grab the most expensive one you have lol.

Shake the bottle, grab some kitchen towels (paper) and spray a good amount on these paper towels.

Now go and create a mess, yep that’s right we just cleaned the windows to perfection, time you get them all coated with the foam! Do not panic :wink: let sit 5 minutes…

Now grab clean paper towels or in case of my grandma old newspaper, but I prefer the towels lol and wipe the excess foam off and shine your windows/mirrors.

I know it reads like hours will be wated, but in reality it takes 15 minutes (10 minutes to clean, 5minutes letting it sit)

But here’s the amazing benefit, especially in the bathroom or in rooms you vape alot. Windows/mirrors have for the next 2 weeks a “self clean” feature :wink:
What that means is, rooms like the bathroom your mirror stays clean, no more fog after showering.

The rooms you vape in, don’t look like you overheating your place and everything is foggy/sticky.

However every week or two weeks, grab your cleaning towel again and with the microfiber side first slightly go over the windows, use the leather if you can’t remove everything with the microfiber.

Be careful not to fully polish the glass, we don’t want to remove this invisible “film”

Repeat that whole - wash your windows and apply foam method every 4 weeks, sometimes you get away with 6.

No more daily window/mirror frustration!

Ps. Never thought we discussing how to clean, but hey why not. It’s fun :wink:


I rather like keeping it simple…

Scrubby side? Dayum! You might want to consider cleaning them way more often!


i use to detail cars as a hobby a awhile back…an got some cars with nicotine build up on glass u could scrape with a razor…talking to Pro detailers i got thier secrets to diamond clear glass…

first was

second was sprayaway glass cleaner …

both of these can be gotten at wal mart

third one is…and its very concentrated is ZEPs concentrated glass cleaner …one gallon makes 32 gallons…or u can even make it stronger…

these 3 glass cleaners do great on vape residue…I use a Magic eraser sponge first an then wipe with a micro fiber cloth…diamond clear glass…no streaks

I have all these products an can truthfuly say they work great…they can be used on any surface also…just dont use the magic eraser on your TV screens…lol…

Good luck


A bottle of Vodka
Drink it and
you dont see no condensation anymore :smiley:


find and mix up some blue blazes cleaner. scrub windows with a good chamois then squeegee off without lifting the squeegee head. it takes some practice but you wont ever find cleaner windows.


I clean my car windows with a paper towel with dawn detergent. Then with windex. Stays clean for weeks.


we always way ahead of u, just have to get the search fu


I’m having a problem with vape residue on my glasses I just can’t get my glasses clean driving me crazy!


Get contacts.


If your windows are tinted please DO NOT use ammonia…Some won’t know about their tint and it will ruin it…:pleading_face:


Another thing that most don’t think about. If you use paper towels, don’t use the soft ones. These have a softner added that will leave streaks.


i use windex and a cloth diaper. my mom bought cloth diapers for my son when he was born. i never knew what to do with them after he no longer used them, so they were packed away in a closet. these thing work extremely well!.now i can polish windows quickly and they are durable as all get out :slight_smile:


Car windows are the worst…i use a dry eraser ( like for white boards ) it seems to get 80% of the crap off then windex the heck out it.


I am about to use this to clean my glasses



Hi there, thank you so much for creating this thread, it is very useful. I have noticed that there is a condesate on the windows, that is actually pretty difficult to clean up. I have no idea what it is, but it appears instantly after vaping in a closed room. Last time I had to order windows cleaning services from, because I just couldn’t clean the windows in my house. Fortunately, these guys really know their job and everything was fine, the windows are looking like new now.


Here is an enduring question, if there ever was one. What about those inevitable and perrenially pesky patches of VG that build up from multitudinous exhaling with gusto while banging away on the freedom keys with beau coup jingoistic fervor … on the matte polymeric surface of a flat-screen monitor ? Gentle chamois massage, or the inevitable annoying residual crusty remnants of the minerals (remaining) in distilled water after an all too tenacious soft-paper swab ? I’m tending towards a (very clean) chamois.

So which might be worse ? Perhaps picking up - but also merely smearing around a bit, most likely, due to high boiling-point - “VG” residues with (dry) chamois, or the more randomly distributed remnants of “VG” residues somewhat miscible in the water remaining on the screen surface after soft-paper swab ?