[CLONE] Smack Ice

Ok guys decided to make one of my recipies public and not part of my private anymore. Smack ice clone. This was an attempt for a rfiend that love the stuff but struggle to get hold of it. Think i got pretty close after 6 months of trial and error. Please give it a try and comment i would appreciate to learn from the more exprienced guys. Decided to make it privat becuase there were no clone available here for smack ice. Enjoy and vape on. Seartch smack ice clone pam v3. Hope i posted this under the correct toppic…eish


Thanks @PAM9 what an intresting group of flavors. I dont have the vicks bubblegum but I’m gonna mix up a batch without it. It should give me at least a good idea of what its like. Unless the vicks is some sort of wild flavor super super concentrate, lol. I appreciate all the work that go into making a clone. A 6 month labor of love you deserve a pat on the back.

i wonder if vick is supposed to be wick ???

was looking were to get vicks bubblegum ZAC…

silly kids

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The first part of his notes are not in English, so maybe wicks? I mixed this just now without the other bubblegum (the 0.25% one) I’m not used to the cold (BTW she said add one drop Ice Cold per 10 mL) It’s good, I like bubblegum tho. I would have never put malted milk with bubblegum…live and learn.

nothing silly. recipe looks interesting. smack ice looks to be from south Africa … so boss vape also looks to be south Africa…

Wicks Bubblegum is a category-killer that stands out in the crowded category. Wicks Bubblegum carries a remarkably accurate flavour of a sweet soft pink wintergreen bubblegum with a sugary sweet wintergreen and spearmint profile; it has a complex yet immediately familiar taste that flawlessly balances the crispness of a newly opened wrapper

got to research before you make anything.

im thinking maybe ill start with at a greatly reduced rate

8.00% Capella - Sweet Strawberry
4.00% Capella - Bubble Gum
0.50% Real Flavors - Spearmint (SC)

if i cant get the wicks bubblegum.

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a Refreshing Cool mint bubblegum

hello Chuck thx budd . No the vicks bubblegum (ZAC) is a south African flavor. And no its not a super super concentrate in actual fact it is a very nice mild mint bubblegum flavor . The original juice by SMACK has a nice cold smooth and slight cool mint taste on the exhale that i can not replicate with other mint/peppermint/cool mint flavors up till now but the WICKS Bubblegum (ZAC) came the closest so far. I did comment on your feedback on the recipe page please check it out. I will play around some more with this recipe with more known mint/menthol flavors and see what pops out but up until now they are a headache even at very low percentages they overwhelm the mix and does not give that nice slight minty exhale. Vape on buddy hope this helps

tartarusspawn yes that is the correct one

@PAM9 anyone who puts 6 months work into a recipe deserves a pat on the back for what can only be called a labor of love. I was trying to get as close as I could to yours. I know mine was slightly different but it was really good. Thanks for the work, and thanks for sharing.

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thats what its all about my friend…tweak and adapt the recipes because at the end of the day when you enjoy what you made …even if it a remix from another recipe that you perfected for yourself… the battle is all yours… enjoy your diy and your remixes… if it gives you pleasure in your vape then it was all worth the time …