Code Red for Humanity

I didn’t know where else to post this. I suppose our health depends on it, lol. If you haven’t read or heard about the IPCC latest report on climate change you can read this article from WIRED magazine.


Good article muth, thanks for posting this. I’ve been using an app called CalTopo so I can keep an eye on the wildfire situation here in California where the majority of friends and family live. Last night I zoomed out of the map to see the USA as a whole, then the world as a whole and the graphics were just plain scary. No way this is a weird weather anomaly, it’s just too vast. I think we’re at the first step of an extinction event staircase and it is frightening.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have had to pull back in paying attention to what is happening around the world. I know it’s cliche nowadays but I really had to for my “mental health”

Right now I am prepping and I know it won’t be enough. Water is the big one. Storing it only works for so long but I did grab some very good filters. Food is another big one and protein the difficult one.

exactly what I was thinking.


In the words of Private Frazer:


The way I see it is those who are convinced we’re going to destroy ourselves should stop delaying the inevitable. They should off themselves now and give the planet, and the other people, a break. Just my opinion.


Yeah climate change… I wonder why the govts ignored it the last 40 years and now it’s the next big thing after corona. We’re being told that if we don’t stop using all this plastic we’re doomed. But have you tried avoiding plastic? Why are they building new capacities for producing plastic? They’re telling us that if we don’t all buy electric cars we’re going to be doomed. But in India and China they’re building coal powered power stations and don’t really give a shit about the environment because it would stop their economical progress. And who are we to tell them what to do?
Electronics and “consumer goods” can’t be repaired anymore, it’s like guaranteed landfill shit not more than 2 years after Amazon delivered it. " Planned obsolescence" guarantees that the big players can constantly produce stuff. Recyclyng is a cynical joke, the real amount of plastic that can be recycled into more than coat hangers or park benches is unbelievably low because it just doesn’t work with contaminated plastic.
So I don’t think this is a serious attempt to make it better for the future but one more way to tell us what to do rather to tell the industry what to do. Oh wait, then they bugger off to a country where they can keep doing what they want.


@Bad_Influence Dude.

That just about sums it the F#ck up. So, do you think we can’t do anything to turn it all around? Maybe you are right but I can’t just do nothing. I just can’t. I will prep. even though in my heart of hearts I know that if SHTF it won’t be enough but I have friends and neighbors and family that have “banned together” for lack of a better term. If nothing happens, then the only ill that would come from my “paranoia” would be someone on the internet who wants me to go ahead and off myself. I can deal with that.

I have read your paragraph several times now and… Ya, it’s pretty much spot on but little people can do big things. I donate to @4ocean (not an elr name). They were the little guy but now are really making a difference. I donate and that’s part of my “little” bit. It’s damn near impossible to not buy single use plastic but I try and when we stop buying their garbage… blah blah blah you’ve heard it all before I’m sure.

I just can’t do nothing.


Yeah I know, I’ve been called a fatalist before. Yes, we can do something but not by putting our rubbish into different bins. It’s the industry that give us all this non-sustainable shit.
In Switzerland there was a company once which produced the fur for touring skies so you can walk up the hill without sliding back. They were such good quality that the company died eventually because you bought it once and never needed a new one. Or just not enough.
So what can we do? We don’t have a choice, there are no alternatives anymore in most areas. It’s the governments who can put a stop to this but this won’t happen because ALL must do it at the same time or companies will just go the path of the least reistance and go to some other country where the laws are still more relaxed.
So for me it’s more about how you spend your money. Don’t let big companies feed you, I try to avoid processed food.Buy local products where possible. I can’t see the appeal of the spanish or dutch polytunnel greeenhouse peppers in December anymore. Nice to have but once you’ve seen these grows you lose appetite…
But as long as advertisemnt is telling people that the new Tesla is the thing to save the planet and you better sell your 25 year old repairable car I don’t expect any meaningful change. It’s like a system on speed. In the German government There is barely an area where you cold make it worse than the politicians in charge if you really tried to fuck everything up.

So when you spend money, try to think beyond the supermarket, don’t take strawberries in January for granted (unless you live in a place where they grow in January). Don’t buy cheap and demand quality. In the 80s nobody would have spent 1000 bucks on something as useless and quickly degrading than an ipad. And stuff was produced where it was sold and not shipped around the planet 2 times before it ends up on your table.
But apart from this I have no idea how consumers can make a difference. The big decissions are made for economical reasons benefitting a small group of people. What we need are people demanding more than crappy plastic shit from China. Of course a Telly made in the US or Germany to certain standards is more expensive. But if I can fix it the price is getting more into proportion.


Well said, my friend.

The good ole’ 80’s who’d a thunk we’d be saying that eh? It is the world this time. I have never been alive when the whole world was in turmoil. That’s a weird statement but there are still men and women that were alive during WWII. I wonder if the vibe is completely different or eerily similar. Either way, knowing how to preserve food and water and growing my own food so that I don’t have to eat the food they poison the shit out of. I would rather eat my own poison anyway. The only thing I’m hung up on is killing my food and I know my family won’t be going vegetarian any time soon. I have lived that way before and it’s sustainable but I don’t see it. Can I kill the deer and rabbits and squirrels and dogs and cats etc. that come around? Yes, I grew up on a farm with cattle and chickens. My brother and I learned real quick not to make friends with the livestock. Because livestock don’t have feelings.

I think there is a code red for humanity though. Nice title @muth

For the last 4 years, I have been documenting some of the weird shit going on in the world and I mean just in my area and things aren’t the same. Ever notice how Blue the sky isn’t? I know people think chemtrails are a conspiracy theory but people will believe anything the mainstream media tell them. How about this; ever remember looking into the sky and seeing a jet far far away? you could see the fuel-burning up behind it not hanging around in the atmosphere. Jet fuel does not do that it just doesn’t. How is that a theory? They are doing something up there I can’t claim to know what but something is going on. The skies in the States are grey and have been for a while.

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Remember being a kid and playing outside? Remember drinking straight out of the hose? Can’t do that anymore unless you got a filter attached to the end of the hose. Besides, who plays outside anymore? I’m sure lots do, but it’s not as prevalent as when I was a kid in the 70’s.


I know right? My siblings and I talk about that a lot since they have kids that should be going outside to play instead of inside with their friends from all around the world. I live in a small town and I’m out side but hardly any kids as you say. Maybe a different town eh?


The thing is that nobody’s ever getting bored anymore. In the 70s you could do some stuff inside for a while but it was all getting boring soon enough. So the better alternative wa to meet other kids and build something in the woods or play football or something. Now everybody just takes their phones after 7 seconds of not doing anything.
There was a singer of some 80s or 90s brit pop band who said he was bored on the train and wrote his lyrics on empty cigarette boxes. This kind of stuff is just not happening anymore.


OK, here’s my stance. Are we good at f$%(ing up pretty much about anything ??
YES, it’s apparently what we do.

Global warming, then cooling, then change, I give up on trying to keep up on who’s the expert today, what numbers they’re citing, who’s even believable at this point.

Is it conceivable that dumping tons and tons of carbon, pollution, whatever, into the atmosphere IS affecting the planet ?? SURE it is. I don’t know how it can’t affect the planet. To what degree, and by how much, well THAT is the REAL question.

I’m not a climatologist, don’t claim to be, but there are certain “givens” that cannot be ignored. Unless we KILL OFF a large swath of the planet, we’re still going to need food, water, air, AND, you guessed it, POWER. Look, I love clean as much as the next guy, but with no one wanting nuclear power plants, and solar/wind not really getting rolling, and an ever increasing demand, we’ve got to get it from somewhere. You can’t have it all.

With the earth being, well, a sealed eco-system, EVERYONE on the planet needs to fix it, not one, or a handful of countries. You really have to look at WHO is doing WHAT to get a REAL understanding of what’s going on, and who’s doing it.

Let’s just look at the top 30 or so …

How about a pie chart …

Pollution sucks, no one likes it (I think), but with the ever growing demands, and clammering for electric cars, that GUESS WHAT, still need to be plugged into what ?? Our Power Grid. Last I heard, it’s barely hanging on with the current demand, so not sure if plugging in thousands of cars is a win/win or not.

Food, water, yeah, they’re important too, and I’ve heard we’ve crossed the threshold of being able to naturally able to feed everyone, which means what ?? GMO baby !!!

Let me think on this a bit more.


While you’re right, the problem lies in who is going to police the planet to make sure that all of this gets moving in the right direction? As @bad_influence correctly stated (IMO), we’ve become a wasteful planet. We buy disposable products, and the production of those products cause as much damage as the disposing of them into our landfills and oceans. I can only speak to American culture in general (having never experienced any other), and we are just wasteful. I think we all know how to slow the damage down, but are we willing to do it? As long as those temptations are there, I’m not so certain. What I do know is that the planet will heal itself, but in order to do so, it needs to get rid of us first. I’m not normally a doom and gloom kind of guy, nor am I a hippy-dippy tree hugger, but I know that I’ve taken a part in the cause and would like to do something so my grandkids have something to look forward to. I just don’t know if there will ever be a sustainable plan without greed involved. Some people do believe they can take it with them.


That’s what it all boils down to, isn’t it? Not the system is the problem, hell I even think communism could work somehow. But the factor which always fucked everything up was greed. Probably a mechanism to ensure our survival once but evolution hasn’t caught up with our development.


Same same …


My friends lost their generational home in the Atlas fire. They just got away with their lives and a suitcase. A family of husband, wife and 2 children and the 2 grandmothers plus pets all lived on the same property. Around midnight the police banged on their door. He said pack a bag and get out. On the way down Atlas Road they were flanked by fire on both sides. I just thank the heavens that they survived but it wasn’t an easy road to recovery especially for the grandmothers, one being 90 yrs old. Good thing she’s always been a spry one for her age.


Thank you, Dan but I can’t take credit for that. I got it from the IPCC report. I’m one who believes most of us will pull out of this somehow. Call me a woman of hope or call me vapid, it doesn’t matter anyway. Below is the IPCC link, who they are, what they do. Frankly, I don’t need to rely on reports. I’ve lived long enough to see the changes coming and happening in my lifetime. Like @Dan_the_Man I’ve had friends who grew up on farms and I’ll never forget one of them telling me the story of how is father took him out to the fields in the early 1960s and showed him his soil tests. I can’t relay what he said in scientific terms but he told his son it didn’t look good for the future. I happen to be a person who respects and has trust in our farmers.

In addition to this there is a man, Dr. Michael E. Saila, who has dedicated his life to finding the latest technology, yet to be revealed to the public and how “they” already possess the tech to power this planet without polluting it. Why isn’t it being used? Simply put, there’s too much money at stake.

Before I post his documentary I must tell you that it starts out about the recent reports in the news about UAP and the question of who it belongs to. Keep watching and the idea of harnessing “certain” energy to power the planet will come into view.


Years ago former VP Al Gore released a documentary on global warming. I wasn’t a big fan of Gore back then but the dude knows his shit. The picture he painted at that time was scary and now even more so!


Wasn’t it Al Gore who said that in the year 2000 there would be no glaciers left?
Is the IPCC a political body?
Does anyone really believe that real information is within our reach?
I think everything is going about business.
The biggest companies, the ones that pollute the most, now want us to believe that they are worried …
Here in Spain, electricity has risen 100% in less than a year, with market manipulation strategies …
The swamps, low minimums, have emptied them to get electricity and sell it expensive …
I think everything is going about business, hedge funds, unleashed capitalism …