Coil Building Wire Choices

Ok, so I have another question before I begin to start building coils.

What types of wire would you suggest?

Keep in mind that I have tried TC with the Ni200 and SS coils in my Crown tank and I really haven’t cared for it much. I prefer to run it in power mode at about 55 watts with a 0.25 ohm setup.

While we’re at it, let’s talk wicking material too. And suggestions as to where might be the best place to order from, wire and wicks.


I’ve always had good service and product choices with these guys:

Wicking: Cellucotton Rayon is the heat:

If you have a Sally Beauty store anywhere close, it’s typically $14 for 500’; you’ll never run out of wicking material again…ever! YMMV!

Caution: It has to be the 44060 version!


I’ve just got my gear together to try the 'framed staple coil’
26g ka1
6 lengths of 0.5x0,1 ka1 ribbon
And the 36g nicr 80 for the wrap.
Wish me luck. :yum:


Just checked for that in the uk. They want £65 for the 500’ box. Ridiculous.

That’s ridiculous! :triumph:

Hell! I’ll mail you some! :+1:


You suer man? I’m in the uk. I will gladly pay you for some.

PM-ing you.


love is what you’ll find in these rooms!


I"ll second that brother.


I’m not able to find it on Lightning Vapes. I typed it in the search box but it showed no results.

I did find 2 other sources.

$12.88 for 500’ Texas Beauty Suppliers

$32 on Amazon for 500’

You can check at Sally’s Beauty Supply. They usually have it.


Yeah, most vape stuff suppliers don’t carry rayon wicking; Origin Vape is the only vendor which I know does sell it by the meter ($1); there may be others, but I haven’t looked around that much for it since I scored a box from my local Sally Beauty supply.

I went there 1st… They have #44043

This doesn’t seem to be a bad price. Shipping is $9 though.

I think the only difference between the two is the amount in the box. They are both the 100% Rayon, Regular (not Reinforced). 3lbs of Rayon might be a bit much, though.

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If that’s the case, then it will be better pick it up locally. No postage and no waiting is a better deal. Thanks @JoJo.

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thats what i did…i walked into a Sallys
paid $17 for a 3lb box which is WAAAYYYY more than any one person needs


do NOT buy reinforced…it has a paper core

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You get my package?

Not yet…