Coil Gunker Concerns

I’ve tried hard to avoid and/or eliminate known coil gunker concentrates from my stash. The one thing that concerns me most, is gunking limited to the coil or does it also get into your lungs.

Believe me, I’m a firm believer that vaping is 95% safer than tobacco, but are there steps to making vaping even safer?

I also have concerns about AP and the likes but it doesn’t seem the amounts are as much of a risk in vaping from research I’ve seen. But who really know?

Gunking on the other hand is something I can see and taste and I’m more curious about it. I’ve read info about sugars and sucralose being gunkers… as well as tobacco extracts. These I have seen for myself.

I’m just looking for your concerns, thoughts or opinions.

This could be a controversial topic so please play nice


I would like to know more, myself.


I consider it all about choice. I did make a choice to smoke the first cig. After that, through circumstance I made the switch to vaping. Then, due to errors on juice makers and lack of care from the shop, I switched to diy.

I did a shit ton of reading prior to my first purchase. This is why I bought FA flavors right out the gate. I made choices to pick what I hoped would be the cleanest possible vapes free of Diacetyl.

Knowing that a lot of the “highest” rated custard recipies have vanilla cap v1 and yellow cake FW I have still made the choice to avoid those flavors. It’s not easy working with cap v2 when I know I could slam 3-20% cap v1 into a mix and it would still be fine compared to the small margin of error of v2 (10% is flat out disgusting lol). But I take my personal high road (right wrong or different because it’s personal).

All in all…at this point…since there is some unknowns. I still do my best to follow my first choices. Diacetyl free. No surcolose added. No other sweetener added (stevia or other), almost no FW (soon will go from 1 to zero flavors). Limits to Loraine flavors for some lack in transparency imo (only have 1 flavor and may try only one more).

As for nets…I’m just not sure about doing my own. I’m just not sure and not ready to jump into that…besides as I’m test soho FA I am really thinking I’m more of a fruit person. AP…hmm I haven’t herd about that. As for other additives…tantric acid, vinegar, magic acid, and so on…I’m still holding off since I get good results without them.

What I hope for is for vendors like @River_Supply_Co and @Walt_RealFlavors continue to support the vaping community. That they Truely understand that when they are making choices about flavorings offered they do keep in mind that I personally would sacrifice how good something tastes (by adding Diacetyl or fructose or other) for safety. I would much rather struggle building orange vapes for 1.5years than add surclose or fructose…which what I know is 50% if what I am missing from this one adv I am chasing. If I happen to find dishonesty in a supplier I would not support them.

This rambeling has been brought to you by Soho FA twisted mix, and sprite+ Tito’s vodka+orange crush. I must say I am not digging soho. Grrr.


Being a custard and dessert lover, I’m trying to narrow down the concentrates the cause the most gunking most quickly. Since starting DIY I’ve tried stevia a couple of times but marshmallow/meringue are my go-to sweetners.

Hadn’t thought about the inhalation of gunk so will be following this thread with interest :blush:


In laymans terms…here’s a prime example of coil gunking, these 2 RDA’s are my primary devices, the Buddah on the left is used for cakes and desserts, mainly Funfetti, ice cream cheesecake and the butterscotch popcorn I love so much, I changed the cotton, dry burned it and gave it a wire brush scrub on Friday (2 days)…on the right is my Tsunami used only for fruit, I last changed the cotton about a month ago, i havent dry burned the coil at all.


My NET’s do gunk up coils but I can’t say it really worries me. I remember my last attempt at quitting the stinkies (before vaping obviously :grinning:), I would use a small glass hash pipe and put a little tobacco in it in the morning to have a quick puff with my coffee. Within a few days the thing went from see-through to pitch-black and the tar was dripping out of it when I held it upside down.
As far as I can see the gunk stays on the coils pretty much, unless you let it get too dirty and you can see brown smears in your juice.
I just change my cotton and dry burn more often to keep it clean. I’ve got enough cotton to last me a lifetime so changing it everyday doesn’t really put a dent in my wallet. Safety is great, but what about enjoyment? I have one certainty in my life and that is that I’m going to die at the end of the ride. I want some fun and enjoyment during the ride. What am I going to do, die with clean lungs?
I’m not coughing up a lung every morning like I did with smoking so I guess I’m fine :sunglasses:


I’ve noticed black flecks on my cotton at times, I’m guessing it’s carbon build up, certainly not good for you to inhale and a really clogged coil like the ones pugs and others have shown on here must be releasing toxins when heated.


What type of metal is your coils from Pugs? I ask because I learned something I didn’t know about stainless


The fruit one on the right is nichrome and kenthal i think, the gunked up one on the left im not actually sure, it didnt say on the box but i think its SS and nichrome…


Another great question. No answer here, just sharing the question. Obviously it can’t be good. If nothing else, it must desegregate the vape. I keep my coils pretty clean and inspect them often. I only use RBA’s so it is easy to really see how gunked up they are. I’ve not seen any studies that focus on this aspect of vaping. The most touted studies are obviously agenda driven. It makes it difficult to get solid information.


I am new to temp control / ss wire so watched a few vids on You tube about dry firing ss L316 coils you might want to check out


Wow…how easy is that?..i’ll try that next time cheers fella 🖒


My thoughts, exactly… :sunglasses: … I have absolutely nothing to add to that opinion.


I’ve done it a few times it works pretty good


I’ve put this in another post and I apologize if it strikes as redundant. I love my ultrasonic cleaner. Take the tank or dripper apart, pull the cotton and give it a bath for a half your @ 50C. Sometimes there is a little char left on the coils themselves that doesn’t fall off. I picked up a couple of tiny Dremel wire brushes that I use by hand to knock that off. The whole atomizer comes out shiny like new. Great for cleaning glasses, jewelry, tools, razor heads, even small motorcycle parts like carb jets. I also steep with it.


as we have seen more and more things will become bad for us when it comes to vaping , vaping in power mode ( bad ) vaping diketones ( bad ) fructose ( bad ) here is what i think vaping is abnormal and our lungs weren’t intended to vape anything , however smoking is way worse and i can now breathe and play with my kids without be winded i dont weez at night while sleeping the worst thing vaping has caused me that i could tell is some cotton mouth when i dont drink enough liquid lol so give me the diketones and im gonna continue using FW yellow cake cap VC V1 , i respect the choices and concerns of others and like someone said its a personal choice , to answer the question about coil gunking i just dont know but i am sure eventually a test will show just how bad it is but it still wony be as bad as smoking shit just not smelling like an ashtray was worth the change


well said! I posted that vid so people who use stainless be aware of the safe way to dry fire stainless I don’t care about gunked up coils I can rebuild in a few minutes
I’m off cigarettes after 40 + years of smoking that’s what really matters the most to me


Vaping in power mode, bad? What’s that one about? :flushed: I’ve never heard that before.


Long drawn out discussion on ECF about VG putting out bad chemicals when vaped above a certain temp. The test done, in my opinion, is greatly flawed. Not sure how wattage mods got thrown in there but I haven’t read the entire 104 page plus thread in it’s entirety.


Ahhh gotcha. Thanks for the info. :punch: