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Has anyone done a dual coil with say one clapton & a reg single wire coil or done a clapton /twist or alien/
clapton .You get my drift . Have’nt tried myself don’t see any talk of it so wondering if its a stupid idea ,
prob because both coils need to be same OHM ? As I said prob a stupid idea ?

If you are using different wraps/ohms you will get uneven heating between the coils. I guess it might work if both coils are the same ohmage, but not sure I’d want to try.

There are staged parallels like this

Check these coils out from our resident coil builder @Jondamon

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Ideally you need to make sure that both coils would ohm out the same.

In order for them to heat up in sync.


How bout this; my new creation: A series dual coil. 3id, 24g kanthal, 5 wraps each coil.
Not super subohm coming in around 0.8, but it sure does put out a lot of flavor and nice thick vape still. I run it around 40watts… Was more just for fun until I realized it actually worked quite well. Lol

EDIT/Update: And my 22g Ti coil (2.5id) comes in at .22ohm:


How ate you getting on with your series ti build? Any benefits?

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The benefit for me is being able to keep the ohms a tad higher (0.22ohm) while still in effect having two coils, because to do two individual coils, the ohms tend to get a bit lower than I want unless I try to cram more wraps on each, also, more wicking. So far its been great. No problems with it at all, it is just a bit harder to create than an average style coil, but not overly difficult.

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Good a man on a mission. We can only better ourselves by experimenting :wink:
Watching with interest. :+1: