College Courses

Started up college today, Senior going for Business Management aiming for Masters in Public Administration- Leadership.
Wooo, taking Leadership and then American Government, this ought to be interesting.
Doing online courses because schedule cant flex to go to brick and mortar class.


Good for you, smart. You probably checked, but be sure the degree is accredited.


come on over to USPS when you are done. for gods sake we need better management


Good for you! I am also enrolled in online courses, and have been since Oct. 2013. It has been hard to stay motivated at times, in addition to taking an extreme amount of self-discipline to make sure I get all of my work turned in on time, but because I have kept going, I am currently in my next to last course before I graduate with my BA in Applied Behavioral Science with a minor in Psychology! It is extremely rewarding to know that I have come this far and have never slipped below a 3.72 GPA (currently a 3.80)! I just hope that it opens up some career opportunities for me!

As for your courses you have coming up, the closest I have taken were Leadership and Ethics in a Changing World (ABS415), Public Policy and Social Services (SOC320), and American History since 1865 (HIS204). Good luck to you, and Congratulations!