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Be polite and introduce yourself!

As a new member, please introduce yourself to the rest of the family :slight_smile:

This is the 2020 thread! The old thread had gotten a little big, so we got ourselves a new one! :slight_smile:

The old thread was here:


@daath, It’s easier to start over since I have no idea where to copy and paste from lol. I’ve been vaping for about 6-8 months. My neighbors recommended I try it because of the amount of cigarettes I was smoking. After 2 heart attacks, I found that smoking was killing my chest (angina). Vaping was an excellent switch! I can vape and my angina rarely flares up at all!!! (And the FDA says this is dangerous???) I won’t go back to smoking again. I haven’t had a cigarette in 6 months. I’ve spent a lot of money learning but I’d be spending anyway on smokes and cigarettes don’t have the flavors, makes everything you own smell horrible too.

Vaping was the best decision I ever made. Now I want to make my own flavors from what’s been posted here. I got tired of the liquidnicotinewholesaler’s (the website that sells 18-24mg flavors). Their stuff is limited. It’s good but I’m tired of it. I know I need help with making new flavors. I needed help getting my mods and tanks too.

For anyone who says vaping kills, I say they’re wrong. I was talked into getting a Juul unit. It burnt the hard palette of my mouth so bad I could hardly eat for a week! I trashed it after 2 weeks. I’ll stick to my mod\tank systems. They also don’t feel anything like a cigarette so that changes the habit up a lot!

I know this product will help me. I hate the FDA and all the others trying to ban this stuff (and kids can’t afford mods\tanks so I doubt they are getting them) Besides, they aren’t easy to hide!). All I know is this doesn’t hurt my chest. For someone who’s chest caved so bad smoking I thought I had to take nitroglycerin, to not hurting at all (well sometimes when I’m active but rarely then too), I’m sold.

So thanks for welcoming me. I’m a noob to all of it. The forum, the vaping… but whatever anyone says… This boy (ok 51yrs old) won’t go back to smoking EVER! I don’t even crave cigarettes anymore. That says volumes! Again, Thanks peeps!!! I’m looking forward to being here and learning from all of you!!!

Doug Comer.


Welcome to ELR, and Congratulations dear.



We’ve seen you around already, but welcome to ELR :slight_smile: It’s good to see people keep transitioning from smoking to vaping. The negative media is a sad story and I’m glad it has no effect on you. Good neighbor you have!

That’s a whole different thread :wink: Keep reading, you’ll find your way around soon enough.

They can drive around cars with personalized license plates but no money for a mod? hmmn…
There are really cheap starters kits, they usually find their way to what they can’t have. But look at it this way, if it isn’t vaping, they’ll go for tobacco or alcohol or drugs or whatever else that’s forbidden that gives them that rush… I’d rather see them with a mod in their hand than any of the alternatives.

There’s a ton of information available in the different sections of the forum. Most of it is categorized in the appropriate sections but you can find more using the search function. And if you can’t find it, ask away…

Happy mixing and success with your new hobby.


Welcome and congratulations, surely with a little patience and some tests, you will find what suits your needs.
I suggest you look for a well-qualified recipe, make small batches, and play with the percentage of flavor, to find something that suits you.
Out of curiosity, how many ml of liquid, at 18 mg of nic, vape a day?


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Welcome and glad you joined.


can we get this a little on track introductions in the introduction thread - there are plenty of threads for helping people with recipes


A post was merged into an existing topic: Best Flavors For Shake and Vape?

A post was merged into an existing topic: Best Flavors For Shake and Vape?

Welcome and congrats on extending your life @Doug_Comer


@Lostmarbles Thank you! I’m trying to learn the forum and do some awesome but simple flavored recipes. I’m learning a lot!


Hi I’m Vicky over on Twitter. I’ve been vaping since August. I had knee surgery and I missed ordering my CBD. I had been researching about vaping CBD since before my surgery. I hate painkillers and I just wanted to get my CBD. So the vape shop sells CBD and I just went in and asked about it. One of the guys there was able to help me out with getting started. Within days I heard about the lung illness. My son who just finished EMT training told me you can’t get Lipid Pneumonia from what you have. It has to be a lipid and the vape shops don’t sell anything with oils.
For 19 talk about sharp. Before the month was out I heard about the Vitamin E Acetate. So if the FDA claims different they’re lying.
I’ve been keeping all my doctors informed on my CBD results since they have been hearing some good things about it. I’m their guinea pig. :laughing:
I have really been enjoying the hobby side of vaping. Advocacy not so much but I will never be quiet when it comes to personal freedoms and liberties.
I’m learning about coil building and now mixing. I found that CBD additive dilutes flavors and cost a fortune. This way I can get the flavors as strong as I want with my CBD.
All the hobby side of vaping is just inline with my other hobbies. I’m a Master Food Preserver, Food Safety Educator, Family Nutrition Educator, Homeschool Mom, Former Homeschool Advocate, choose a craft and I’ve probably done it. Life long knitter, crocheter, and recent yarn spinner.
I know that this is a really mixed up intro post but there’s just so much. Ever have a question ask me and if I can help I will. After all I learned a lot from Homeschooling too.


Welcome and glad you joined.
Your intro is near perfect. Looking forward towards more of your posts.


Welcome @Cooksalot


Hi, I’m Cyndie. I quit smoking and began my vaping journey with a Juul like @Doug_Comer said. That was back in July of last year.

In September, I bought my first actual tank style device with a Smok Vape Pen 22. My husband got a VooPoo Mojo. I haven’t had (nor craved a cigarette) in almost 7 months.

I started researching DIY about a month ago and placed my first order yesterday evening. I’m so excited!

I am a disabled veteran, a stay at home mom of a wonderful 10 year old (who is so proud of both me and the hubs for quitting cigarettes!!), and wife of a super guy who supports my every whim-- be it DIY vape juice or handmade quilted microwave bowl holders…lol

Like @Cooksalot said, name a craft, I’ve done it, haha. Quilting, homemade clothes, stuffed animals, candlemaking, candy making, writing, and on and on it goes…

That’s about it… I’ve learned a BUNCH from you bunch of loonies, already! (J/K we all have to be a bit loony to be willing to test our own sh*t, lol)

So, thank you all for your help and insight on every forum thread!!


Welcome @Wombatred26 Sure you have fun here


Welcome @Cooksalot & @Wombatred26 :wave:


Hmmm… a lady after my own heart.

Welcome to ELR!


Another kindred soul ! Welcome to ELR, sweetie.