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I am like many in here down the rabbit hole. I have over 400 concentrates most in 10ml bottles. I am trying to find a storage solution for them. It has to be able to be put away in a cupboard and cannot be fixed to a wall. ATM I am using an old cantilever sewing box however this has become too small. Suggestions please.


Is this what you’re looking for?


I use these plastic containers with separators in them. Very basic but it works for me with limited storage space. I currently have three packed tight like that with old ice cream containers taking up the slack. I need at least one more to store what I already have but as that hole just keeps getting deeper I doubt it’ll stop there.

I’ve just labeled the front of each different compartment with the manufacturers name and then abbreviated each bottle top with the individual flavours. As I said basic and laughable by what I’ve seen others have but I can only store them on a shelf in the laundry.

One of them still had the price tag on it which was $10 (Aussie) from one of those cheap $2 type shops.


Cheers mate appreciated. Hadnt slept last night so brain wasnt fired up enough to look at previous posts lol


Gazza, thanks for the photos I think that will do me nicely until I get my own shed


Look on Amazon for “photo storage boxes”. Study the various box dimensions with that of you bottle dimensions. You may be able to fit 8 to 16 per box? I’ve been making my own poster board boxes that fit 10 15ml bottles per box. They are similar in size to a VHS box if you know what that is. I will label them alphabetical like Encyclopedia’s. i.e. Aa-Bg, Bg-Cn, Cn-Da, and so on. The paper boxes are nice because I control the sizes and it’s also Diy. PM if you want more info… I have an old entertainment center that will become the home to my vape gear. One side is pull out drawers for VHS tapes. I will be able to put hundreds of flavors in them. I plan a write-up someday when I have enough finished and clean out the entertainment center.


In use these. They stack perfectly and fit 10-30 ml bottles perfectly. I’m using 10 stock 5 side by side and fits about 600 concentrates give or take. I put my 60 and 120 ml bottles elsewhere.


Some use these.


Some of us use these. They come in different sizes. Look up nail polish organizers.

Casafield 40 Slot Acrylic Lipstick & Makeup Organizer - Cosmetic Display Case - Clear



Like @muth said… These are the ways to go.


They also hold 30ml bottles perfectly fine. You can slide 2oz bottles on the top shelf too if you like. Im rocking 300 flavors-ish and organized alphabetically, also by brand. Best thing I did besides clean up my RDA after 2 years of non use… :joy:

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Ta D Sims that is what I was thinking about. Cheers



That is a good idea thanks mate will have a look now.


Thanks Letitia appreciated


Thanks Muth


I use these, I have 12 of them. They’ll fit up to 30 ml bottles. Stackable drawers. Very sturdy.


They’re nice if you like to identify the bottles without extra moving around and if you have adequate space for them. Another way to accomplish that would be creating something like a spice drawer.

I merely folded white cardboard paper accordian style in order to tilt the bottles at an angle.


Ohhh, similar to mine! I like your idea with the cardboard. I’m in the middle of separating by flavor type rather than flavor house. I think I’m be easier that way for me. I’ve gotten one drawer done so fat, custards and vanilla creams ( including ice creams) HA! I feel like I’ll never get it done!


Here’s a sneak peek of a project in the works.

"Encyclopedia of Flavors"©

This is the making of my soon to be(that’s relative) "Encyclopedia of Flavors"© .

I should have walked to the office to grab a couple of bookends but I’m being lazy.
This is still in the prototype/mock-up design phase. Only one of those will be part of the final product, The Orange one with the flip-up magnetic hinged lid. The other florescent colored books are the slider style boxes. The outer slide box proved to be too difficult and flimsy compared to the hinged lid boxes. Note: The defunct slider boxes and the hinged lid boxes share the exact same inside box design so I’m only out less than half of my materials. FYI, the stack of white inside boxes to the left are holding about 100 15ml flavoring bottles. The boxes stood up like books contain 60 15 ml bottles, The temporary bigger box’s on the left have about 30 120ml bottles of flavor between the two shown. I have three or four more not in the picture.

A closer look at the slider style boxes I will not be using.

A close look at the temporary bigger box’s that I will also not be using.

The design I settled on with lid closed.

The design winner with the lid open.

This box uses magnets but I may just end up using hook-n-loop stick on dots instead. Quicker, easier, and cheaper but definitely not as cool as magnets.

I plan to use a nice dark blue for the majority of the small boxes. The outer piece that also makes the hinged lit is two plies of poster board with an outer layer of clear vinyl shelf paper to make it more durable and stain resistant.

Now imagine the full set of "Encyclopedia of Flavors"© taking up a complete book shelf or more, using the almost obsolete book shelves since books are now digital, and don’t forget to imagine the Encyclopedia ‘Alphabet type range labels’ on the bottom of the outer spine. The Alphabetical sorting with easy to use, time tested labeling system will make simple work of finding any flavor I need, quickly. Very space efficient, easy to handle, and can be expanded indefinitely with a small amount of shuffling and a few label replacements each time a new order is added.

I should add that the entire system will accommodate many bottle sizes and shapes with only three different sized boxes, all of the same design just different dimensions. Each box size will accommodate two to four different bottle configurations. I will have detailed CAD plans and instructions when I’m done. Each box component has a master template used to quickly reproduce multiple copies with fold marking guides and with accuracy. I stack and cut three pieces at a time. It takes one evening to make about twelve identical components. Assembly is another evening.


Good idea!
But I am unable to have horizontal bottles… My toc is superior to me… :joy:


What is this, Table of Contents?