Concentrate discount codes for beginner

I have been mixing my own eliquid for a few months and everytime I mixed something up I would ask my wife to try it (shes a smoker has been since she was 13) she refused to even give vaping a try. I’m not going to lie I still kept saying try this babe, what about this , still hated everything! Well I bought one of my favorite ejuice I still vape store bought while I’m a new mixer trying to figure things out. I said try this vape juice please! She does and says, um hold on and takes another vape, guys that was it. Shes still smoking cigarettes but she has went from 2 packs a day to a half a pack in a month I’m proud of her. So now she is wanting to try to mix juice and I’m still not getting it so I’m stressed on money and low on concentrates. I need all the discount codes I can get. Thank you all in advance


Awesome story @Camtattooedvaper and welcome to ELR. There are a couple of places to get discount codes. I will leave the links.
scroll to the bottom to find recent deals.


Try here to get started…:: Resources e-Liquid Calculator
Scroll down to the sections titled “Shops”. You will find discount codes there. Good luck


I appreciate the information it was very helpful


I’m curious to know why she like a commercial juice so much? Do you think it was the sweetener? Anyway, That is way awesome that she is coming around!! She will be a non-smoker and happy and you will have played a role.


Welcome and glad you joined.


@Camtattooedvaper Welcome to the forum. Great story and glad you are persevering to find something that will encourage your wife to give vaping a serious try. Sometimes we have to try a number of keys to find out which one opens the lock. Sending good thoughts to both of you.


I’m not really sure what it is I’ve tried everything. I’ve mixed up different fruit combos and she just one of those people that just likes one thing I guess I working on a order right now with a couple of candy flavor additives I think that’s what shes into like fruit candy cape juice so hopefully this works


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