Concentrates and steeping times

So I’m making my first concentrate recipe called Holy Rich Base. It has flavors that need to steep at least a week or two. Once I mix just the flavors, if they steep together for 2 weeks as a concentrate, does it shorten the steep time when added to a mix w the VG/PG recipe? Do the flavor molecules come together as a steeped concentrate first? TIA


There must be something in the air! We were just having this conversation in another thread:


Lol. This has been a prior topic discussed plenty of times.

The question still remains…do the flavors need to bind to the newly added pg/vg? For my personal opinion, yes.

To what extent? Don’t know. Haven’t had a desire to test it out. Some have claimed it cuts down the time but not all the way others do. There won’t be a perfect answer.

So I subscribe to do what works for you. Test it out if you see value in doing that way. I know of plenty of mixers that will make a 500ml or more batch minus the nic and claim it will be good for a year or more. The key…to each their own.

To me the real goal of doing this is reducing the mixing time. Make a one shot to use later…dispense 10 flavors into one container and when desired add 5mls of the mixed concentrate to a base of just pg/vg/nic to desired levels for example.


I’m in this camp as well.


Agree, and the length of ingredients list on recipes, but I was just wondering how the length of time a concentrate sits affects the steeping time of a finished recipe, if at all. Thanks!


@LianazVapin As you will read (or have read), much controversy on this one. I have mixed all kinds of single flavors, complex mixes, stones / bases, one-shots, and found that with SOME flavors (mostly fruits, and less complex) benefited in SOMEWHAT of a shorter steep, but not that much. On my tests with more complex, custards, bakeries, it appeared to me, that pre-mixing the flavors, then adding to the base/NIC did not speed much along.

Your mileage will vary, and you may find that the TYPES of flavorings will dictate more than anything else.


Agree completely. Ingredients on this base are definitely a two-week steep. It is comprised of super rich creams mostly, Holy Vanilla, and ice cream.


For me, natural steeping/aging begins when the last final ingredient is added to the mix. Each mix is subject to an individuals perceived ideal taste and sleep time, so I like to keep it simple and uncomplicated.
My formula for steeping, everything gets at least 4 weeks minimum and if the mix does not taste good, change it or toss the recipe. There are too many great mixes out there that need consideration/attention.