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Believe nothing you hear and only half the things you see…i say this all the time. Rock on!


Last one for a while. My tin foil hat is starting to fall apart. Need to make a new one.

And a longer vid with a little more detail.

Also that door could have supported both Jack and Rose…So Rose is a murderer.


It’s all I got !!!


No conspiracy there. Just two Chinese kids.



I think you all may like the movie Zeitgeist, it’s on Netflix last I checked. I’m not sure if I’d call it a pure conspiracy theory flick but it’s pretty good at making you say WTF. If you dig deep enough a lot of what is covered can be confirmed. If you are religious I might suggest skipping the first bit though.



What the what!? Derp derp.:kissing_heart:


Here’s to you having the wisdom to know the difference… just for today of course.


Lots of advancements between the 1950s and 1960s. Roswell happened in 1947…hmmm

Article on reverse engineering…good read!


I got this email the other day :joy::joy::joy:

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The Illuminati.

Did you know BTW there is a conspiracy theory floating around the internet that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks? :rofl:


Well there you have it. The Illuminati is real!


I’m going to place that one on the same level as Flat Earth, cuz it’s just too stooopid to be true.


I usually check my blinker fluid levels when I swap the air in my vehicle tires from Winter to Summer air. :blush:


Dont forgot to change out your windshield wiper batteries!!


You should grease your PRNDL gear and muffler bearings every 3 months. Its the number one cause of transmission and engine failure.


This guy from down under just cracks me up :rofl:


It’s funny how all those conspiracy movies always go back to Tesla’s “free energy” (whatever the main story is). This myth has been debunked so many times already… kinda feels like us vapers trying to debunk that vaping is so dangerous (in the eyes of tobacco co, govt and pharma).


Did anybody follow the Salisbury story? Within 12 hours they knew who the culprit was with no proof whatsoever. All I’m hearing is that it’s the only plausible explanation for what happened.
Has anybody heard of the close proximity of Porton Down in any of the MSM reports?
It’s very interesting and might be a far more plausible explanation for this mess.


Ill admit, i didnt have the attention span for the whole video, but after researching it, i am surprised and happy. They are doing research for the greater good. But i am curious about what is “actually” going on! Being top secret, i would love to access the deep web and find out more!