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With all the calls from the British government and the EU to send Russian diplomats packing because of the alleged collusion in that murder attempt, something I’d like to know is what the same governments think should happen over the actual proven collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and the British government in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. Or the plot by MI5 to kill the then Irish prime minister Charles Haughey, using loyalist paramilitaries yet again, in 1985. Or more recently in the case of Gary Haggarty (terrorist turned supergrass) who walked free from court after being convicted of murder.


check out this series 1-77 prepare to have your mind blown.


Once he said biblical that was enough for me lol


Well if your mind is closed so are your eyes


I’ll name that cliché in 3 :rofl::rofl:


Likewise, but from what I’ve understood is that a lot of secret files nowadays are passed around with stickies pasted on them that are supposed to be read and then destroyed so most info will never see the light of day.

I also wonder if Brexit plays a role in all of this. Theresa May was against Brexit, has been lousy at negotiations in Brussels and is now rallying the EU behind her. Is this an attempt to convince the Brits it is better to stay in the EU because under the circumstances we really, really need a strong (and stable :weary:) EU army?

These are all very legitimate questions @DrChud. It all stinks up to high heaven, then and now and all we get is state propaganda in our so called Free societies.


What you’ve suggested makes a lot more sense than what we’re being told and that’s for sure. The british people were fed a pile of lies about brexit and not even well crafted lies, and it’s also no secret that there’s a push for an EU army. Ireland is a neutral country and we’ve already signed up to a version of that army which makes a mockery of neutrality.


I have absolutely no problem with the punishing of Russia… IF, and only if there is proof that they’re involved. So far I’ve only heard speculations and cheap reasoning (who else could it be?).
Currently, I have a hard time to just trust May and her corrupt unscrupulous Tories. There have been too many lies, too many false promises, too many u-turns. All these sanctions go in against the values that the West held high… innocent until proven guilty.
The whole world is in a sorry state right now and it’s getting worse at an increasing speed. Where the hell did it all start to go wrong?


It’s pretty much impossible to prove something doesn’t exist. It’s up to the believers to come up with proof that something exists. If after 2000 years of relentlessly trying to come up with anything you still fail, I think it’s only fair to have a bit of a chuckle over it :wink:


They’ve certainly failed to prosecute or convict a single person in the Grenfell Tower disaster.



They hope people forget with all the brexit madness and now Russia. If I ever saw an incompetent disfunctional government… :face_vomiting:


There’s no conspiracy. The earth is both flat and round at the same time; it just depends on your perspective. If light can exist in two forms, so can the earth. To prove this is rather simple… in one respect, I can walk in a straight line and eventually end up where I started. Conversely, I can put something on my desk and it won’t roll off. There, both states proven. Easy.

The Illuminati is real, but the ‘conspiracy’ is simply that they want you to believe there is a conspiracy. They’re no more powerful than us; they just don’t have to shop at Wal-Mart. And they enjoy reading about conspiracy theories.

See, it’s all simple really.


I would really love to see what answers they come up with … but my best guess is that none are going to be answered!

I’d really like to know this too:
21) How can we be sure that the chain of custody was up to international standards?
22) Through what methods did experts identify the substance so quickly?
23) Had they possessed a sample against which to test the substance?
24) Where had that sample come from?
25) Nerve agents act immediately. Why was it not the case with the Skripals?
26) Leaks suggest the Skripals were poisoned at a pub, at a restaurant, in their car, at the airport, at home… Which version is the official one?


@Suomynona It’s pretty much impossible to prove something doesn’t exist. It’s up to the believers to come up with proof that something exists

It’s funny that it’s up to me to prove something exists when the information and truth is available to anyone who looks for it. I was just putting some information on this conspiracy thread that I found to be historically accurate. The fact is that the one percent does believe in the spiritual realm and they use the lies they know to manipulate the masses. The proof is in the symbols they use, the blood sex magik rituals they perform and the human sacrifices that still take place. The evidence is in the entertainment industry, politics and those who control the economy. I’m good though because I know the truth and I have been set free… free indeed :wink:


You believe whatever makes you feel better… I have no issues with that :wink:

I’m with DrChud though, the moment the guy says biblical I lose focus and move on. That is a reaction to the video you posted, not a judgement on you. What you do is judge people for not having any faith in supernatural whatevers.
If you tell us we’re close minded and blind, i’ll tell you the opposite is true to me! Religious people close their minds off to the facts, just because their little story book says something different.
People who believe in science and facts are open minded to all possibilities, just nothing supernatural.


I believe in science and facts and I can see the big picture because I have a foundation to put the puzzle pieces together on. If there is no foundation of truth it’s like trying to put a puzzle together in mid air it keeps falling apart.
I have not judged anybody you on the other hand see or hear the word biblical and automatically get offended. Good luck on figuring these things out.



Wtf… deliberately poisoning alcohol and marihuana? Who the hell came up with those ideas?
Guess it’s not more morbid than putting men on death row for drug (ab)use :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I was surprised by some of them as well. Then again, meth used to be fed to soldiers and housewives as “medicine” ha.


You better not check out what Adderall is then :grin: