Cost calculator

So a few people are asking me to make juice for them. I was trying to come up with a price based fairly on the amount of flavor put into the juice, since they are wanting 120’s. As I roll through my flavor stash I see there is a place to put the amount of flavor purchased and the cost of that flavor. Does anyone know if there is a place in the recipe page that automatically figures the approximate cost of a juice based on the info you placed in the flavor stash. thanks for you help

There was a previous thread about this

I moved your post to feedback - Yes, if you fill out the cost both in your stash and on your profile, eventually you will get a price. I have a few things I have to do first though. But you can stay ahead of the game by filling out the fields. Some day, you’ll get a surprise :wink:

thanks for the move, I wasn’t sure if it was in the right spot. So the cost being incorporated is on the way. thanks