Could I get?

Could I get some of your personal opinions on who makes the best flavors for the list I’m going to purchase.
Like TPA. FW, FA and so on. Any and all help wecome.
Black Cherry
Key Lime
Raspberry Sweet
Cinnamon Red Hot
Sweet and Tart

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All Vanillas (FA)

Blueberry (Extra) (TPA)

Almond (FA)

Juicy Peach (CAP)


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Watermelon - So far I like Lorann’s the best. I also have Watermelon TPA and Sweet Watermelon by Cap. I think the Sweet watermelon is causing a plastic taste in some juices.
Strawberry - Strawberry Ripe by TPA and Sweet Strawberry by Cap TOGETHER. :wink:
Blueberry - I prefer Blueberry TPA to Blueberry FW
Grape - I only have Grape Juice by TPA and it’s okay. Haven’t used it much.
Black Cherry - I have TPA and like it just fine
Peach - White Peach by FA
Key Lime - I DON’T like TPAs…I want FA’s Tahity and Cold Pressed
Raspberry - I have Lorann but haven’t used it yet
Vanilla - Madagascar Vanilla by FA
Cinnamon Red Hot - Don’t have, but I do have Cinnamon Ceylon FA that I adore. It’s more of a bakery cinnamon but in high enough %s you could probably get a red hot from it.


I got it but haven’t used it yet. I think I’ll get trumped on this one. I do like JP Cap Tho.

I have the one with food color. It’s on the FTA list. (Flavors To Avoid)

Wild Strawberry - Vapor Flavor
Sweet Strawberry - Capella

French Vanilla Creme - The Flavor Apprentice
French Vanilla - The Flavor Apprentice

Wild Grape - Vapor Flavor
Grape - Flavor West
Grape Soda - Flavor West
White Grape - Flavor West

Watermelon - Vapor Flavor

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When OSDIY reopened I grabbed some peach, raspberry, and watermelon in colorless to try. The peach isn’t too bad either, but it’s more of a peach candy to me. Which makes sense…Lorann is supposed to be used for making candy. White Peach is just tops for me. I’ll have to try Cap, though. I’ve discovered I really like peach juices more than I thought I would considering I don’t like the actual fruit all that much. LOL

Alisa Where do you get Vapor Fllavor at?

I do not use LA, FA IW or Hangsen so In My Opinion

WM= nicotine labs
SB= FW Strawberry or TFA Strawberry ripe
Blueberry=TFA BBerry wild or Extra
Black Cherry= Don’t Bother
Peach=TFA Peach Juicy, FW Peach
Raspberry Sweet=TFA
Vanilla=TFA French Vanilla Cream
Red Hots=TFA
Pineapple have only used FW, Not bad at all
Sweet and Tart=TFA

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Thanks everyone for the great help.

Have all ready placed an order with Ecigexpress for some of the FW flavors.

@Amy is really good for this kind of stuff to!

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Some great suggestions here. Id like to add that Raspberry Sweet (TFA) will add a major throat hit as it is a pretty harsh. I use it in low amounts along with Raspberry (Medicine Flower).

Hmm, now that i think of it i may have run across a possible Thimbleberry flavoring (part of the raspberry family). I may have to try and mix one up since i havent found anywhere to purchase it.

/end mindless ramblings

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For grape i mix Grape Candy (TFA) + Grape Juice (TFA). YUM!


It’s funny that you mentioned that. I’m working on that right now. I was too heavy on the creams in v1.

0022 Grape Float v2 Gmix :

1% Cream Fresh (FA)
4% Grape Candy (TPA)
10% Grape Juice (TPA)
1.5% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
1% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

Flavor total: 17.5%
Remember to rate it at:


Looks yummy! If only i had some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

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Yes, you need the TFA vanilla bean ice cream as well! I used that in my bourbon Apple pie and I swear there’s ice cream in my tank!


Crap, this order list is getting longer and longer. Sounds like it would make a great addition to some peach cobbler.

Bloody hell, now i want some dessert.


I still have Vapor Shots Grape which I really almost never use. Grape is not one of my favorite flavors so I guess that’s why I never blend with it. Being I never tried anyone else’s Grape I couldn’t comment on that flavor…

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Vapor Shots? Cant say i have ever seen their flavorings, i have some googling to do!

Don’t bother, this weeks name of their company is Nicotine Labs. I am forced to buy their Watermelon and their Honeydew. As much as I hate to admit it, theirs is the best (Prices are too high).