Cream types

For creams in looking at the types would it be correct to say;
Whipped cream - plain cream flavour, thick mouthfeel.
Sweet cream - as above with a sweetness.
Bavarian cream - as whipped with vanilla
Butter cream - butter flavour with thick mouthfeel

Trying to get my head across them.


I’m missing Butter Cream, but the above is my understanding, too. Waiting for more experienced mixers to chime in … :relaxed:

If you don’t mind, I’d like to add FA Vienna Cream to the list. It’s kind of a mystery to me - what is “Vienna Cream” anyway? :thinking:

I too am missing Butter Cream , ordering some tomorrow

So real Vienna cream is a vanilla icing with milk as the base.

In regards to the list guessing it’s; vanilla but more milky then creamy. It’s in the Bavarian group. That one will be interesting, has it less mouth feel too?

Definitely keen to see response


Whipped Cream more like real whipped cream with a slight sweetness to it. Pretty light mouth feel
Sweet Cream kinda like coolwhip or the creamers in the bottle but not quite as sweet as they are. a very light sweet creamy flavor I use a lot of this one.
Bavarian Cream a little bit heavy with a hint of spice to an almost pudding like flavor. Sorta like the filling in Boston Cream Pie. Heavier but not sticky sweet like frosting.
Butter Cream more like whipped vanilla frosting on a cake. Probably the heaviest of the ones you listed.

Another one I use quite a bit of is the FA Fresh Cream. Kinda like a cross between whipped cream and sweet cream.


Thanks Many jedi of wisdom!!

So I did a google search for Vienna cream. I got a ton of stuff so just outa curiosity I switched over to images and there were a bunch of them but then about half way down the page I got an image for these Vienna Creams. Although I love them I don’t think I would want to vape one. lmao

Probably three out of five recipes I do have some sort of cream in them. Most often with fruit flavors and quite often fruit and booooooooooooze

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I’ve come from a food background and whilst a lot transfer over not all has. In cooking Creams are full of fat and fat s make stuff taste better. They basically coat the tongue and let the flavour linger longer.That’s why Lamb chops are the best. A great balance of fat, and marbling in steaks. All the same theory.

I’m seeing the same here but maybe in a slightly different way, they work the same, but my thinking also noted that they give a “thick mouthfeel” make the smoke seem more voluminous. A good feeling for me. It’s good that theres a variety, allows us to suit to the recipe better. You’ve saved me a bunch of SF testing, or 2 flavour testing time.

I suppose we could also add VBIC into the mix too.

Now Booze, that’s an even longer and interesting topic.

Yeah I’ve got a bit of a food background myself, with one exception YOU ARE WRONG lamb chops are not the best! Prime Rib or Porterhouse steak is the best. Lamb chops taste like grilled sweat “er”

The Champagne from TPA is great I do several spins on a Bellini (I have to lie a little since nobody makes a Prosecco flavoring at least not that I’ve found anyway. The Champagne extract from RF is also pretty darn good. My main go to for booze flavor is the TPA Kentucky Bourbon. Any citrus fruit vape is a candidate to have 1 to 4% bourbon added to it. I know the true Fuzzy Navel is OJ, Peach Schnapps, and Vodka but again no Vodka flavoring out there, besides not much flavor to it. but Take Cap Juicy Orange7%, Cap Yellow Peach 2% and TPA Peach 6% and it’s a good fuzzy navel more or less. Then drop both the TPA Peach and the Juicy Orange by 1% each add 4% Kentucky Bourbon and it’s just friggin fantastic

I use it quite a bit too.

FA vienna cream 3% standalone 0.5-1.0% mixer. Similiar to a bavarian cream but lighter and instead of vanilla more of a sweet caramel type back note

Americans, don’t get good lamb if it’s tasting like sweat “er” , yeah a properly cooked prime rib is to die for too. A US style barbecue mmmmmm

In Australia we eat as much lamb as we do beef. 50/50 with a fair amount of chicken and pork now and then. We have good lamb here and we are brought up with it. My understanding is that in the US lamb is a real rarity. You poor souls.

Fuck I’m hungry.

My butcher has lamb all the time and even he doesn’t eat it often. My grandpa used to do mutton chops that I’d fight you for, never tasted lamb that I liked. had it all kinds of ways too. I’d be willing to give big horn sheep a try (wild game) because as much as I like pork chops I’d whip your ass for wild boar. lol

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I have just had sheep ribs for Christmas dinner - we buy it salted or smoked, then dried. Put it in water for twenty-four hours and steam cook it for three hours. Lots of mashed swedes to go with it. Yummy!

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i love this list - it helps a lot
i add to it the below - hoping experts can add a short “differentiator” (something that’s not in the flavor “Notes”)

  • Dulce De Leche
  • Vanilla Swirl
  • Butterscotch

Of course taste is subjective, but if looking for a buttercream type concentrate. Worth trying Hangsen Italian Cream. Has a slight sweetness from a frosted icing note in the background. But if allowed to steep the heavy cream flavour comes to the fore and gives a great finished mouthfeel and overall works well in bakery flavours, for me.

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I really want some of this but it’s always out of stock when I go to order :weary:


Vanilla bean ice cream is a must have for me…I a have preference for Cappella
I also have TPA Vanilla bean Gelato
Vanilla swirl… At least one ice cream should be in the stash.

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You can never have too many vanillas. I try anything that has vanilla written on it if it’s from some half reputable company. I’m still on this quest to find one which is like the old TW vanilla.

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