Creams, melons, berries and killing Elsa!

Budget concerns! :weary: I only have about 50$ to spend on my next order. If I make it count I will be able to be more versatile in the coming months.

Advice for cream flavors.

So far I have:

DX Bavarian from TPA
Bavarian Cream CAP
Butter Cream CAP
Creamy Yogurt CAP

I hope I can afford to make two base flavors. One a heavy decadent vanilla cream possibly baked custard but no bakery like pie crust or graham involved. The other a light, sweet creamy texture much lighter than Wisconsin ice cream, more like Dairy Queen soft serve. Any suggestions for up to five flavors I might need for such a quest? Far too many of the cream, vanilla or custardy flavors I’ve had taste like toe cheese to me, even after months in a dark place so I’m leery of spending too much of my budget on guessing at this. These I already have are very nice on their own after a month steeping but they lack the depth I’m hoping to find.

Mixed Melons: I have Capella Double Watermelon. It’s a nice candy/jello flavor but I’m hoping to find something closer to a real melon basket salad or smoothie. I can afford up to four flavors in this area.

Same with berry/cherry. I’d like to get maybe five or six that more realistic and complex than what I have. My stash should be public.

Mint/menthol. I need something that would kill Elsa five minutes after she gets diabetes. :innocent: I’ve already realized I’ll need to get crystals to make my own concentrate but how do I get it sweeter with a stronger mint without having the whole thing mute? All these ice flavors or arctic or fresher…I don’t know, I’m skeptical. The wintergreen and menthol flavors are the only ones I need every single day and so, the only ones I have to pay for until I can make something close enough on my own.

Finally, Tobacco The only tobacco flavor I get is called American Red Menthol. Is it a safe bet that this is using American Red by Super Concentrates? I can’t stand the smell or taste of any other tobacco flavors so I can’t justify spending money on experimenting with it. Worst case, I find I can’t live without it and just buy the premade in a 12mg and mix it 1 to 4 with my DIY Wintergreen once I get that one close enough.

Thanks for any suggestions. Someday I hope to earn my keep around here.


Let me start by saying welcome to the fun and amazing world of diy, and all of us :wink:

Creams: TFA Vanilla Swirl is like a Custard with the custard notes removed. Reminds me of soft serve vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream. I Love INW Shisha Vanilla, might be my all time favorite vanilla. It a bright creamy vanilla, not dark and heavy like an extract. LA Cream Cheese Icing. TFA Sweet Cream and Malted Milk. I love love RF Condensed Cream, so thick and rich and sweet. Just like opening a can of Borden’s.

Melons I love FLV Wild Melon. It reminds me of a mix of a little honeydew with a light touch of watermelon? Very refreshing. LA Watermelon Clear.

Berries: FLV Boysenberry, RF Yumberry and Blue Raz, FA Forest Mix, and LA Blackberry.

The only mints I’ve really tried are FA Spearmint, fantastic blended with some of that LA Watermelon. And FLV has a delicious creme de menthe if you are wanting a creamy mint. Koolada will add the chill and icy sensation without mint flavoring.

And tobacco I have never mixed, so I’m lost on that one…sorry.


Thanks! I’m reading everything I can find everywhere right now, lol. Yeah I ordered a 4 oz bottle of Koolada the first time I used it. It wouldn’t shock me to learn that the menthol I’m looking for is 50% crystals dissolved in a solution of Koolada and Pyure.

Hi! Welcome!

It would be better if you had about $80.00 but here’s my advice:

  1. Always make 4% of your recipe Distilled Water to smooth the throat hit.

  2. @Kinnikinnick is your leaf expert!

  3. Mint/Menthol - My Recipe (Months long testing - Works and you can add any fruit to it)

6% Capella Cool Mint
1% Peppermint
.5% ECX Menthol Solution

  1. Mix two Melons to get a great Melon I use any Watermelon and LA Melon.

  2. You need Strawberry Ripe and Capella Sweet Strawberry as a base for any Berry Recipe. Watch it with Raspberry or use only small amounts. Cherry is just yucky in my book. No one makes a good cherry as far as I’m concerned. They all taste like those cherries in syrup in chocolate covered candies so if you don’t love those - don’t wast your time on Cherry.

  3. Get Lemon Sicily as a citric acid to “pop” your fruits. You only need a few drops.

  4. Use Marshmallow as a sweetener at about 1.5%

Welcome to the fun, I wish you the best of luck here and enjoy!


Why DX bavarian cream ??? are you trying to avoid diketones ??>

I’m not religious about it but yes, I figure it’s one less thing to worry about. Is there a huge difference between DX and the original?

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Thanks! I was wondering about the lemon to perk things up since I use it in unexpected places in baking too. The cherry I have is nice enough, not the true cherry I was hoping for but I guess that’s one of those holy grail flavors.

The flavor companies hear enough whining about Cherry eventually someone will make one that taste like real cherries. Lemon Sicily is a very nice mild lemon too.

Which version of the lemon do you get? There’s a B&M near me with a juice that claims to have the true cherry but they only have drippers for testing and it tasted like…well, when a little of the cherry pie filling bubbles out onto the cookie sheet under the pie pan, a little scorched and too sweet. I dunno, I wasn’t sold, lol.

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The thing with Cherry flavoring (all ecig flavorings) is that if you get it, you may not be able to use it as a main flavoring but it might work as some kind of an accent to something. (I still haven’t figured out where to put it but I will eventually) Like Cactus. Cactus is a nice little wet zing in a fruit mix but you can only use a couple drops of it, very powerful stuff. Sounds like you cook so you will figure this stuff out quickly.

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Thanks a lot!

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My son adores the Black Cherry TFA at 5%, as is. I made another batch at 4 with 2% Koolada and it’s like jello to me. Nice enough to vape. I have some with creamy yogurt steeping now so we’ll see.

Inawera Mix Mint.

Head and shoulders above the rest IMO.

@Maureeenie you really need to try Ina’s Cherries (note: not the same as “cherry” by Ina).

It’s an awesome flavor that takes me straight to a “cherry pie” zone, Nothing like Maraschino cherries (at least to me).

Alrighty, first of all I love you because you just made a reference to Frozen and murder in the same breath. Lol! We can be friends. :slight_smile:

Now, the only thing I can really help you out with is the berry category. I would recommend FA forest fruit (forest mix), CAP sweet strawberry, and FA red touch (strawberry). That’s keeping the list short for now. Those are all very versatile, and red touch is just delicious!

I guess I can give you a tip that I’ve seen on ice cream bases, although fair warning: I’m just starting to get into cream mixes so I have very little knowledge in this area still. Anyway, the tip is starting with 2 parts FA Vienna cream and 1 part FA fresh cream (sometimes called cream fresh, same thing).

Good luck!

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Couple of things I like

Inawera Pink Panther brand new concentrate Raspberry and other berry/currants really like this and it has become a firm favourite for me and a few friends i mix for. Mix between 3-4% any higher and it goes a bit soapy.

Watermelon MF is a bit out of your range this month but Hangsen watermelon at 9% is a pretty good finished replication of a watermelon for my tastes and I have tried quite a few

Not a big mint/menthol fan myself, but mix for my sister FW Double Mint not sure if Wrigleys Double Mint chewing gum is a know brand in your part of the world (the green one if it is), but the finished flavour @ 20% is instantly recognisable in the finished mix

I think Inawera DNB is an excellent addition to most tobacco flavours, gives a slightly dry smoky taste to a finished mix and a very simple but decent finished mix I use regularly for myself and a few others is FA RY4 @ 4.5% and 1% INW DNB if you need menthol in your tobacco vape then you would need to experiment with the above 2 ingredients as well

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OK… I will put it on the list. I trust you.

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to me there is , but if you dont know the difference bc you never used the original then your not gonna be able to tell so no biggie when i started i was on the no diketones kick but after doing research i realized through vaping i wont get popcorn lung lol so i wouldnt sacrifice taste in this case


@Sprkslfly Yes! I’m definitely getting the Mix Mint! After testing my wintergreen for a day now, I know it’s the right flavor, just not enough frost coming out my ears. I also got the Cherries and some menthol crystals so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

@VapeyMama Of course we can be friends! Murderous friends are the BEST! Forest fruit is on my list. Bull City is out and I didn’t have enough budget left by the time I was done there to go looking elsewhere. I got a few of the strawberry you recommended though.

@bluenose63 I have Pink Panther and really like it a lot but not as a stand alone. Have you tried it with Kiwi or maybe Peach? I can’t wait to get Guanabana! I’m not adventurous about the tobacco flavors. I think I can do without it; it seems to be the menthol aspect of this one specific flavor that draws me more than the tobacco note. This one flavor I get is nauseating to me until I mix it with the wintergreen. Medicine Flower and Real Flavors are two companies I desperately want to try when my budget frees up some.

@fidalgo_vapes I’m not worried really, it just seems more practical to try DX since the option is available. If it was horrid, then I’d try others, lol. I think I have a few that are marked hazardous for some nit picky reason.

Thank you guys so much for all the help! @Dan_the_Man @DarthVapor and @SthrnMixer were also very helpful in the custard topic. If I forgot anyone I’m very sorry. You guys are amazing! I managed to squeak out of my shopping spree only 16$ over budget. Hahaha!