Creating a recipe glitch

Hello all, just getting started into mixing and I’ve run into an issue when trying to create a recipe with the calculator. I bought a bottle of premixed 80/20 with 3mg nicotine and I am clearly not entering something correctly. Every time I try to save the recipe I get errors and it erases all the fields I entered. After doing this 10 times, it starting to get frustrating!


Any advice would be helpful


This is the error I’m getting


Hey Davos, okay so the way to combat this is not perfect and it might affect the nicotine level somewhat but this is what I did.

I had to leave out the nicotine when using a pre-mixed base … basically PRETEND you’ve got a vg/pg only base and that will fix that calculator problem. Like I said, people here said it could mess up the level of your nicotine because you’re going to be adding flavors. Not sure what other work around there is though.


Ah thank you very much, I’m not over worried about the nic levels as it’s premixed. Got it to work!