Creating my flavor stash and

So I’m a beginner and trying to set up my flavor stash to make recipe finding a bit easier.

I already have a pretty good collection of flavors from following a few recipes and ordering most of the recommended first order list and I’m trying to get everything pumped into the stash box.

The problem I’m having is the duplicates.

If I type in strawberry ripe, for example, there are 3-5 different listing all saying tpa, tfa and various numbers.

Do I add all of the listing to account for the one flavor?

It would definitely make it much easier if the same flavor listing were consolidated.

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Just add the one that has the right manufacturer and the most recipes attached to it. Weeding out duplicates is an ongoing process that I know JoJo and Daath work on periodically. When they resolve them it merges them into the proper one. If you use the most popular one from your manufacturer you shouldn’t have any worries later on.

Some duplicates are legitimate. Users sometimes create a new flavor entry to indicate a diluted flavor and the percentage of dilution. I personally wish there was a “Private Flavor” concept in the database that would keep these out of public viewing. That doesn’t exist though.

  1. After getting your results, click on the header for the “Recipes” column. It will re-sort to show the ones that are used the most. This will ensure we are all talking/posting about the same thing.
  2. I believe there is a link to “report duplicates” somewhere.

Okay, thanks for quick responses now if only the USPS was so fast.

Welcome to the data base… OK so when you put your flavor in to search for it in the resource tab/flavor list …use the exact name of what you are using and then hit the rating button. Usually the one you have will have a notation it’s been used in a recipe several hundred times and then you know you have the right one. It will have FA, TPA, FA in the name.


A small tip: To search for Sweet Cream by The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice when you add a flavor to a recipe, just type: tpa sw cr and the dropdown - then pick the flavor that has the biggest green number to the right :slight_smile:


This is an absolutely awesome idea!!

It’d be nice to actually make my ELR flavor list coincide with my actual layout (as well as my phone app, and laptop app). Certain inconsistencies really grate my asphalt.

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I put them all in the stash but when i make a recipe I just use the main green one.
ie: I add into the stash tpa strawberry, tfa strawberry, strawberry TPA. strawberry (TPA), strawberry TFA, and strawberry (TFA), and strawberry the perfumers flavor apprentice, and if there is just strawberry I add that too, the only ones I don’t add are the ones that were used in 0 recipes. this way I wont miss one of the obscure recipes for that flavor. Then when I create I just use the main flavor that is green, top of the list, and used in the most recipes in the dropdown.

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Actually even if you use the wrong one it gets automagically fixed if it is later resolved as a duplicate. :slight_smile: But until they get merged, as long as you use the most popular one (biggest number) you’ll get the best results with the “What Can I Make” and “Search By Flavor Stash” functions.

If you want to help resolve duplicates, the reporting function is under User -> Check For Duplicates from the recipe side of the site.


Awesome thanks for all the advice, I’ve gone back using your search method and improved some of my listing to a much larger numbered profile.

Now in a different direction, I’m finding recipes I may be one ingredient off or can see a substitution.

What is the best way, or is there a way, to create a recipe favorites list so I can easily browse over the ones I’m close to being able to make or just plain interested in for later?


Just click on the tool symbol
and save as a favorite. That way you can always see the recipe later and if you wanna make changes to it you can adapt it.


click the heart on top of the recipe


Looks like i have done it the complicated way :smile:


If you’re in the states I think that @Nicotine_River bribes the USPS, I seem to get my orders from them faster than any others, now granted @Nicotine_River and I are are both in Califorinia, but there is one other vendor that I use frequently in California and it take three to five days longer to get my stuff from date of shipping there than at @Nicotine_River

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Yeah I’m on the east coast in Atlanta so Bull City is usually my quickest option.

2-3 days and it’s at my door, but those can be some long days.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if NR could get it to you about as fast. The nice thing about NR is that right now any order between 1 and 25 pounds ships for free so if you are wanting to get nicotine, VG or PG it’s a great deal.

How is the nicotine base? I’m extremely sensitive to the peppery oxides or impurities that some places have.

I use nude nicotine mainly for that reason.

I’ve still got quite a bit of nic but will need more vg and already started my next flavor wishlist so may give them a try.

Okay, I saw the wrench and heart but wasn’t sure if the heart was more of an “I tried it and liked it” and the wrench for adjusting volumes and nic percentages.

Again, thanks everyone for the help and assistance.

The wrench is an icon for “tools”, you can adapt someone elses recipe to suit your tastes, edit your own stuff like that that the heart says you like it next to the heart are stars so you can rate it.

As for their nic. I think it’s the best I traded some Nude Armor nic for a smaller amount of it gladly. The Nude Nic was peppery and burned my throat. The Nic Select that @Nicotine_River sells is smooth and light. One of the best on the market in my opinion.

I have the same issue, and I’ve tried 5 different vendors on the Nicotine front. To keep it short, Nude Nicotine was highly inconsistent for me when it came to the dosage strength. Both were supposed to be 100mg/ml. One was close, the other was way off. The nic itself was awesome where it came to flavor and throat hit. But if they can’t consistently deliver 100mg AT 100mg, then there’s no need to worry about the flavor or TH in my opinion.

That left me with two options. CXTC and Nic Select. While CXTC is truly the best stuff out there, the cost substantially limits their market, unless you’re “independently wealthy”. Especially once you factor in their shipping. (IIRC it cost me almost 35 dollars USD for 120ml, that they class as their ‘sample size’)

For $59, I ordered a LITER of Nic Select from @Nicotine_River. These guys are the best thing going when it comes to consistency, as well as pricing, and their customer service is among THE very best. In both professionalism, as well as “issue resolution” should you even have one!

Well worth giving them a try IMO. =)

EDIT: their Musim Mas vg is one I’d highly recommend!! Top shelf VG. I have just under 2 gallons of it that I got from NR, and it’s absolutely fantastic!