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Critique my Newby First Order. PART TWO


Really? Because maybe you’ll like straight coffee concentrates then. To me, the ones I’ve had are reminiscent of used coffee grinds and not fresh coffee. That murky bitterness may be just what you like then. I’m talking about straight coffee ones, not things like cappuccino or other blends. I’ve always meant to ask other people what they’ve thought of straight coffee juices.

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Are you ordering from nicotine river? They have hangsen ry1 that’s muuuch less sweet than ry4s. BUT you’ve got done tobaccos already, so you’re probably good there.
Marshmallow! Didn’t see that on your list, that’s a must have.

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Just added the Lemon Sicily-FA. A lot of good reviews for it. So what would marshmallow come in handy for? Do a lot of recipes call for it? What would you recommend for a good marshmallow? How about Marshmallow-FA? 13 reviews, and most people seem to like it as a sweetener.

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Fa, tpa, cap are all good MMs. I use tpa most often. Its good for sweetening and adding a fluffier mouth feel.


So what’s the difference between TPA and TFA? I’ve seen a few sites which list flavors as TPA/TFA. Are they the same maker? Bull City doesn’t appear to sell anything from TPA.

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TPA and TFA are the same. I have already suggested FA Marshmallow above, TFA Marshmallow will contain Acetoin and AP which you are avoiding.

I suggest you give this thread a read too.


Yes you did, thank you. Perfect. Thanks for the heads-up on the acetoin. FA it is then. And thanks for clearing up my confusion over TPA and TFA. .

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Well, here’s my first order. I really appreciate all of the advise I’ve gotten on here. I was literally lost at sea a couple of days ago. Now I feel like I at least have a jumping off point. So as Perry said, down the rabbit hole I go.
First Order:
Fuji-FA 30ml
Ripe Strawberry-TFA 30ml
Sweet Strawberry-Cap 30ml
Peach-RF 10ml
Raspberry-Cap 13ml
Cherry-RF 10ml
Blueberry (Extra)-TFA 10ml
Wild Blueberry-TFA 10ml
Watermelon-TFA 10ml
Dragonfruit-TFA 10ml
Lemon Sicily-FA 10ml
Vanilla Custard V2-Cap 30ml
Cheesecake (Graham Crust)-TFA 30ml
DX Bavarian Cream-TFA 4oz
Graham Cracker V2-Cap 13ml
Nonna’s Cake-FA 10ml
NY Cheesecake V2-Cap 13ml
Caramel V2 - Cap 13ml
Cotton Candy-TFA 10ml
Carrot Cake-RF 10ml
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream-Cap 13ml
Cream Cheese Icing-LA 10ml
Marshmallow-FA 10ml
Cowboy Blend-FA 10ml
Virginia-FA 10ml
Burley-FA 10ml


Awesome!! Have fun with those!

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Thanks for all your help.

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Flavora makes one, I have it but haven’t tried it. I’ve read a few study’s and I’m not worried about DIKETONES, there’s a bunch more in cigarettes than in vape.


Diketones and other non-healthy junk is in about every food we buy, especially cheap “processed” foods and fast food. The Flavor Manufacturers are working on reducing the unhealthy ingredients. I see our vaping Flavor Choices getting healthier long before our food does.

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I did end up ordering the RY4. which I instantly fell in love with. I’m actually just received my 4th order in the mail today. I didn’t start down the rabbit hole, I dove down the rabbit hole. I’ve found an obsession with Custards. In search of the perfect overly thick heavy sickly rich and sweet custard recipe. Haven’t found it yet. I’ve found that after just a few puffs I already stop tasting that sweet creamy custard flavor, so trying to find a recipe that kind of smacks me in the face with it.

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Best way to do it. Lol

At the risk of sounding overly confident in my recipe…:laughing: have you tried buttered naughty girl? :grin: Its not super sweet (it isn’t not sweet though, and you could always throw a sweetener in there if you wanted it to be sweeter) but it’s definitely rich!


All triangles!!! I would love to try it. Just do have butter. One of these days I’ll get butter. I just need to submit another bcv order to get more ic lb.


i have an extra bottle , pm me


If you’re only missing the butter you could still make the original Naughty Girl! I personally like the buttered version better but they’re both tasty (and very similar).

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You’ll need a spoon for stirring… :smirk:


Finally got my Butter FA, but don’t have Cream Whipped FA

What is a good sub for that ? I have Cream Fresh FA


I would sub a different whipped cream if you have one instead of the cream fresh for sure.

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