Crown RBA good deal

Just ordered the Crown RBA from

Wow those prices are as good as 3fvape…now you’ve got me really looking! Dang it…

Sorry Good deal on the tank too!

They got less than stellar reviews on ECF and Yelp. Keep me updated on how things go and when you get it in!

I agree, but if they come threw with a decent order time I’m getting 2 tanks with rba’s.
I wish I knew someone who had made a successful order

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Whats the info you got at these sites about them? JoJo

This thread on ECF is about 1.5 years old, their FB page has some reviews, and there’s a couple yelp reviews. I think the biggest complaints are that they take a long time to ship (like 9-10 days just to get it out the door sometimes) and their return policy is strict and sometimes difficult to deal with.

Ok thanks. But that sucks. I’ll know better next time.

$15.00 down the drain! oh well

I wouldn’t say that. It sounds like for the most part they do eventually come through and everything works out okay in the end…it just might be a process getting there. And, just because a few people have had a bad experience and vented about it online (heck I’ve done that myself here!) doesn’t mean that you will. Like I said, the reviews on ECF are over a year old…a lot can change in that time. Welcome to the guinea pig club…I paid the price on something similar (look up my rant on elev8vape lol), but it worked out for me after some fussing.

Just keep the rest of us informed! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have read it. LOL

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Let’s all hope it works out good, it’s a great deal price wise.

Agreed! All my fingers are crossed. I really want it!! LoL

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I have ordered stuff from Vapor World before, I actually bought the Crown using your link, I couldn’t pass that deal up. Normally everything would be around 55 shipped, I got it for $33, because I had $7 store credit from them somehow lol.

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Email today said they shipped it and give me a tracking number, Checked tracking and nothing showed up. All I can do is wait.

Thanks for the concern.

Yea they had a great price on the tank and the RBA.

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Like I said about Vapor World not being slow. I placed my order late Saturday and they shipped it out first thing this morning and emailed me a tracking number. They are a reputable vendor, been around a while.

If today is Friday then that’s a whole week?

early morning sickness :smile:

i placed it on the 5th of august

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Mine is on it’s way will be here Monday. Placed my order on the 4th and nothing was happening on there end for a day and a half, so I was getting worried. Seem’s as if every thing is going to turn out fine.
And if it doe’s I will give them a good review and a thumbs up.


Thanks for being a guinea pig and sharing with us. So sorry I scared you for no reason. :wink: