Crown Subtank Rebuild Deck Picture Tutorial

I’ve had my Crown Rebuild Deck a few days now and I must say it’s easiest to build of all that I own. Uwell really planned this out to be simple and effective. I’m usually skeptical about single coil decks but this one is amazing. I just want show a few features that I like about this deck.

First Packaging is top notch with plenty of extras…

Here is all you get with the tank and rebuild deck. Not shown here but you also get a spare guartz glass tank and 3 prebuilt stock coils.

Here is the rebuild deck disassembled. It comes with a premounted coil.

Building and mounting your coil is very easy with this deck. All you do is wrap a coil with the legs extending from each side. Then unscrew your screws and mount the coil inverted. Getting your coil closer to the air supply increases flavor and vapor production. Then tighten your screws and trim the legs. This deck is designed to trap the legs under the screw head instead of under tip of the screw like most RTAs. You don’t get broken wires with this one.

Here’s a picture of the wicking. I trim just a little below the deck. This deck doesn’t have juice channels to block and a little extra wick will help keep the coils moist.

After it’s wicked I wet the cotton lay them to each side onto the flat surface on the deck.

There are two horizontal openings at the base of the wick cover. Slide the cover over the wick with the openings in front of the wick. It just slips into place… no screwing it on.

Then reassemble the tank, fill and vape away. I hope someone finds this useful. I think this deck is very simple and innovative. The best I’ve seen… Enjoy!



Cool man…
My rba comes in today & thanks for the pictures& explanation.etc


I’ve found the tank in EU, but I have yet to find the rebuild deck…


Thanks for placing this up, I noticed you used a couple different wire builds which did you like best?


I got one from eBay man thought I’d mention it


All the ones I can find on eBay are from the US :confused:


5 wraps, .2 ohm, 3mm ID


Ahh I see man, my bad

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Have you been on Reddit lately and is there much chatter about this tank?

I’ve only been on /r/DIY_eJuice recently (and /r/ecr_eu)… I’ll ask them if they’ve found a European vendor :smile:


Due in stock 3rd August.

Although it says in stock on the site???

You’re welcome.



I just tried ordering from them half an hour ago, but there weren’t any shipping options, and it said to contact them - though I didn’t :stuck_out_tongue: Also £11 shipping - so if I order from them, I should order some more ;D They have the IPV4S in stock as well?! But I already ordered one from GearBest :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the push to chase my mailman down with stopsticks and ravage and turn over his truck… lol

u know like the one the cops use hahahahahhhha

Great pic tutorial thanks @Pro_Vapes! I will have to give this a try once I find an RBA…I’ve heard Uwell is a little swamped these days…hmmm I wonder why that could be :wink:

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Is this nickel? At .2 ohm?

Get the tank and rba

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Brent1 That’s a hell of a deal!

No nickel for me. I only vape Titanium.

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That makes it very affordable. I wish I had waited for my second one now.

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