CROWN SUBTANK unfrigging real

So after 4 hours in an MRI machine today I felt I needed something cool :slight_smile: .
On a whim I called the one local Vape shop & asked if they had the Crown tank by: well? I’d made a pack with myself that I’d pay 10$ more than online if I could have if now.
Well they had it & I got it.

I can only compare to the sub tank min by Kanger…well it makes the sub tank mini seem like it performs like a I-clear.

This Crown tank straight out of the box got primed & vaped, so far I’ve hit this tank at 120 watts & no dry hits perfect airflow,everything just perfect.

Go get yourself one you deserve it, I’m hoping the rba sections become more available & cheaper aswell.
This tank is so perfect, the only thing I’d change is that I’d like to have 4 of them with rba sections.
great tank…
The .025 coil heads are tasty between 65- 78 watts.for me it’s pure bliss


Now if I could get my titanium wire & rba section Would com in I could explore TEMPERATURE CONTROL.

I got one back in early June. I said the same thing. It’s unbelievable how good that tank is. I’m surprised more people don’t have it. I was able to get some Ni200 PB coils a few days ago but haven’t used them yet.

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Any chance you may know any vendors that sells the rba? Aside from ebay

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I haven’t seen it yet.

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I just ordered one. Their in Kentucky… one state away from me. This tank is already awesome… now I can build it with Ti. I can’t wait.

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Right on man…
I’ll be getting one aswell thanks for sharing.

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Rba section needs to hurry it’s way to my house :).

Really everyone this Crown tank is unbelievable I’ve hit it @100 watts back to back until it’s to hot to touch with no dry/burnt hits,which couldn’t be done with the Kanger sub tank mini.
If Crown makes as good of an rba section I’ll never need any other tank ever.
I challenge anyone to show a sub ohm tanks that works aswell as this tank.

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Heard about this tank a couple of months ago. I’d love to have one someday.
Right now, the only tank I own is a Delta II and I barely use it. Mostly because
I just love to change flavors too much I think. lol

edit: I lied. I do own the Nautilus too, that’s on my ProVari. I have 12mg juice in that
for those times I get anxious. Don’t use it a lot though.

You sound like me. It’s great with the SS coil head… It’ll be brilliant once I get the rebuild head with Ti. It’s little pricey but worth every penny.

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I don’t think I have ever been so intensely jealous of anything in my life haha!
I’ve been thinking about getting a new and better tank for a while now but I have been content with what I have seeing that a friend gave up vaping a while back and I was in his vape will. So as far as big tanks go I have a handful of nautilus tanks from him and kangar mini sub of mine…but now I feel compelled!

Except I’ll have to go out and find a mod thats a little more appropriate for such a beast as the crown because as embarrassing as it is the only working one I have left atm is my eleaf 50watt.

I’ve been so busy dumping all my free cash into flavors and nicotine when I suppose I should of been more frugal and started with the foundation…
So for now I’mforced to sit and salivate reading reviews such as this…sob…sob…sob


Anybody around here know when it comes to hardware I pretty much have it all. Currently out of all my mods I rank the IPV4 my #1. I vape Titanium wire exclusively and I challenge anybody to find a better wire for flavor. The IPV4/IPV4S and Ti combo is the way to go for the best flavor period. It’s the best setup currently on the market. With the liquids you’re making (I’m sure it’s top notch) this setup will be beneficial to get the most from from it. When you build up you vape budget this is something to consider.

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Interesting…I have never really bothered with rebuilds on my coils to be honest for the sole reason of time…I live on Siesta Key and being a chef in season down here KICKS MY ASS and any free time I have is used for mixing if not the occasional sleep thing people do from what I hear lol
Titanium coils sound pretty interesting though and I imagine they have one hell of a life span compared to the standard wires?

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Lifespan is only one of the benefits. It out performs all other wire types in all categories. Coil building is a breeze. I’ll probably get punched in the mouth for saying this, but it just my opinion… Why go through all the effort to make a 5 star premium juice and vape on a subpar device? Some people are leaving 50% of their flavor in the wick. Imagine what you taste now times two. A proper setup makes a big, big difference.

I’m with Newsroom here…

I started back with an I stick 50&Kanger sub tank mini.
Well after I slotted the chimney on the rba base and the thing wicks much better.

After reading so many others say TEMP CONTROL is over rated, I noticed each of the fellows that said this where simpletons in their way of thinking and I went with best judgment ,the fact that all new apv’s come with temperature control as a standard feature.

So I bought a IPV3 LI & a spool of nickel wire.
Well I just received the nickel wire today & ripped iyo a nickel cool on the sub tank
Great experience hands down.

4 days sg I was less than sure I could quit smoking, today I’ve no doubt,because a cigarette holds no luster compaired to 8 joules on the IPV3LI NONE.

On the I stick 50 the Crown tank can be ran at 50watts & can be chained vaped until the tank is dry.perfect combination, but itll be better when I can wrap a titanium coil on the Crown paired with the IPV3LI.

@NEWDRIP I’m considering another t.c. mod any suggestions? I’m ordering one soon.
I want a smaller dual 18650 yogic chip device any recommendations?

I want the boxer kit, but it’s kinda high priced for a plastic cased mod.

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I have the Evic VT 60w w/ TC and Ti. It was finicky in the beginning, Once I started using a spaced coil wrap it worked perfectly. Spaced wraps are the key to TC. I’ve had a Snow Wolf for 4 days and it’s working great. The evolve chip is said to be the most accurate but I’m not shelling out $150-$200+ for accuracy and the evolve name. I have mixed reviews on the Sig 75w. It’s a single battery anyway. I used it for three days and wasn’t impressed by it. I put it back in the box. I’ve been following the Cube II, but I’m waiting to hear some reviews on it.

Smok X Cube II

That runs the same high chip the ipv4 does I believe.
Cool lil mod.
After I bought the IPV3 LI, the updated ipv3 got it’s upgrades & became available in black on black, it’s a nice looking device for 84.00 aswell.

The vapeflask build I’m going will house a Yihi chip identical to the ipv4 li. & be dual 18650 device.

I’m joules mode 30-40 joules is great to me @ 400f.
I can’t imagine Titanium @ 100 joules, what’s common for you in TC mode with titanium?

50-65 Joules, 40-60w, 480-600f

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Right on do you find in joules mode battery life reduces greatly? What’s a rough average if you chain Vape for the day?