CROWN SUBTANK unfrigging real

It’s going to be a VERY rough, impatient week thats for sure!! They say I will have it by friday but that seems light years away atm lol but there isn’t any shops down here that sell them so that’s my only option

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I’ve been doing some research on this tank and I will be ordering it as soon as possible. This is the cheapest price I’ve found.

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Crown RBA

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just bought one based on these comments… I hope it’s as good as it seems!!!


I don’t know what your used to tank wise & I’d still bet the Crown is better,I’m still using the 1st factory coil & I’ve ran 90ml threw it,so I’ve been thinking maybe I’d put this coil out of it’s misery I.e.TRY TO KILL IT :slight_smile: just to see what I could get out of a coil.

Looking at the other couple coils that came with the tank I’m certain I can rebuild a factory could head,I just haven’t had to yet.
You won’t be sorry man, I can Vape the tank dry without a dry hit with 90% vg liquid @ 55 watts,that’s saying something because the Kanger tank could not keep up wicking like the CROWN…goooood stuff man


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I got the rebuild head for the Crown today.

My first Crown RTA Subohm build. No leaking and better flavor than any of my previous builds… even the Goliath. Uwell has the best tank that I have used to date. If you are a tank person and don’t own this tank, all I can say is you’re really missing out on the best flavor tank on the market. I made this statement over a month and a half ago and it still holds true today. Get one of these tanks A.S.A . FRIGGIN’ P.


oh like that helps my vape mail issue!!!


I broke down and ordered one, my wife is going to kill me.


Got some moolahs from my aunt and seriously tempted to use it on one of these. We got a best price for USA atm or do I need to go vapecrawling?


JoJo Look back at my post for best price I found. 1.99 for shipping.

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Looks like 3fvape has it for $25.99 and code vapecrawler brings it down 8% to about $24. I know they post stuff on here in the vendors section, but has anyone bought anything from them yet?

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That beats my price

The only issue is they’re in China. I don’t have a problem ordering from China, I’ve placed a couple with Fasttech, but I’m not sure about 3F and their ship times. So, I guess I gotta decide if it’s worth saving a few bucks and giving them a shot or spending the extra to have it now. :stuck_out_tongue: Ah, vape life…

What state do you live in? Alluringvapors is in Penn.

34.98 shipped

Alabama. I wish it came with the RBA head like the subtank even though the ST RBA sucks…decisions decisions decisions. LoL

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3 days or 2 weeks?

19.99 for the RBA

Yeah the rba sections are getting JACKED UP by someone.
Ya just gotta know common sence tells us the rba shouldn’t cost half or more the price if the tank that comes with 3 coils.

You won't be sorry spending you vape money on this tank.

I’m telling ya if I could get 5 for switching flavors I’d do it, they are great hands down the best on the market.

@newdrip So pretty good air on the rba? Close to the same as stock coils?
I await the 29th

I’m going to vape the tank on regular for awhile when I get it, befor getting the RBA

Wish it held more juice, But a carry a bottle with me.