Cthulhu Ceto Mesh RDA review by Mjag, is this the next big thing?

Thanks for checking out my review of the Cthulhu Ceto Mesh RDA which was provided by efun.top for the purpose of this review. It is on sale for $18.99 right now, you can get it here: CETO RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer $18.99

If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.


  • 24mm Diameter
  • 44mm overall length from 510 to drip tip
  • 31mm tall tank portion only
  • Deep Juice Well
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Elongated Two-Post Design
  • Squonk capable
  • 5 adjustable air holes

What you get in the box:

  • Ceto RDA
  • (2) 55mm x 40mm #300 SS304 mesh sheets
  • Ultem 810 drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Squonk pin with elongated post
  • (4) spare o-rings
  • (2) spare post screws
  • Good ole blue philips screw driver

First impressions

I was a little worried, love Cthulhu’s designs but the build quality has always left me wanting like my review of the Azathoth RDA. Well they must be listening to the vape community because the build quality on the Ceto is excellent. O-rings hold well but don’t take a lot of force to remove and both posts were locked in tight, didn’t have the same problems I did with the Azathoth.

The finish is applied well, appears to be anodized, it is a plain looking tank, no engravings.

I don’t mind the look but there is nothing too distinguishing about it. The only markings are below the tank which is laser engraved:

The top cap has a nice bevel too it and there is an internal o-ring to keep you friction fit goon style 810 drip tips in place:

Top cap is also domed inside to aid in better flavor:

All in all it is a solid well designed RDA and the build quality is very nice.


I tried 5 different builds to see what I would like the best, 3 mesh and 2 regular single coils, 1 horizontal and 1 vertical. One of the mesh builds was with the Squonk pin and post installed, that will be covered in the next section.

My first build I cut the #300 (that stands for 300 holes per inch) SS304 mesh that was included with the Ceto to 16mm wide and 25mm long. My thinking wasn’t I didn’t want a ton of cotton and to keep it away from the air holes so it didn’t restrict it that much.

Still takes a ton of cotton though and a lot of juice, you can easily get 75 drops to get it all soaked.

With this build the flavor was there but it is a dry vape, sort of similar to what you would get with a ceramic coil if you have ever tried that. It definitely is a different experience compared to what I am used to with a standard RDA, it intrigued me and the flavor was good but wasn’t an “oh wow” moment.
With this build if you have the airflow wide open it whistles like a construction crew at lunch, a little closed off and that goes away though.

I then decided to try a normal coil build, wanted to see between mesh builds if the difference was great or not. I used Quad Parallel Fused Claptons from Advanced Vape Supply with a 4mm post. Installation wasn’t bad, just had to bend the leads before hand to get them into the posts.

Quickly I noticed that I killed a lot of the airflow as the wicks get in the way so switched it to vertical using the same coil:

I thought it was OK, nothing great. I think this is mainly due to the location of the air holes in relation to the coils which is pretty far.

Back to the mesh but this time I made it bigger to get close to the air holes so I just used the 40mm length of the mesh and cut a strip 13mm wide and installed that.

Here is a little tip on installing the mesh to keep it straight, first make sure the mesh is straight when installed on the first post:

You can then install the other side and line it up so you get an even clamp down:

Now this is close to the edge but has enough space to clear the top cap:

As you can see lots and lots of cotton, you don’t want it loose but not so tight that you juice has a hard time penetrating it. I always started by dripping on the top and when it got a little puddle I let it soak in and got another puddle going on the top. I kept going until I started to see juice puddling on the bottom of the well, this way I was sure the whole core of the cotton was soaked. With as much cotton as I had in there you can easily get 100 drops from a unicorn bottle, it holds that much juice. Give the juice some time to go down as well unless you like a spitty vape.

I have to say that this was my prefered build, with the cotton soaked it can be a wet vape but after that it goes back to being a little dry and the flavor was better. Definitely not a cloud chucker and in power mode can be a little tricky as the mesh ramps up pretty quick. Still not the flavor you would get with a good build in something like the CSMNT RDA but different, I can see some liking it and others not, just depends on preference. I did get use to it but mainly in TC mode, had to use a TCR to dial it in, more on that later.

Squonk Mode

I installed the squonk pin but you have to make sure and really crank down with the screwdriver as you need it to protrude enough so the inside flow post has threads to grab onto. I really felt like the Sqounk pin could have been just a mm longer as it barely offered enough threads on the inside, could have just been mine though. Once installed the inside post did not move though, it stayed in place nicely.

The squonk mode is pretty cool and keeps the wick nice and wet. I only have one squonk mod but this makes me want to get another as the Ceto and squonking go hand in hand. The vape is the same as I have already described but just more convenient.

Using SS304 mesh in TC mode

Now this is tricky as the normal TCR for SS 304 is 0.00105 but that wasn’t working out so well for me, was easy to get dry hits. I started off with my SXMini G Class and began lowering the TCR until I was able to avoid dry hits at 430f and ended up at 0.00065. I was sometimes able to vape at 70 but to avoid dry hits all together 65 in the TCR was were I settled, I was able to vape the cotton nearly completely dry with just some juice in the core of the cotton.
I also tried the TCR function on the Smoant Charon TS 218 which I reviewed here. I used TS 218 as it is one of the easiest with the touchscreen to change TCR quickly, I wound up at 65 as well to avoid dry hits completely.
For me TC was the best option as the mesh ramps up quickly so easy to get a dry hit if your not careful. The ramp up reminds me of Notch coils from Wismec if your familiar with those.


  • Great build quality
  • Squonk pin with extender post that works great
  • Includes enough SS 304 mesh for 6 to 10 builds
  • 810 drip tip compatible
  • Clean understated look
  • Good flavor


  • Learning curve on building
  • SS Mesh has a quick ramp up, easy to get a dry hit if your not careful
  • Does not work well in standard TC mode, need to use a mod with TCR set to .00065
  • Sqounk pin could be 1mm longer so the inner sqounk extender has more threads to grab onto


I am a little torn with the Ceto RDA, I have had fun using it but I like to tinker and try new things, if that describes you then I think you will enjoy it and at only $18.99 at efun.top it won’t cost you a lot to try it out. Not sure if I would recommend it to a newbie though as it is different, I would recommend a standard RDA first. The flavor is good but not the best I have ever tried and it’s definitely not a clouds bro RDA but I would not be surprised if you can make it so with standard builds.

I have to give Cthulhu props on the build quality though, definitely a step up from the Azathoth RDA I reviewed earlier and Cthulhu RTA III which I still enjoy. I hope this is the direction they are heading with the future products as they sure know how to design innovative vape gear.

I want to thank efun.top for allowing me to review the Cthulhu Ceto Mesh RDA, it definitely was fun to try something new and there price is one of the best out there: https://www.efun.top/ceto-rda-rebuildable-dripping-atomizer-first-mesh-rda-by-cthulhu-mod.html

If you’d like to check out http://www.steampugs.co.uk/ you can see how the Cthulhu Ceto RDA scored against other RDA’s and meet the all new Steam Pugs team come on by and have a look.


I’m glad you reviewed this! I’ve had my eye on it, and I’m still torn… Looks like an rda that I could have some fun with though, and for under $20 I just might bite the bullet and go for it. Great review!


Personally i still get the twitches when i hear the words SS Mesh. Those genny days were pretty frustrating, i still have my RSST to remind me. However this is quite interesting. We have seen people talking about using mesh for a coil for some time now but to see a RDA built specifically for mesh makes me want to play.


One word of caution with Mesh, if you get a dry hit it’s a killer. I need to pick up some SS316L for mine and use it exclusively in TC mode to avoid that. Still experimenting but personally I like to do that and if that describes you then it will keep you occupied.


i fear you didnt put enough wattage behind it, hence the dry / air taste

crank it up. the 1st build you will need @ least 125W behind it.


I was hitting pretty hard, unfortunately one time was one I didn’t realize my wick was dry :weary: I nearly coughed up a lung…lol

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Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about mesh for awhile now and a sqounk mod as well I may have to pick some stuff up!


Your welcome and thank you for viewing it.

There are some really nice Squonk mods coming out, need to pick up another one myself.


Another great and thorough review @mjag!!


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Great job @mjag …the dry hits scare me though :laughing:


People’s review styles vary as do their audience.

Personally I found this review very interesting to read. I’m also very grateful that there are people who do not do reviews as their sole profession, but still take time out of their day to put the work in that goes into these.

If the review is not to yours or anybody’s liking or interest then that’s totally cool, but is there really any need to be rude? (That’s a rhetorical question, no need to provide a response).

Have a nice day!


This is the opinion of one person who got the RDA without using one before, I think this information is vital to anyone that might buy one as they would probably think the same way and do the same thing. your opinion is such because you have one and have had time to perfect it, a friendly PM with tips and a parting of extra information would of been a better way to go rather than a public flogging man.


No what is embarrassing is you taking the time to denounce this mans personal review. Instead of taking the high road and scrolling past the post. Or privately offer your opinions, welcomed or unwelcomed. You either lack poor choice of judgement or poor character.
Have a nice day Sir !


I meant no disrespect to the time the chap put into his review, how ever I have also provided my own input, if I didn’t how would I justify my comments? What we are not allowed to comment that I think it’s average, It’s all ass kissing? #teamfreeshit.

If you think this ‘shit’ is free you are misinformed
You also don’t know the difference between ‘support’ and ‘asskissing’


For someone that does single flavor mixes and sells them as premium ejuice, once someone tells you exactly what percentage to use that is, I don’t think throwing the word innovation out there is wise.


I’ve never seen a mesh RDA before, very interesting read and great review, thanks @mjag :+1:


I really don’t mind criticism, it’s how you learn and I appreciate your comments just wish it was more civil.

I should have posted the side photo of this build, it is where I commented “As you can see lots and lots of cotton, you don’t want it loose but not so tight that you juice has a hard time penetrating it”

Here is the side photo with my wick similar in height as yours and packed in tight:

I will take your advice and lower the mesh and if that 1 to 2mm difference makes a marked improvement I will say so and give you credit.

I try to be as detailed as possible in my reviews but yeah, some things you have to leave out. I just try to give an overall impression and let people make up there own minds based on my experience. I know for a fact that no reviewer is going to have the same experience as everyone of there readers but as long as they give there honest opinion it is all we can do.


Like I said I welcome comments whether it be positive or negative, Just ask my family, they will tell you I am far from perfect but I always try to do the best I can.

Input is great but the insults based on assumptions is what poisons the well. You could have left those out and gave me time to respond, it is the morning here and I just got up a few hours ago.

I appreciate all the support from everyone too, those that review know it is not about free stuff, you have to do it for the love of the hobby and to help as much as you can for the vape community. The time spent equals out to a few bucks an hour if your lucky, if you don’t love it then your just wasting your time.

It also comes down to preference and it varies, no one is exactly the same. If you like something and I don’t then I just shrug it off as you are entitled to your preference, doesn’t make either one of us wrong. Whatever keeps us off the stinkies is what is important.


Thanks for the review. I have seen the youtube videos but always enjoy reading reviews here. I have the Vandy Vape Mesh RDA and it works great in TC. But it has no juice capacity other than what is in the cotton. So seeing the deep juice well in this model is intriguing. I am waiting for the next step in the mesh evolution… a mesh rta with a 10ml tank :grin: